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Sweet. Sticky. Cherry.

“There they are!” I half mumbled under my breath, a slow smile creeping across my glossed lips. I had spent the last hour or so desperately trying to find the cherry flavoured candy canes.  She liked them – that’s what mattered the most, to know that she would part her own lips and wrap them around the small stem and suck ever so seductively to tease me, toy with me. The banal, ordinary peppermint flavoured candy just wouldn’t do for my friend.

I looked down at the bag in my hands.  All the props for this evening were there.  A Santa hat, candy canes, a small decorative white box with a red bow and most wonderful of all a large faux fur throw.  The white fur was exquisitely soft to the touch, a silken caress on skin reminiscent of delicate, feather light kisses against flesh.  It just begged to be wrapped around you or stretched out on luxuriously.  I could just see it now, the way our skin would get little shivers or goose bumps and the little pleasurable squeals that might escape our lips.  Ah, tonight was going to be fun indeed.

I went home and quietly undressed.  The air was cold and I went to turn on the fireplace.  The gas clicking sound followed seconds later by a warm glow. I stood half-naked and enjoyed the feeling of my cool flesh being caressed and kissed by invisible hot and urgent hands.  It wasn’t a wood fire, but it was nice none-the-less.

I made some hot chocolates and got all the props laid out.  I covered a chaise long with a dark chocolate-brown throw to give us an invisible background and laid the white faux fur on the floor.  I turned on every light in the room knowing that we’d need it, and then sat, cross legged on the hardwood with the camera in the crook of my legs trying to remember how it all worked.  This was no point and shoot.  The large flash, the multiple on and off buttons – it was all a little confusing and likely why I usually used my small credit card size camera.  The quality of the photos, however, made it worth the effort.

As I went to warm up the hot chocolates the doorbell rang.  I grinned and rushed tying the belt around my fluffy rob for discretion and chuckled at the useless gesture.  As I reached the heavy oak door I realised I had locked it from the inside and left the key in another room.  “Hold on!!” I shouted as I ran for the key.  I remembered one of my grandmother’s favourite sayings:  “What you don’t have in your head you have to have in your legs”.  The potential double entendre aside, it made sense and I had to admit she was right, as I made my way back to the door a little out of breath and flustered.

A freezing gust of wind nearly knocked the air out of me.  Large lazy snowflakes had fallen all day and then stopped as the temperatures plummeted.  “Come in … Jesus… come on in!”  I said.

Rosy cheeks and perfect hair set my friend’s face aglow.  An eager and slightly nervous smile was the only prelude I got before her arms wrapped around my shoulders and she hugged and squeezed me as hard as her small delicate frame allowed.  “It’s SO good to see you!”  We said in chorus and peels of laughter escaped from us both.  Moments later we were applying makeup in the large mirrored bathroom, catching up on this and that, mostly talking about our men and how wonderful they were.  It was one thing I liked about being with her.  She, like I, was in a wonderful loving relationship.  Unlike my other friends who spent most of their time husband or boyfriend bashing… all we did was gush and compare notes on wonderful romance, hot steamy phone sex anecdotes and clap our hands like little kids in excitement for the other.

“It’s as good as it’s going to get – shall we?” I asked.  With that we made our way to the makeshift photo studio and suddenly froze.  Where to start? Neither one of us was an expert, we didn’t really know how to go about this.  We were however; both creative creatures and she had a gift for photography.  Only something good could come of this.

I rummaged in a bag and pulled out some photos I had printed from Google images.  “I thought these might get us started” … she nodded and pointed to one.  It was a simple and elegant pose and a really good way to start things off.

She stripped down to the cutest little red camisole and red with tiny white polka dot thong. I had always thought of her as more of a boy shorts kind of girl and the thong was a wonderful reminder of that sleeping vixen I knew was there.  I felt privileged to know that side of her.  I knew in my heart I was one the only people in her life to see that side.  I was grateful for the trust.

