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Welcome Home

I stood there at the arrivals gate, barely able to contain myself. Every fiber of my being ready to burst forth and splatter you with love the instant you walked though those horrid gates. You had texted me moments ago “@ customs”. Close, so close I could taste it. Taste your lips on mine, the comfort of your arms around me at long last. Oh my love it had been too long, far too long.

bzz bzz

I looked at my blackberry “some sort of delay – sorry love – Patience – just a little longer”. I died a small death. NO! no …no…no…. I cradled the little black electronic device to my chest, hugging it. Come on … come on!

You had gone on this adventure trek in the desert to physically push yourself to the limits. I had wished to go with you but had been unable to convince my boss to let me have the time off. I was needed at the office. Exploding in anger, I had said a few things that could have been career limiting.

With a last hug you warned me that you’d have no cell service out there, in the middle of nowhere. Brightly and jokingly I responded that I’d survive … but would you? I had not realized then, how crushing the silence would be. Day after day I stared at the little black screen, willing it to buzz and do it’s little dance. Waiting for a sign that you were thinking of me, loving me even from miles away. I felt you in my heart, thought of you obsessively and looked at the picture of us on my screensaver remembering out goodbye and your warning. You had known how affected I would be. The one left behind.

How I had missed you. The ache and longing so profound I could only compare it to mourning a loss. The void that had been created with your departure was a warning however, that I had become far to dependent on you. At first I felt abandoned. Lashing out like a petulant child. Angry at your having left without me. Talking to friends with long “What if’s” and “it’s not fair’s”. Then I settled. Pouting. Miserable. Hurt. A few days later I snapped out of it. It’s not who I am to dwell and engage in self pity marathons. I’m not this person! Who the hell is this? I reclaimed my independence, found satisfaction in knowing you loved me and had come into my life. I kept busy, not to flee loneliness, but because it’s in my nature. I saw neglected friends, attended some events and relaxed in the quiet meditation of solitude.

I was walking to the gym, as per usual for that time of day, when the no longer so familiar bzz bzz resonated in my pocket. My heart soared! The imposed cone of silence had been lifted! Frantically I fumbled with the keyboard, typing in my password, trying to get to the sweet words, my eyes and heart thirsty as if they had been the ones in the desert sands. I sank to my feet giddy with tears of relief. “You would have loved it. Love you. MISS YOU. Can’t wait to see you. Home soon.” I responded frenetically, afraid of renewed silence. But the fear was pointless as the flow of texts resumed, your love flowing towards me in a torrent of funny, sexy and playful messages.

Now, here I was quivering with anticipation. Biting my lower lip, standing on my toes to look over the people in front of me. Not wanting to miss the split second you came into view.

And you did.

You braced yourself as you saw me hurdling towards you, dropping your bags and bending you knees, arms open wide. A huge smile on your face and the fatigue of the trip gone in a flash. We collided. My legs wrapped around your waist, my arms around your neck a shower of kisses made you dizzy. You turned us around and around as our lips finally met. The world melted away, there was only you and me and utter silence broken only by the rhythm of our hearts beating. You stumbled a little finding a wall to brace me up against. Our kiss continued, long, intense, deep and soulful. A thousand “hello’s”, a million “I missed you’s” and an endless series of “I’m so happy to be with you’s” were exchanged.

You let me slide down, still kissing me, not wanting to break our renewed connection. Your hands cupped my face holding me there a moment, frozen, making me feel so very precious. You pulled me in close, an arm wrapped around my back and waist, the other around my shoulders. A protective cocoon. My digits played with the bottom of your t-shirt searching for skin. Not finding it I pulled your top out of your shorts, at last my palms glided along your lats, your abs, your lower back. You sucked your breath in, your body tensing at the delight of my cool fingertips making their way up like the child’s song “itsy bitsy spider”. You pulled away reluctantly, feeling more than a twitch in your shorts… we stared at each other almost not believing.

“harrumph …. Get a fucking room you two!”

We burst out laughing at the grumpy soul that had spewed those words like venom. But we had the antidote, love coursing in our veins.

I grabbed your smaller backpack and you followed me to the car. The whole way home, a happy silence between us. I did want to hear all about your trip but right then I just required the stillness – to soak up the pleasure of you, sitting there, next to me. You seemed to know this intuitively. Your hand on my knee, playing, caressing, stroking. My body responded, I sighed, as your hand traveled a little higher. My inner thigh hyper sensitive to your gentle back and forth. We had often fooled around in the car, but it wasn’t a sexual energy that was between us this time.

I parked. We made it to the elevator. We kissed so long that we missed it and had to wait for it to come back down again. We didn’t mind as we indulged in the pure ecstasy of each others presence. Down the hall we walked, I chattered happily now and you just smiled as you watched me act like a hunting dog, going up ahead, turning around, coming back and leading the way again.

The key turned in the door. We walked in. The bags dropped. Home.

That’s when the world outside was no longer a witness. You grabbed me, pulled me in so close I could barely breath. “ I missed you” you whispered rapidly breathless. I knew you wanted a shower but my hands were already getting rid of your clothing with a different plan in mind. Every inch of me ached with the need for us to unite again in the most intimate way possible. Your kiss was long and sensual. Love emanating from you like a force field, inviting me – and only me – in.

