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I was asked to break the tie. This was really really really difficult. First of all – I loved all entries. To add to the “problem” the one that would have gotten my vote without having to be a tie breaker was NOT one of the three (fun that! and I am NOT telling!) so I was left trying to figure out – How … HOW to choose??

But we have a WINNER! My vote goes to …


Why? At first I was going with Sir Anneal. After all I did ask for the darkest deepest not vanilla fantasy. But I know the man a tad and I’ve been to his site and … well… for Him this isn’t dark. In fact for him vanilla would have been!

Then WGB. I loved the way it was up-beat and fun and a fantasy of my own too! The Go-Go boots alone almost got my vote. But perhaps it was not dark enough a fantasy. After all – she’s BAD!!! Go to her site and you’ll see what I mean!

Silia. I know her a tad too – we did collaborate on a story together after all.  She’s more refrained and demure than most of you that visit me here. The fact that her and Thorn always visit together is fun – but he’s always more “out there” than she is. I found that for her – this fantasy must indeed fall in line with a darker “secret” side. And THAT was the point of the challenge. So I vote for her.

Silia … get in touch with me to organise your prize! and CONGRATS!!


It’s a three way tie!!! On the surface Silia was a clear winner with WGB just up the … well a close close shave indeed! BUT …

Things are not as they appear! those “comment” votes really count! not to mention a few silent votes sent to my inbox directly.

So … now what?

WGB, Sir Anneal and Silia … I can break the tie for you …. or you split the prize (The highest hits for this story is the amount – the prize is $219).

What would you prefer?


Readers: Go here for the details of this Challenge. Please make sure you enter a vote on the poll at the end of the post. If you comment, please state the writer to whom the comment applies.  

Basically you can cast 2 votes! 1)  with the poll 2) with a comment for your favorite entry.  You can split your votes up or double them for the same author! up to you!  The comments can break a tie!

May the best man or woman win!!

Leaning against the massive, ornately carved, marble fireplace; I carefully sipped from the small crystal glass a sweet elixir of unknown origin left to me by one of my many past suitors. Its flavor was exquisite and every time I had a glass I felt as if years had been lifted from me. A feeling that turned out to be real and long lasting. I sipped it carefully not wanting to overdo it and give away the secret to my agelessness.

I reveled in my young body. The corset I had on made my bosom heave most seductively, the men, and some women, in the room could only stare with intense desire. The deep teal and emerald chinoiserie of my satin kimono swished in a series of tiny claps and whispers and I turned to face the large, yet welcoming room, exposing my legs and bare feet as I flopped gracefully onto the chaise longue of my Salon.

A handsome young lad, in livery of the same hues, took my now empty glass and I petted his firm ass as he left causing the most pleasing blush to color his cheeks. I sighed. I’d have to replace him soon as he got used to me having my way with him. His charm was in his not quite submissive shyness. I was sure I’d find a fine home for him among my Ladies. Oh that lovely discomfort was all too ephemeral.

A young and voluptuous middle eastern girl settled behind me and started to coif my long and unruly curls into an intricate “do” for that evening’s gala. Her soft and supple fingers never pulled a hair, and the scent of jasmine and her warm body made her delectable. My shoulders now exposed, I relaxed… Ah yes, this one I’d keep in my service a long time.
A few regulars, that liked to stay at Le Manoire, were already assembled before me. Soon others would join. An air of debauchery hung between us from last night’s foray, most of my guests still languid and at ease. I tossed a subject out for today’s discussion:
“I have this fantasy” … All heads snapped up, eyes glistening and ears eager to hear more.

“One I have not heard, Duchess?” says my consort as he brushes his hand lovingly across the full expanse of my bosom and leans in to kiss the beauty mark on my right breast.
“Yes, even you don’t know this one …. Awww love… don’t look so hurt… allow me some air of mystery”. A snort or two emanate from our guests. It is my turn to blush.
“As I was saying ….” I continue with a coy smile and a raised eyebrow … I have this fantasy”. I stop, suddenly a little unsure, take a deep shuddering breath, showing a rare glimpse of the vulnerable side of me.