Lying down on the white fur, she sighed as the warmth of it nearly engulfed her.   I placed a few candy canes in the forefront, and then laying on my stomach took some portraits.  They were lovely, but she was still a little stiff and the poses still felt contrived.  I showed her what was being taken on the little screen, and we discussed options.  As she went to get back into position, I reached into her cleavage and “propped” her breasts up a little.  Then I saw her.  For a moment she was truly extraordinary.  “Don’t Fucking Move!!!” I shouted.  She froze.  I snapped the shot.  Perfect.  The gentle wave of her curled bang, the dip of her breast below her red camisole, the way her nose was perfectly centered with her cleavage, the soft and romantic lighting.  It was really a lovely photo but more importantly it really reflected who she was.  I showed it to her and her small and delicate hands fluttered to her mouth as she stifled an “Oh”.

We went on like this for an hour, trading places and enjoying it more and more. Relaxing into it – doing silly goofy poses, and over the top ones, we slowly found our style, a look, a feel.  The photos remained tasteful always, a little curved ass here, a bare shoulder there. Then an idea trickled into my mind and I grabbed one of the candy canes, wet the tip and then tried to hook it on my nipple for a close up.  It wouldn’t work.  As much as I might wish I had comic book style perky nipples they simply did not protrude to that degree.

“Don’t you move!” … I froze.  She took the shot.

I knew she was pleased with herself.  Her cheeks were flushed, her lower lip had dropped as she looked at the photo, and as she came closer to show it to me I heard her breath catch a little.  I cautiously looked.  My own jaw dropped.  My breasts looked 10 years younger and I wanted to suckle them! I could see the sugary trail of the candy cane, and found myself licking my lips.  I look at her and went to say something when I found her lips on mine.

Sweet. Sticky. Cherry.

I froze.  My nipples were hard, my breath felt permanently stolen from me. She pulled back and our eyes locked a moment and then her contagious laugh broke the utter silence in the room.  “Now we need to download these to our laptops” she said as she practically bounded off the throw. I stared.  It wasn’t like she was “acting” like nothing happened.  It WAS as if nothing had happened.  How could this be?

We went to download our shots; it was nice to see them on a larger screen.  The seemingly innocent ass shot turned out less so as the contour of cunt lips became visible below fine fabrics.  I leaned over her shoulder or her over mine breathing in her scent.  My mind was awash with visions of taking her in some way.  Was she having those thoughts as well or was it really nothing to her?  We laughed and giggled about how we’d torture our men and talked about what photos to send and in what order.

We got dressed and packed everything up and said our goodbyes.  She left as I shouted to her to watch out for herself on the winter roads.  “Happy Holidays Hon!!” … and I closed the door …. and licked my lips.

© Fantasia Lillith and Pillow Talk, 2009. Unauthorized use and/or
duplication of this material without express and written permission
from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts
and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to
Fantasia Lillith and Pillow Talk with appropriate and specific
direction to the original content.


I believe that women – and yes men as well – often refuse to admit that there is an attraction between them and a same gender friend in their lives.  It’s not even so much sexual as something else at times, but I am certain this is one of those “let us not talk about it” secrets we all harbour.   Although I explore the female perspective – I hope to one day venture into the male equivalent.  Oh and … Happy Holidays!


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The Salon – Challenge II

“Let’s get together some time! Call me!” How often have we said or heard this and not followed through? With that in mind this is my new challenge!! Ah yes … I know you’ve all been sitting on the edge of your seats waiting impatiently for this since the last one. *chuckle*

I want you to imagine a Salon. Like in the olden days when people of great intellect and talent would congregate in some famous location to exchange ideas and feel inspired or while away time during writers block or a Muses vacation. In this case I am the lady, Duchess, in question. I am the patron, the great mind and talent collector. Oh come on … it’s my challenge!

Duchess Fantasia de Lillith invites you to Le Manoire to share …. Share what? Ahhhh yes, good question. Good question indeed!!