We dropped to the floor, headless of the mess we were leaving behind us, or caring that only a few feet away a comfortable bed beckoned. Our eyes could not leave one another, our hands touching, sometimes soft and tender at other moments frenzied. Naked flesh cried out elated at the touch of skin against skin, arms hugged, legs squeezed, mouths traveled, tongues licking and chests heaving with pleasure and in the blink of an eye there you were poised, looking down at me, my legs wide in welcome, your cock entering me slowly, pushing the walls apart softly as you slid inside. We gasped as our bodies at last united. A tear rolled down our cheeks in unison. Slowly we made love.

Hips thrusting, cunt clasping and not letting go, cock buried and never wanting to leave, hairs on our arms reaching out to the heavens, moans and cries of pleasure resonating and bounding against the walls… it did not take long for our bodies to explode in united, thrilling and total abandon to one another. The joy of our reunion manifested in an orgasm that flowed with, to and from each other. Too soon, it was over.

“Welcome home” I sighed as you lay on my chest, my fingers curling in your hair my thighs sticky from our passion. With your arms wrapped around me you replied, panting softly “never apart this long … again… ever“. Your lips found mine and you kissed me deeply, less hurried, starting the play again. I smiled . All was well with the world again. My man was home.

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Spartan Warrior

by E.H.Oh my Love, how far away you seem to me these days. The reality of our separation starting to sink into my heart, my soul , my body. How I ache for you day and night and worry if you are well. I wonder when you might return to my side… if you will return at all … and I dream of you … even when I am not asleep.

Just a moment ago I was getting undressed to take a shower; I folded my clothes and was turning on the tap, my toes feeling the warm rush over them as water gushed out of the faucet. I was tying up my long hair so it wouldn’t get wet when I felt your touch on my shoulder … I turned, my heart leaping for joy … but you were achingly absent. I smiled then, at my own folly, and my heart squeezed at the memory of our last kiss … that delicate, gentle sweep of soft lips that can only be yours.

I stepped through the shower door and heard it thud shut behind me with a grating screech. You had meant to fix that before you left. I allowed the humidity to envelope me like a blanket and let the water cleanse,
my face,
my chest,
my stomach.
My hands lathering up all of me,
my feet,
my ankles,
my thighs … my sex.
I closed my eyes and relaxed; leaning back allowing the water to rinse everything away. The dirt of the day, my sorrow … and found your firm, wet and ever so masculine body supporting me. This time I knew better then to open my eyes and have you vanish again.

I sighed, your hands wrapped around my waist, your fingers spread across my stomach and I could hear your breath in my ear, feel your lips on my neck. Such a familiar moment. So reassuring. You pulled me into you further, your hands continuing their exploration of my body, always feeling new although they have been there a thousand times. You started to gently massage my shoulders, my lower back … I relaxed into you, into your presence.

I felt your hunger then, pressing against the curve above my ass. A hot undeniable presence. Without opening my eyes, I turned and let my chest rest on yours as my hand slowly made it’s way to your penis now against my stomach between us. Your lips engulfed mine and your kiss was hot, violent and desperate, as if this was the one thing keeping you alive. The water rushed around us, and our hair became hot and wet like our bodies. You picked me up off the floor, without much effort, and with my back now against the shower wall you pressed your entire body against mine. Your desire now so intense it almost frightened me. Almost.

I whispered sweet and tender loving words and you released me, putting me down gently, like a precious flower you sheltered me with your body against the jets of water. I kneeled, letting my fingers trace the pattern of your muscles and let my hand surround your shaft. My eyes still closed for fear of breaking this spell that united us. I placed a single kiss on the hot tip of your member. It always stands so straight and at attention … almost in salute. I took it into my mouth, beautiful, warm, hard and yet silky soft and heard you gasp for air. I let my tongue dance around the sensitive edge and took it all in, deep into my throat. Your hands grasped my head and your hips jerked forward. My mouth keeping you safe inside.

I let it slip out as I felt your hands reach bellow my armpits to lift me off my knees. You wanted more of me and the need was urgent as if our time was counted …. always counted. I tried to slow you down, and you did for a moment – we traded places and your warm breath, the softness of your tongue and that perfect pressure drove me to my own hectic frenzy. Without warning as I barely stood swooning, you had me up against that shower wall again, and this time there was no stopping you. Your member caressed the opening now slick with my own juices, searching for the right angle for entry, and suddenly,
you were in me.

Strong thrusts, slow and powerful kept me pinned; your face against mine – our breath catching and our moans increasing, without a care in the world we abandoned ourselves to this escape from loneliness. The pleasure of being one – of being together. You came as I did, and wept into my hair with the release. Crying my name, whispering your joy at having me in your life and the regret … for the pain your absence causes me. I held you in my arms until the water started to turn cold … and then I made the mistake of wanting to see your handsome face and opened my eyes … and you were gone.

© Fantasia Lillith and Pillow Talk, 2009. Unauthorized use and/or
duplication of this material without express and written permission
from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts
and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to
Fantasia Lillith and Pillow Talk with appropriate and specific
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