“ I am in a large box. A very large box, almost like a small room. All around me are holes. Poking out of the holes are penises of every size and race. Wrapped around them are gems, or money in form of …. Payment …..” The silence in the room shows the shock some are feeling. The idea of The Duchess as a paid whore doesn’t sit well with some. My consort’s hand steadies on my shoulder. I kiss his palm before continuing.
“I take the payments … or … offerings … and suck” I place my consort’s finger in my mouth and demonstrate. His breath hisses audibly across the room “ … suck so much cock and end up covered in cum from head to toe. They can see me and what I am doing on a small screen outside the box, but they remain anonymous to me. I only know them as an endless sea of shafts.” I spread my legs gracefully to show that just talking about this has made me so moist, that a small trail is glistening on my inner thigh and has wetted my satin under garment. I sit up. Then suddenly stand up flustered.

“How is it that we can fantasize about those things that would, in reality, actually turn our stomachs? Things we would never, no matter how free we are in our sexual selves, actually do. Things that are in direct violation with who we are and our moral code? Do any of you have such fantasies? Am I … alone in this?”

I close my eyes, and walk back to the fireplace waiting for the heavy silence to be broken by a brave soul willing to share…. It lingers, like the elephant in the room, as my guests grapple a moment with their darker side. I sigh and wait.

Panser Bjorn “Good gods, isn’t there anyone else here who’s willing to man up?” I growled into the stillness. Only more stillness in reply.

Shaking my head, I pushed away from the wall where I’d been leaning, whiskey glass in hand. “Are you people frightened to admit you’ve urges of your own?” I raked the crowd, still silent, with a scathingly contemptuous glare. “Our lovely hostess, the Duchess Lillith” – here I nodded at Fantasia graciously, and put a hand to the brim of my gray fedora in salute – “has seen fit to share herself with us, most deeply and revealingly. I would be remiss if I failed to answer her query.”

I strode forward, making my way through the tiny groups of people who still seemed dumbstruck by the things they’d heard. Downing the last of the whiskey, I set the glass on the tray still held aloft by Fantasia’s little house pet and came to a stop in front of the fireplace, and Fantasia. She was amused, I could see it in the tiny quirk of her lips, but she was also wondering what I might have to say for myself.

I tilted my hat at a slightly more rakish angle. Turning to face the room, I adjusted my double-breasted charcoal suit and burgundy tie. “I won’t waste time with introductions,” I began. “You know me, my fastidious nature, my taste for the finer things, the delicate and refined. So it may surprise you to hear that my own darkest fantasies involve the Beast that lies at the core of every man.”

I reached out to caress the cheek of a stunning Nordic blonde nearby. “The Beast is that part of me that wants to defile something pure and virtuous,” I continued. “To take an ice maiden such as this and possess her utterly. Invade her, take her ruthlessly and roughly, use her for my own pleasure.” The blonde shivered but my gaze held her captive. “To call her what she longs to be in her own little black heart – a filthy little slut who can’t get enough.”

Abruptly I broke eye contact and turned on my heel. “And then to leave her behind without a word of thanks or regret; I’ve taken what I wanted from her, after all.”

I glanced around, grinning wolfishly. “So. Who’s next?”

I saw her then, my dearest protégé, peal herself exquisitely from the wall to my left. The wall almost wept at loosing the contact with her, like a lover reluctantly letting go of an embrace. Oh, I had chosen well.

ukroadrunner: A girl of maybe 19 years makes her way to the front. She has a fair complexion, long auburn hair, and bright green eyes almost feline in their clarity. Her lips rosy and moist. Her soft curves are hidden by the single expanse of emerald green silk tied in a halter neck with an amber clasp.

She is athletic, slim, and long shapely legs support her supple frame. Her arms are slender but proportionate, unlike many of her young years who often resemble yearlings; limbs out of keeping with their developing bodies. She is elegant and holds herself with poise.

Despite the almost religious following both sexes give the Duchess, eyes from both begin to follow her around the room. Some recall recent events that had raised an eyebrow and more besides, from some members. Some recall her boundless energy, her erotic appetite, and an ability to bring out literally the best in all she is with.

She speaks with a polished English Home Counties accent and makes eye contact with her patron.

“Ma’am, I hope you, as well the others, will not consider it improper for one so young as I to venture my own fantasy into the discussion. My youth means, given the right circumstances, many of my fantasies may be fulfilled. I look forward to doing so within this very room and involving many of you.” She looks about the room smiling before returning to her hostess.