Imagine we are all lavishly costumed (period of your choice – time and space play no part here!) and we are discussing … ah… Oh, you will have to wait and read the intro I wrote below to get the ball rolling.

How is this a challenge?:

On October 10th, 2009 (10/10/09) I shall post all your entries for the Salon Conversation – my only interference will be in connecting your words to create a fluid story line. They will be entered in the order they are received. Talk about collaboration!

Here are the rules:

– Describe yourself (like an avatar) and your perception of your surroundings.
– The “voice ” is that of talking to me and/or other equals in the room!
– Feel free to add some internal monologue if needed.
– No vanilla! Off the edge, outside your comfort zone.
– More than 200 words – less than 400. I will use a word count so don’t disqualify yourself!
– Entries must be received by October 8th, 2009 (10/08/09). I appreciate if you let me know in advance that you are planning to enter the challenge so that I may start creating the poll. Send to fantasia.lillith@gmail.com .

What’s in it for me?:

Awe come on!!! Really? Alright… fine. Besides the opportunity to shed light on your darker side, as patron of your art I shall grant you a PRIZE!! I will personally donate to your charity of choice (must be registered) the $ amount equal to the highest number of hits for a single day over the two week period the challenge will be live on my site. This could be a substantial donation!

How do I win?:

Competitive much? Jeeez!! I did not want to be the judge, just in case there might be some conflict of interest (I know some of you personally now!!) So I came up with this formula;

The largest amount of comments posted regarding your fantasy + the number of votes for you (via poll) = A number

… the story with the highest number wins. Simple. Yes, people have to comment AND vote!! Ooooh …. Think you can rally your troops? If this works – there may be more than one Salon!

So … without further ado (I do SO love that word) allow me to set the stage:


Leaning against the massive, ornately carved, marble fireplace; I carefully sipped from the small crystal glass a sweet elixir of unknown origin left to me by one of my many past suitors. Its flavor was exquisite and every time I had a glass I felt as if years had been lifted from me. A feeling that turned out to be real and long lasting. I sipped it carefully not wanting to overdo it and give away the secret to my agelessness.

I reveled in my young body. The corset I had on made my bosom heave most seductively, the men, and some women, in the room could only stare with intense desire. The deep teal and emerald chinoiserie of my satin kimono swished in a series of tiny claps and whispers and I turned to face the large, yet welcoming room, exposing my legs and bare feet as I flopped gracefully onto the chaise longue of my Salon.

A handsome young lad, in livery of the same hues, took my now empty glass and I petted his firm ass as he left causing the most pleasing blush to color his cheeks. I sighed. I’d have to replace him soon as he got used to me having my way with him. His charm was in his not quite submissive shyness. I was sure I’d find a fine home for him among my Ladies. Oh that lovely discomfort was all too ephemeral.

A young and voluptuous middle eastern girl settled behind me and started to coif my long and unruly curls into an intricate “do” for that evening’s gala. Her soft and supple fingers never pulled a hair, and the scent of jasmine and her warm body made her delectable. My shoulders now exposed, I relaxed… Ah yes, this one I’d keep in my service a long time.

A few regulars, that liked to stay at Le Manoire, were already assembled before me. Soon others would join. An air of debauchery hung between us from last night’s foray, most of my guests still languid and at ease. I tossed a subject out for today’s discussion:

“I have this fantasy” … All heads snapped up, eyes glistening and ears eager to hear more.
“One I have not heard, Duchess?” says my consort as he brushes his hand lovingly across the full expanse of my bosom and leans in to kiss the beauty mark on my right breast.
“Yes, even you don’t know this one …. Awww love… don’t look so hurt… allow me some air of mystery”. A snort or two emanate from our guests. It is my turn to blush.

“As I was saying ….” I continue with a coy smile and a raised eyebrow … I have this fantasy”. I stop, suddenly a little unsure, take a deep shuddering breath, showing a rare glimpse of the vulnerable side of me.

