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There’s always that smell in the air. Every tanning salon, regardless of company logo, has it. That mixture of heat, sunscreen and sun kissed flesh. It isn’t an unpleasant odor. In fact for years, in the long winter months it’s all that I needed to make me feel warm in an instant, taking me for a moment to whatever sunny destination captured my fancy.

I walked in and up to the desk, gave my name to the pretty little blond with overly large breasts and a lip glossed pout. When did those working around me get to be younger than I? And did I ever seem a child in a woman’s body like that? I briefly remembered when everyone seemed older and the folly of wanting to be their age – wishing my life away with impunity. What a fool indeed. I sighed, feeling a little down. To add insult to injury, the sun bed I wanted was going to be a 25 min wait.

Annoyed but not surprised, I made my way to the seating area where I pulled out my blackberry and began working. God I hate waiting for a tan. I sensed a familiar scent, above the one of the salon and caught you in time to see your face light up, and a smirk cross your lips. You had been watching me for a while by looks of it and derived a great deal of pleasure in having been able to openly spy on me. I grinned back and raised an eyebrow. “What you doing here?” you just shrugged your shoulders and replied “ looking for you …. Bored?” I nodded and told you that I had another 20 min wait and was grateful for your company.

“I have something else in mind” you whispered as you walked away from me and slowly opened the door to the towel storage room where I knew they also stored the tanning lotion bottles clients left behind with neat little name tags labeling them. I had often giggled at the idea of those little silent soldiers all in a line on their shelves, waiting patiently for the return of their owner, mine included. I could hear the sound of a washer or dryer going.

You stood in the doorway, looking at the otherwise empty waiting area and pulled your shirt off in one sweeping gesture. Your handsome chest and shoulders now exposed, you walked into the little room and made a come hither gesture that I could not misinterpret. “You can’t be serious?” I blurted out. The only response I got was your smile. I got up and half ran to join you. The door shut behind me and I looked at you in the small and hot space.

Perspiration was starting to form on your skin giving you a glow. I did not move finding myself uncertain. What if a person walked in? What if they needed some clean towels? Or a client wanted their lotion? But all those fears left my mind when I felt your hands on my face, my head tilt upwards and your soft lips crush mine. The desire in the gesture was so overwhelming that I forgot how to breath. My knees gave way as I stood there dumb and deaf to the world outside of that kiss.

Wetness flowed freely from within, my own desire now awake in your arms. The feel of your chest against the palm of my hand, the weight of your body leaning and pushing me against the closed door, the softness of your skin, the smell of you in my nostrils. I wanted you and I wanted you now. Inhibition melted away like honey left out in the sun on a hot summer day. There was little time to waste with foreplay. I turned around, bent over, and exposed my rear to you. You unceremoniously pulled my panties down and as I let my hand slide to my clit and start the slow build up, you undid your own zipper and pulled your member out. Within moments I could feel the tip of your head slowly parting the tender lips of my cunt and with a well practiced stroke you buried yourself in me. A moan escaped my lips, covered by the sound of the washer you continued to rock in and out. Your hands caressed and wandered a moment over my ass, the view a thrilling one.

There I was still in my suit, my jacket on the floor discarded like dirty laundry, my shirt still tucked in and skirt wrapped around my waist like an extra wide bow and the satin flesh just glistening in the half dark. You looked down and you could see yourself enter, then disappear between the folds. One moment there, the next gone with only the sensation of warm, slickness to remind you of the task at hand. That feeling of being buried deep within me the most thrilling of all. I could feel my clit getting harder and starting to bulge, but was far from release when the sound of your own breath filling the small space told me this quickie would indeed be quick.

We fell into a rhythm, the washer giving us the beat to follow, not breaking that staccato, driving you, driving me, driving us… as the cycle changed and sped up so did your penetrating thrusts. The heat was intense, almost uncomfortable, the fear of being found out a marvelous aphrodisiac and the smell of our sexes in our noses … it was more than you could handle. Your hands ripped into my flesh, you grabbed my hips, pulled me into you as you thrust a last time and moaned out loud and spilled your seed inside of me. Breathless you half collapsed bracing yourself on the door above my head.

“Mrs Lillith??” I felt you hastily pull out, and watched your juice dribble to the floor. I leaned in and grabbed a towel and wiped as much of it up as possible tossed it in the large pile of dirty towels; pulled my skirt down, grabbed my tanning lotion and a clean towel, walked out … “Ah, Mrs Lillith, your bed is ready it‘s #6 ” I smiled, and nodded, went to the seat where I had left my bag as the pretty young thing walked away with swaying hips to care for new customers that had now arrived.

I sensed you moments before you put your arms around me shivered with pleasure as you whispered “What of you love?” I turned, kissed you on the lips … “Oh, 15 minutes is plenty of time to masturbate mon amour” and walked away grinning, ready for my tan.

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Time for a tan


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