“There is one fantasy that I often dream and which makes me startle awake, leaving me breathless. In my fantasy I find myself entwined in naked passion with another whose beauty and sensuality is divine. Your guests watch as mouths and bodies repeatedly enjoy and taste of the others in a series of climax that leave us finally spent just as the dawn breaks across the eastern sky. During our encounter some of those watching, including many listening now, are so aroused that they can not hold back and find themselves touching and playing with their own bodies or of those standing and watching close by. As we have licked and sucked each other, the experience has been enhanced by their love juices that we have savored from the other’s body. In my fantasy the other person is none other than you, ma’am.”

I lean over, raising her delicate chin and place my lips on hers … such a simple fantasy, not so dark for those of us with more years. She shivers and I let my hand caress her breasts. Her eyes are luminescent. “Easily done beautiful one …. Perhaps sooner rather than later… yes?” I ask the room. The faces and expressions in response is like observing a pack of hungry wolves.

“How does a dream become a nightmare,” Smokedawg begins, “and how do those nightmares transform into something erotic, and then snare one’s mind?”

I catch the eyes of the many extravagantly arrayed women in the room, then those of a few of the men and finally the Duchess herself, who nodded in assent. Or perhaps support. Or maybe sympathy.

Loosening the neck of my silk shirt, I run my fingers down the leather lapels of my brocaded greatcoat.

“I have known many women. Taken them. Tasted them,” I said. “Playthings all.”

“I dreamed a year ago of a former lover, who spat in my face. A mild enough dream. Then a fortnight later, another who did the same. Two days after that, it took the flavor of a nightmare, as a maiden I had spitefully seduced tied me to a tree and spat in my open mouth as she ridiculed and struck me.”

“Three months later, my dreamtime lovers were kissing me, their mouths filled with spit, flowing over their lips and over my own and down my beard. And all the time, my cock as hard as jasper.”

“Four months ago, a more profound version of the dream took me awake, like a vision. The Countess Hermione D’Artur was there, wearing only satin gloves, smoking a cherry-scented cheroot and blowing her smoke extravagantly into my face, then into my mouth, sharing with me a most exquisite and fiery communion with her kiss. And then she forced to my knees, beneath the umbrella of her smoke, and motioned others to stand over me.”

“Every single woman I had ever lain with. They took their turns spitting upon me. One after another. Over and over. Some of them expelling staggering volumes of warm, slick saliva.”

“Minute upon minute of this, perhaps an hour, until I was dripping with their juices. Spit running down my naked back, between the cheeks of my ass, over my balls and cock, over my face and lips and into my mouth. Their spit baptized me, coated me, pooled beneath me in a warm and deep puddle until I sank down into it, pressed my manhood and face into it, and humped their moist disdain for me. As their hands stroked me, and pressed me more surely into the slick heat of it. Until I came, crying out for more, begging them to do it again.”

Wifegonebad “Excuse me, Duchess, I’d love to share a fantasy with everyone, but I’m having a difficult time thinking of something I wouldn’t do.” I said with complete earnestness, as the eye-rolling and snorts spread around the room I was fairly new to Le Manoire, and rather quiet, so no one had me pegged yet. I squirmed and pulled at the hem of my Gucci orange and red mini-dress and could feel the perspiration roll into my white leather Go-Go boots.

“Hush everyone,” demanded the Duchess. “Please continue.” I nod my thanks to her, take a deep breath, and begin.

“My Master comes up behind me in the kitchen and puts a blindfold over my eyes, clicks a leash onto my collar, and leads me on all fours through several rooms until we reach the library. Logs are burning in the fireplace, and I can smell cigarettes, and the hear the tinkling of ice in hi-ball glasses.

He pulls me up by my collar and lightly strokes my cheek and kisses me gently. He lays me down onto a narrow table and spreads my legs. I hear murmurs around the room and zippers being undone. Suddenly, a man begins rubbing the tip of his cock against my lips forcing them open, two men put their cocks in my hands, and another is putting my legs over his shoulders as he massages my clit with his rod. I am surprised when he pushes against my rosebud and shoves his way in. I release the cock from my mouth and yell, my Master comes to me, kisses my lips, and tells me that I’m being very, very good. I relax so that when the man enters me again the pain quickly turns into pleasure as he rides me hard. I begin again to suck and stroke cocks and their moans empower me. One man comes in my mouth, the others on my tits and face, and the man pounding my ass, fills me full. I’m trembling all over. More zippers are unzipped, some men move away, or change positions, and we begin again.”