“ I am in a large box. A very large box, almost like a small room. All around me are holes. Poking out of the holes are penises of every size and race. Wrapped around them are gems, or money in form of …. Payment …..” The silence in the room shows the shock some are feeling. The idea of The Duchess as a paid whore doesn’t sit well with some. My consort’s hand steadies on my shoulder. I kiss his palm before continuing.

“I take the payments … or … offerings … and suck” I place my consort’s finger in my mouth and demonstrate. His breath hisses audibly across the room “ … suck so much cock and end up covered in cum from head to toe. They can see me and what I am doing on a small screen outside the box, but they remain anonymous to me. I only know them as an endless sea of shafts.” I spread my legs gracefully to show that just talking about this has made me so moist, that a small trail is glistening on my inner thigh and has wetted my satin under garment. I sit up. Then suddenly stand up flustered.

“How is it that we can fantasize about those things that would, in reality, actually turn our stomachs? Things we would never, no matter how free we are in our sexual selves, actually do. Things that are in direct violation with who we are and our moral code? Do any of you have such fantasies? Am I … alone in this?”

I close my eyes, and walk back to the fireplace waiting for the heavy silence to be broken by a brave soul willing to share…. It lingers, like the elephant in the room, as my guests grapple a moment with their darker side. I sigh and wait.

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Playing with Fire – Part I

Photography by Danniel Oickle

I have been called many things in life. Femme Fatal, Amazon, Package Deal, Nymphomaniac, Sex Goddess, Triple Threat… to mention just a few. All of them I take with a grain of salt or even wear the badge with pride. I am not ashamed of who I am, nor do I hide my voracious appetite. Even being called a “bitch with attitude” doesn’t bother me. After all, it can be true.

I love the curves of my body. I was once told I was like a white girl with a black woman’s ass. I have never forgotten that particular calling card. Trust a Cockney bouncer to come up with that one!

I had gone out after a long day and was having fun dancing. I recognize that many people go to clubs to hook up; most bars are meat markets. Not me. I go because I love to dance. I enjoy letting the music move me, love the way it feels like it’s caressing my body… I relish the abandonment, the escape. The energy I get from dancing is astonishing.

I had managed to keep men at bay all night, but walking to the bathroom an idiot grabbed my ass pinching it hard enough to bruise. “Oh how I would like to get into your panties” he garbled … I pulled away and threw over my shoulder some quip remark about one asshole being enough, thank you.

When I returned, I noticed a newcomer; there was something disarmingly honest about his face. A large, easy smile that made my own lips curl upwards. He happily talked to his friends, with the ease of a man sure of who he is and secure in his identity. Oh, yes… now he … he was yummy.

I insinuated myself between him and his buddies, leaning over to place an order with the bartender for a drink I didn’t really want. In the mirror behind all the bottles, I saw him look down at my derriere and give it an appreciative nod. Then, surprisingly, he locked eyes with me in the mirrors reflection – smiling. He knew. He knew I had targeted him and saw through my tactic. Only he was game. It was written all over him.

He leaned in whispering: “Should I be buying you that drink?” I shook my head no, took my beverage, downed it, walked three steps away, and put out my hand in a “come hither” gesture. His friends shouted a “no!” telling him that he’d be crazy to go. “She‘s hot man – women like that are bitches“. It was the only push he needed. Oh yes, I liked him more and more.

He followed me to the dance floor, where we let our bodies ride the musical waves together. He had rhythm, and knew how to move. Promising indeed. My arms languidly dropped around his shoulders and I could feel the heat rising between us. We kissed passionately, each comfortable in our own cockiness. Both aware of our charms and power over the other in that moment. Things were going to happen. We both knew it and both of us wanted it. We were playing with fire.

One friend of his in particular was irate. Feeling left out he kept trying to cut in or discourage the attraction. But we laughed it off. The more he and others disapproved, the more we enjoyed each other’s presence. Apparently neither one of us had quite outgrown our inner teenage rebel.

