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Hiking is a messy business. I got home and collapsed at the kitchen table, too tired to move, too tired to care that I had just created a trail of mud on the kitchen floor. The cats meow their welcome as I sighed and managed to pull myself up and go down the stairs to the laundry room and proceeded to now peal off my muddy clothes.

I smile at the memory of how I had fallen into a huge mud pile. Our new activity was weekend hiking and a certain someone had accidentally nudged me and I had lost my footing. I rolled and landed in what must have once been a tiny lake but was now nothing more than a large and deep mud hole. You had come down to help me out grinning with mirth – doing a very poor job of trying not to laugh – had held out your hand. I reached out, took it … and pulled you in. A loud yelp escaped from your perfect lips as you landed face first with as little grace as my own fall.

Looking up at me, I could see you weren’t upset, it seemed your playful nature was healthy and well. Your hair was no longer shining and clean, your white t-shirt no longer so pristine. Your grin … the nature of that smile did not escape my attention and I knew then that you still felt that raw attraction, and I had inadvertently just provided the excuse for physical contact. You lunged and grabbed my bare legs and knocked me out. The thick mud broke my fall somewhat but I let out a small scream of surprise. I struggled and the wet mud made it difficult for you to keep your grip on me. I wiggled loose. I turned on you and tried to knock you off your feet, slipped and only ended up embarrassing myself by falling on my ass. You laughed then – a beautiful laugh and walked towards me – you then lost your own footing and landed – most strategically with your face on my stomach. Laughing into my abs tickled and I burst out in an equally easy laugh. We remain thus for a few moments, the tears rolling down our faces creating little ridges in the mud. You then surprised me once more. Grabbing me, leaning me forward you quietly said: “Before the others show up I must do this” and kissed me. I should have recoiled from the dirt, but instead I found it sensual just like the man between my legs. Bliss.

Meow? ….. Back to reality. I placed the clothing in the washing machine and sprinted upstairs as fast as I could. Certain windows do not have curtains and there is only so much I want to expose to my neighbors. I hop in the shower to rinse off, lathered up and wash my hair. As I towel dry I notice that the hot water has really helped ease the tension in my muscles. So, I turn on the tap again and wait for the Jacuzzi to fill up. I turn on some soothing music and some aroma therapy candles and finally let myself slip slowly into the hot, soothing bubbles. I close my eyes and let myself drift into a new world of clean, soft, warm and peaceful things. My mind wonders ….and the line between reality and fantasy blur.

I feel warm hands on my shoulders, rubbing out all the knots… I let out a sigh. I then feel soft lips on mine …. a soft and tender kiss … yet passionate. Reminds me of someone … I open my eyes and you are there, waist deep in hot water with me, your chest naked, and little pearls of water falling from your wet hair into the turbulent water of the Jacuzzi jets. You smile that same playful smile I had seen earlier and come in closer. Our bodies pressed against one another and our arms intertwine as we abandon ourselves to the pleasure of being naked together. I let your hands wonder over my body, discovering each and every curve, I allow mine to do the same. I feel your desire, hard and pressing and I let my hand slide under the waters surface and touch the tip. Your hand reaches my ass, and you pull me in so that I can straddle you – your hard member resting against my stomach, one of the Jacuzzi jets aimed most perfectly at some of the most sensitive erogenous zones of my lower body. My breast level with your lips. Taking one nipple gently into your mouth …gently … always gentle, they are so very sensitive … you suck and I feel a jolt of electricity run through me. Pressing my pelvis forward I let you know that it feels good. You lift me out of the water and your lips create a little trail of kisses …down …down …down … Your hands in the curve of my back … I ask, breathless, for more. Pulling me in closer I feel your mouth on mine again, then in my neck and as I enjoy the feeling of you kissing me I sense your hand reach between my thighs. My own wetness distinct from that of the water tells you how aroused I am. Your finger presses in and finds the little knob of flesh whose sole purpose is to provide pleasure. Applying constant gentle pressure I feel my entire body cave into desire, pure and self fulfilling. The first wave hits, a gentle orgasm – complete and satisfying. I kneel back into the warm water.

With flushed cheeks I smile at you – my partner in play. Your eyes meet mine and then glance to your own painfully erect penis. You stand in the tub and I find myself face to face with it. It’s lovely, perfect – not alarmingly large or over baring, but beautiful and very much at attention. I can’t resist. I take it into the soft folds of my mouth, suck at it gently at first. I feel your hand press my face into you more . I allow my tongue to dance on the ridge bellow the tip and your legs stiffen with pleasure. One of my hands cradles your balls and the other finds it’s way between the firm cheeks of your ass. Still sucking on your hot member I allow one finger to caress the ring of your anus. Applying gentle pressure, letting the ring adjust to the intrusion, then let it slip inside. Allowing for a gentle back and forth – in tune with the sucking motion I feel your body almost give up it’s precious load. Strong arms lift me up at this point and bending me over the edge of the tub – my elbows on the edge, my knees on the little seat so that my ass juts out ….

I want you inside, I want to feel you fill me with that gorgeous cock … but you go down on your knees and start eating me out instead. I feel it then … that orgasm that takes so long to actually explode – I can feel your tongue dance, I feel your finger go into my ass as your penis rubs and teases the other opening…. slowly pressing your member to my pussy and the walls let you in … welcoming as juices flow… I moan as I feel that tingle in my toes … your finger in rhythm with your thrusting triggers something and I feel myself lost to the sensation of burning passion. You pull out as the orgasm threatens to engulf me again … I whimper some frustration … using the plentiful lubrication your press the head of your member against the anus ring … I bend down as far as I can, the Jacuzzi bubbles tickling my nose …. I relax and let you in. The feeling is so intense I let out a scream. Thinking you have hurt me you freeze. I grab the back of your legs and pull you in “Don’t stop now!!” relieved you start to rock gently in and out – in …out…in…out… as my finger stimulates my clitoris I hear you groan … I know it’s close …. very close …. my own orgasm hits so hard it knocks me off my perch and disconnects me from you but the orgasm continues to flow through me.

You stand there, penis momentarily hidden under the bubbling water, your hand on it … desperate for release. I kneel rinse it in the water and take it into my mouth finishing the job quickly as the juices jerk out in gushes. We step out of the tub and relax on a pile of towels, still panting a little – heads on each others shoulders as the denouement makes our bodies glow.

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