I look down at my hands shaking in my lap, afraid to look anyone in the eyes, and there is silence in the room until the Duchess breaks it, “Well, my dear, how energetic of you,” and gives me a sly, approving, glance.

A voice just starts talking. Almost as if to himself, in the middle of the now rather loud din of whispers as guests talk and try to decide if they too want to share. But a silence starts to hover and the words start to be heard … a rambling of sorts.

Shangol 1969: The duchess has her usual suspects pecking at her body and Jasmine is servicing and being serviced. I want something different tonight. There she is, a petite little Arcadian blonde all alone. She is peaking around the room, shyly. She wants to see it all. I stand her up and take off her clothes as I kiss her softly. She is stark naked now and I rub my hand in between her legs. The inside of her thigh is wet with her essence and I can’t resist. I leave her standing so she can see the activities in the room and I kneel and clean off her inner thigh softly. I move up and am invited by the perfect little pink ass to suck and lick it. She moans and spreads her legs. I turn her around and bend her over the chaise we are on. I begin to suck her pussy and start to concentrate on her clit. She is being very passionate and starts talking in a familiar tone to a man in Cajun. He speaks back to her gently and walks behinds her and slips his cock inside her. He is dangerously close to me but I am compelled to stay to make her feel good. I can smell him and his balls are hitting my face as I suck and lick her. I tickle his balls for him. Her moans are muzzled now. Something is keeping her mouth occupied. Her copulate is moaning and his balls are raised and he is all the way in her. I suck a little softer and enhance her sensation and she comes as well. He slips out of her and with it comes his load all over her pussy. I unknowingly lick it up and realize I like it? I clean her off and tongue-fuck her to suck out every drop. I look up and she has a cock releasing into her mouth and it is leaking out. I kiss her when he is done and clean up the mess. I am so hard my cock slips into her like it had a mind of its own. She feels so tight and soft. Her kisses are burning and impression into my soul. She is so sensual and free. She is a goddess. I let loose and fill her up and clean her up. I am on to something new for myself. I then go around the room and try to fuck and suck every cum filled pussy dry.

There is a silent applause as people appreciate the mind that has rambled, some of us finally breathing and still reeling from the speed of the delivery, attempting to fit all the images together….

I saw Thorn move with purpose towards the center of the room. His beloved Silia dropping her hand from his with regret. The two were inseparable. In fact, although they would at times watch, they never slept with anyone else. They somehow managed to be faithful amongst us all. There was a sense of the “sacred” between them that no one dared encroach upon. He cleared his voice and the pleasant deep resonant of it filled the room.

“Oh damn it this is too hard. Is it normal that I have no kinky fantasies, really? Should I see a shrink?” he smiled, ” … a day dream is the best I can do…”

Thorn: I crash-land on a Pacific island. I have turned wild relying on what the jungle and the sea provided me with to survive. Nature sculpted my naked body to perfection. Being free all day and my toy at night my cock had grown in length and girth. I have become a master of the fine art of self pleasing. I came at will or delayed my orgasm indefinitely. I could hold an erection for hours and ejaculate several times. My own record, engraved on the trunk of a coconut tree, was 17 times from sunset to sunrise.

When I saw the small drifting boat my cock reacted first. I made “him” a promise. He can fuck whoever was onboard as long as they were alive. I swam the mile distance and climbed on board to find two women on the verge of dehydration.

I brought the battered craft to the beach. I carried the taller black woman first and laid her on the sand. Feeling her in my arms brought my penis to full erection but I ordered him to quiet down. He obeyed, knowing well that I never break a promise. Then I tossed the blonde over my shoulder and placed her alongside. I have developed an acute sense of smell and the scent of their pussies assaulted me like an uncontrollable avalanche.

I took care of them for 2 consecutive nights and days. For the first time on this island I didn’t jerk off for over 48 hours. My balls were fuller than a pair of coconuts. I could fuck a whole tribe of women.

The two lesbians stared at my cock and their pussies glistened with moistness whenever I was near. On the third night the moon was full. I hunted a wild goat and asked them to eat, “You need all your strength tonight”, I said, “I’m going to fuck you till morning”.

For desert I ate the black beauty’s pussy while I fucked the blonde for an hour. She passed out after her sixth orgasm and my fourth. I put her to rest and penetrated the perfect black ass, all ten inches slowly disappearing inside. I filled her mouth, ass and pussy with cum endlessly. I repeated my awe inspiring act with the blonde as necessary.