I needed some air and walked away – certain he would follow. He did not disappoint. I walked out of the club and he sauntered up next to me. We enjoyed the play of electricity between us as we walked up the street in silence to the outskirts of a park. There we kissed. Our lips brushed, our tongues mingled, and my hand squeezed his cock through his pants. I am strong, and not afraid to show it. He moaned into my mouth, pulled back and just smiled. It was time to take him home…

… Not my home. I took him to a friend’s house for which I have a key and an open invitation to let myself in at all times. A friend with some interesting décor choices.

I have never been a big fan of real, serious S&M. Nevertheless, like anyone that enjoys sexual adventure and collecting sexploits, it is of interest to skim the surface. This was that kind of love shack. I walked into the room, turned the lights on low thanks to a dimmer and asked him to strip. He seemed a little taken aback at the authority in my voice, but obeyed. I could see his eyes following the four walls of the room, his confidence slightly shaken. Not so sure now as he nervously eyed the large cross of steel on the wall with leather cuffs hanging from each extremity – not to mention the abundant collection of whips, knives and other paraphernalia.

I wanted to let him know that this was about mutual pleasure. I kneeled and kissed the length of his stiffening manhood with moist lips until it stood tall and straight before my face. Then flattening my tongue I gave it a broad, slow licking, back up the flared head. Finally, I opened wide and surrounded the pulsating rod with my sucking mouth.

I practically inhaled his cock with complete abandon. All traces of sophistication now gone. I was at present nothing more then a simple woman going insane over a gorgeous penis. Up and down … Up and down. My hands cupped and snuggled into the valley of his ass. He didn’t stand a chance. My index finger probed into his warm crack to find his asshole. Finding the mark, I followed the anal ring around and around. It felt too good for him to do anything but enjoy it. I let my finger dig inside the tight muscle and started exploring.

I sucked hard never breaking my steady rhythm. Finger dipping and twisting driving him crazy. I allowed the thick honey to erupt on my chest but I kept gouging with my index as lurch after involuntary lurch came from his hips. Nothing was coming out now; but to him it felt like it was… long after his climax usually ended. The finger was driving him, causing him to make jerk after jerk. Reading his body language, I knew the moment of pleasure had passed for now.

I slowly eased from the depths of his anus and he whispered, “wow…”.

The trap was set.

© Fantasia Lillith and Pillow Talk, 2009. Unauthorized use and/or
duplication of this material without express and written permission
from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts
and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to
Fantasia Lillith and Pillow Talk with appropriate and specific
direction to the original content.

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Three Is Not a Crowd

Her name is Severine. I’ve seen her at the gym. A tiny framed 21 year old blond with a lovely figure. I’m not in the habit of looking at other women in the change rooms. I’m not even all that into women. But there is something about her. Her skin has the flush of a new tan and her blond hair is simple and fetching, framing her small face. She is always perfectly groomed and even looks lovely sweating. She is in a word – Lovely.

She has a fit and lithe body; she works out as hard and is as dedicated as I and it shows. I feel strong and powerful next to her delicate frame. But she’s got strength too; I can see the muscle ripple when she moves. Most fascinating to me are her small breasts. Smaller then mine, they seem light as if gravity had no effect on them at all, unlike my own that seem more to defy then float. Hers are perky, with nipples that point upwards; I can’t help imagine what it might be like to wrap my lips around them? More then 10 years my junior I wonder … what does such youth taste like?

I would enjoy the opportunity to explore her young body, as much as you would, and my imagination unfolds before me.

It would be late; the gym would be near closing. Severine and I would be the last ones there. We are regulars and the staff knows us well. We’d be walking into the change rooms to shower when a staff member would stop us. “you two done?” we nod … “do you mind closing up – I know it’s highly unorthodox but I have a bit of an emergency and I need to go and it’s closing time and if I give you the keys can you just turn off the lights and lock the door – then leave the keys with the commissionaires upstairs … do you mind?” We agree and move into the locker room.

We start to undress and as I pull up my tight top up I get slightly wedged in – I can’t get it over my head! I start to laugh. I’m trapped with my arms over my head – my breasts protruding forward standing in otherwise nothing but my thong. Severine sees my plight and starts to giggle too. “Need a hand?” I reply with sarcasm “You think?” She walks over I can only hear her but not see her – the fabric of my top is blocking my view. I feel her small, slightly cold hands brush up against mine – she must be standing on the bench to pull up – there is no other way! Tug … tug … off it comes.

I stare ahead of me and see her tight stomach. Smooth and silky, I look up at her as she looks down from her perch handing me my top. She’s like a little Greek Goddess painting, her perfect small globes hovering above my head … I take a risk …tentatively reach out … look her in the eye …. Will she bolt?

She tilts her head to the side askance … and a light suddenly goes off. She understands … a small and nervous smile spreads across both our lips. I caress the soft underside of her breast, her nipples become hard and a small gasp escapes her lips. She steps down. We stare at each other for a moment. I can’t help feel huge next to her. It’s her turn, she raises her hand and caresses the upper slope off my breast and cups a breast in her hand. “Superbe” she whispers in French. It would seem she finds me as attractive as I do her. She shares with me how she has envied me my curves, my firm and ample ass, my hip to waist ratio and more she envies me my confident and flirtatious ways. She says she could never be like that.

I look at her … amazed. How can she say that? Has she looked at herself? I sit her down on the bench, and kneel on the floor. Looking up at her I tell her how beautiful she is. I let my finger paint the picture I’m describing to her. I draw a line from the back of her ear to the collarbone to her delicate neck. I draw another line – the one that falls between her breasts and then cup them both with my hands sharing with her my vision of them, how they float, how they appeal. I lower my lips and let my tongue gently scoop up a nipple and take it in my mouth, sucking gently. My tongue follows the inner curve up to her neck, her chin and her lips, with their lovely cupids bow. I kiss her, gentle … tentative.

She kisses me back. I find myself playing the role of the man and I’m ok with that. She’s shaking a little … I stop and I ask if she’s alright … does she want this to continue? … I’m game if she is…. “Oui …. oui …” barely there, but a green light none the less.

I stand and reach down to her, my head making a “follow me” movement. We walk hand in hand to the large shower stall. I grab my shower gel, turn on the hot water and pull her into me. I let the water rinse away the salt of our workout. Taking some gel, I place a small dollop in the palm of my hand and say: “do to me – what I do to you … ok?” She nods grabbing the gel and putting a dollop in her own hand. Looking up at me waiting to play follow the leader.

I rub the shower gel over her shoulders and, pulling her in towards me; scrub her back with my finger tips. She lets out a nervous giggle and does the same, arms locked around each other I enjoy the feeling of her nibble fingers following the trail of my spine, down to the small of my back… she hesitates … I let my own hands slide down and cup her ass… she does the same and I feel a wetness between my thighs that isn’t coming from the shower. The shower head in this large space is a hand held, I pull it off and rinse her, then kneeling I gently spread her legs before me and, place the shower head so that the hot water is spraying onto her clit. She breaths in and stiffens, then relaxes as the water pressure starts to do its magic, I can see a new flush to her skin, a creeping redness across her chest. There is a small plastic bench … this handicap shower stall is well designed. I drop the hand held and cupping her ass direct her to the bench – she sits and of her own will spreads her legs far and wide apart. I’m astonished but pleased. Her naked body is beautiful, her hair wet, her chest and cheeks flushed with excitement, her hands holding herself up, her lithe legs spread in a “come hither” way. I walk up and once again find myself on my knees, as if worshipping. I can still hear the water wasting away in the corner, but I don’t care. I let my fingers spread the folds of her cunt and look at my prize. A small ball, erect and swollen. I lower my lips and gently suck. Her head leans against the shower wall all residue of will power gone. I suck one more time and then allow my finger to massage her clit. Three circles and a lick…. three circles and a lick ….now 4 and a lick .. now 5 and a lick….5…6…7…. Suddenly a moan rips through her and I find my head clamped between her thighs as an orgasm travels through her.