While they rested with the crack of dawn, I engraved a new entry. Thirty fucking times.

He returned to Silia’s side. She leaned in to whisper something in his ear… once again the two were in their bubble.

I smile a moment as I recall the private conversation with my most elusive guest. The “Pokeroo” among us. The one that I know exists but no one else has met. People want to, he is especially sought after by all the “Barbie dolls” in the house … LeviStore … reclusive is an understatement.

I had talked to him about what I had planned and he’d sent me his response. Oh yes, sweetly delivered by the quivering lips of a fine young lad that reminded me a great deal of a young “Malboro Man”. He had recited his message perfectly … with a slight tremble in his voice from time to time. I shared it with my guests – asking the young man to step out and recite anew.

I think about my invite to The Salon all day.. and it totally consumes
me with lust to know that this wanton wayward hostess has invited me..
But on the other hand im irritated.. Being of a modern day Greek
family im fully aware of the complexity of the way intelligent people
get together to chat about mindless things.. and I certainly do not
have the time for that..
But the hostess intrigues me.. And I put a master plan together..
My plan is simple.. I arrive at the The Salon over an hour early..
Its all quiet..
I step out of my Beemer and lean on the bonnet.. I have no intention
of walkin up the steps of the venue.. I light up a Camel plain.. And
Im dressed in a simple striped Italian shirt and Levi jeans.. three of
the buttons of the fly are undone..
It starts getting dark.. the hostess walks seductively down the steps
towards my car.. Its dark enough to be discreet..
I dont even bother standing up.. Im hard.. and it can be seen through
the Levi jeans..
She arrives.. we make eye contact.. I reach out and take her sensual
hand.. and guide it to my un buttoned jeans.. she continues.. and
follows through.. my cock firmly in her hand.. she proceeds to stroke,
then goes down to suck it..
My game plan is sound, I dont warn her that im gettin close.. My
energy is internal.. and I quietly erupt into her mouth as she
swallows urgently in order to keep her lovely evening dress clean..
I kiss her warmly.. only once.. Then leave in my Beemer without sayin a word..
Each word she utters on this mystical evening will be uttered with the
essence of my being..
And the guests at The Salon would not even have met me..

The room laughed, some shook their head … I knew the rumor – that he was a figment of my imagination. Ah well … I had done my part.


Silia has been sitting quietly all evening beside Thorn, observing all the rest but saying nothing. She is dressed demurely in an ankle length black velvet dress. It quietly shows every curve and the white skin of her bosom and shoulders. Her dark hair is pulled back and to one side, tumbling down around her neck and over one shoulder. Finally, during a lull in the conversation, she rises from her seat but remains with Thorn. She decides to speak taking a few by surprise.

“I’ve never thought of myself as an exhibitionist. I mean, I have never bared my body in public – except for maybe a skinny dip in a less than secluded location. But I would hardly call that exhibitionism. Maybe we all have it in us – just a little. But in everyday life, I’m quite the opposite. In face, I won’t undress in my own bedroom unless the curtains are drawn tightly. Perhaps that is why this fantasy holds such “appeal” to me but also, and ultimately, seems so perverse.

It’s a showcase, an exhibit, but instead of art or antiquities on display, its naked bodies of women and men. This is not a sex show. This is more…educational…if you will. I am one of the “objets” laid out on my back on a raised platform. My erect nipples point to the ceiling and my legs spread apart to reveal all. There are no barriers between the displays and the observers. The observers are welcome, even encouraged to touch, squeeze, insert. The only rule for these observers are that they cannot perform sexual acts with the displays. The rule for the displays is more stringent. They cannot move no matter how they are touched, and particularly if they orgasm. They must remain motionless and quiet like fleshy statues. I end up with many hands over and in all parts of me and fight with everything in me to stay still.”


Silia quietly resumed sitting. She smiled somewhat shyly at Thorn as he took her face in his hand and they exchanged knowing glances.

I heard the large door open and I shivered and smiled at the same time. “Ah, Sir Anneal, you have come!” I clapped in delight as I took a few steps to welcome him.


Sir Anneal: I notice that this place has a unique feel to it as W/we enter the waiting area. Clean and precise, everything in its place and a place for everything. Perfect to show off, and present My gift for this evening’s gathering, and it’s hostess.