She’s blushing and a little embarrassed but I kiss her and move back to the shower. We continue in happy companionship to lather up and clean.

We hear the door to the locker room open. We freeze, the curtain is no longer drawn and we are fully exposed should a person walk all the way to the back. We hold our breath.

“Hello??” I raise and eyebrow. That sounds a lot like … I poke my head out and find myself staring at your handsome face. “What are you doing here?” I ask. Severine pokes her head out too from behind me …”What are YOU doing?” comes the reply.

In a move I never saw coming, Severine steps out – naked as the dawn and kisses me on the lips – winks at you and answers with her lovely lilting French accent “what do you think?” She leans in and puts her arm around my waist. I’m now the one blushing. Where did that come from? She pulls me down a little and whispers “want to play more?”… I grin. We look at you and you sense a shift in the air. Our smiles must be playful and a little femme fatal. You actually take a step back that smirk gone from your face replaced by … is that uncertainty?

Severine grabs the keys and goes to lock the gym door – now is no time for any more intruders. Alone with you in the locker room I walk up to you. Grab my towel and ask “dry my back?” You take the towel, but toss it on the ground; you grab me and kiss me. You don’t know what is about to happen but you know you are going to enjoy it! “Your amazing… a wonder …” I nod. I know.

I unceremoniously pull off your top, your belt, and your pants. I get you to sit on the bench where it had all started what seemed like only moments ago … and pull off your socks. Your hand slides up and grabs my cunt. It’s wet, very, very wet. Unlike Severine, I have not yet had release. You let a finger slide in, I moan. Just then my partner in crime walks in and for a moment your hand goes to pull away. Then you reach out to her and while still letting your fingers dance in my cunt you kiss her as she bends down to you. Lips on her, fingers in me … Your cock springs out of your boxers demanding attention. Looking at me, Severine draws my attention to your situation. I nod.

We both kneel before you. What a view. My dark curls to her light blond hair… my voluptuous curves to her lithe form … it’s a portrait in opposites. I take the left, and she takes the right. Both our lips meeting again – with your member between us. We are both sucking your cock and kissing in intervals. The passion is mounting and you let out a deep growl.

We stop. Pulling your boxers off, I ask you to lie on the bench. One leg on each side, on your back your member rising up. Severine straddles you – hovering above your cock. I straddle you above your mouth. You now understand the plan. Severine and I make eye contact and in perfect unison lower. Just as your lips touch my cunt, her cunt engulfs your member. For a moment you are unable to move, to think … the sensation is overwhelming. I wiggle, reminding you that you too have a role to play in this. Your tongue flicks up and in. Every time Severine would move up – so would your tongue, every-time she would move down you’d suck. I’m looking at her enjoying your hot cock, riding it like a pro, her legs flexing and her hands clamped over your thighs … she looks at me, pleasure on her face, her breasts sway with the motion – they hypnotize… she moves in tandem with your tongue over and over and over and over… then… I feel it. It’s small at first, like a tension throughout, and then it focuses and builds, I can feel the inner walls clamp down and my body shivers in anticipation…. I moan “I’m coming”…. And seconds later I feel an orgasm run through my body. Moments later Severine sits a final time, impaled on your member and moans herself. You shoot your load inside her and I move away, to sit on the bench inches from the top of your head, my legs spread, and your hair tickling my sensitive clit. I look down and lean in to kiss you. My juice is till on your lips, and now transfers to mine. I look up and Severine is next to me “I’m going to clean up” she whispers. I kiss her before she walks away. I look down at you, your eyes gleaming. You sigh, sitting up, you turn around to face me, and wrap your arms around me … spent – we are spent. “Thank you…” I pull away … for what I ask? You shake your head…. “For what? THIS for this!! you silly girl!”. Then we hear Severine … “j’ai faim!” We all laugh as we get dressed.

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