I nod to acknowledge you dear, and I smile as I’ve shared with you briefly what had been done over the last Five months to prepare My present for the gathering. O/our late arrival has it’s purpose. I’m wearing a simple Grey pinstripe suit and tie…the Three piece variety. Following Me is the utensil. Long flowing Silver silk robe…hooded with sleeves long to cover hands and her face concealed. she makes no sound. Acknowledges no one. she is leashed and follows Me by what you and the other early guests can only assume is a silver collar and leash under the robe as I lead her in.

I walk her over to the ring I asked you to have installed in the far wall, and with a click the utensil is locked facing it by her neck

“darling… so good to see you, and thank you for the invitation to the salon” It has taken many months of preparation to get her here for your guests tonight. I would ask that you inform everyone that she is still healing in some areas and attachment points. Please have them be mind full of this. Other than that request…Utensil is available for any use your guests may desire. I can tell you that she is willing, and totally open to the idea. she requested the unique modifications to her body, and will be this way for the remainder of her life. Let Me prepare her now for your party…

I walk over to the Silver cape….and in One swift move pull away the covering.

A collected gasp from the guests in the room as modifications are exposed. Women cover their mouths, and Men raise eyebrows at the vision in front of them. Now revealed for every one’s use is a naked woman…with a collar not separate from her neck, but surgically attached to her collar bones. Stainless steel rings seem to grow out from each wrist….and from each ankle bone. A mouth held shut with a stainless padlock and ring set…and upon further examination are also seen to actually protrude out from under the skin.

As I remove her mouth locks she instinctively knows to put her wrists behind her back, and move her feet close together. Now with stainless locked in place I turn to you..

You see darling…with today’s medical advancements in artificial joints and such, the attachment of the stainless steel to bone is quite easy to do, but for the bone to take, and the skin to heal around it permanently THAT is time consuming. One healed …quite effective though

Please…enjoy her

And as Sir Anneal leaves the party…

I toss you the keys……

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Eating Head – Challenge

Bite Me!
Dear readers I have a challenge for you! Why? Because so many of you have a gift with words, and an appreciation for erotica. I also wanted to somehow engage those of you that have followed me so faithfully over the last few months; create a little fun, and make this a less passive activity for once!

In 2-3 paragraphs finish the story below!

(Please note: do not involve bestiality, rape, under age participants and so on … you get the drift!)



Challenge Ends May 16th, 2009



“…and yes, asparagus does alter the smell of urine.” I burst out laughing as I read the text message on my Blackberry. OMG … WTF?? He loved to do that, answer in a seemingly random way a question I had asked days earlier. It was his way of keeping things fresh and my days full of surprises. Or it was his way of making me remember certain moments? If that was the case it was working. I was suddenly filled with warmth at the memory of the simple task of making dinner with him three nights ago.

I have always enjoyed the day to day with my love. He has a zest for life, an appreciation for the small things and a playful spirit that makes all our common activities seem more like play than routine. It’s a gift. One I have come to love and depend upon. That night we had baked a salmon with lemon juice, cranberries and ripe tomatoes, and with our “no carbohydrates with or after dinner rule” the accompanying dish was asparagus.

I love asparagus. Everything about it really. The skinny ones you can eat raw, the thick ones you prepare and just sprinkle with a tiny bit of olive oil and sea salt. And the white ones, best when fresh and combined with a béarnaise sauce, are a particular favorite. The phallic shape certainly is sensual to say the least. In a vegetable porn star contest, I imagine asparagus would be my first nomination for the title.

Munching away on the skinny asparagus, I had been humming some mindless tune. I was enjoying the happy companionship of the moment. Abruptly, and startling me out of my reverie, objects and kitchen waste got tossed into the sink, and my lover grabbed me, nuzzled his nose into my neck and whispered,

“You are so damned sexy!”

I grinned, pushing my ass into his crotch.

“Yes, well it is one reason you love me …no?”

He smiled that big, happy smile and turned me around. I commandeered an asparagus, and let the head glide along those lips of his. He sucked on it, gently, before I let the legume slide between us, following the trail down his chest, the curve of his muscles under the t-shirt he wore. I kneeled, and pulled his pants off, carefully working it around his now erect penis. I kissed the hot head of his shaft, licked it, and let the cool, green, fleshy tip of the asparagus glide along the length of his member. I heard him moan as he looked down at me. I made eye contact, stopped and … looking him straight in the eyes…chomped the green tip right off.

I saw him wince.

“You’re such a damn tease …” he purred breathlessly.

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