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Welcome Home

I stood there at the arrivals gate, barely able to contain myself. Every fiber of my being ready to burst forth and splatter you with love the instant you walked though those horrid gates. You had texted me moments ago “@ customs”. Close, so close I could taste it. Taste your lips on mine, the comfort of your arms around me at long last. Oh my love it had been too long, far too long.

bzz bzz

I looked at my blackberry “some sort of delay – sorry love – Patience – just a little longer”. I died a small death. NO! no …no…no…. I cradled the little black electronic device to my chest, hugging it. Come on … come on!

You had gone on this adventure trek in the desert to physically push yourself to the limits. I had wished to go with you but had been unable to convince my boss to let me have the time off. I was needed at the office. Exploding in anger, I had said a few things that could have been career limiting.

With a last hug you warned me that you’d have no cell service out there, in the middle of nowhere. Brightly and jokingly I responded that I’d survive … but would you? I had not realized then, how crushing the silence would be. Day after day I stared at the little black screen, willing it to buzz and do it’s little dance. Waiting for a sign that you were thinking of me, loving me even from miles away. I felt you in my heart, thought of you obsessively and looked at the picture of us on my screensaver remembering out goodbye and your warning. You had known how affected I would be. The one left behind.

How I had missed you. The ache and longing so profound I could only compare it to mourning a loss. The void that had been created with your departure was a warning however, that I had become far to dependent on you. At first I felt abandoned. Lashing out like a petulant child. Angry at your having left without me. Talking to friends with long “What if’s” and “it’s not fair’s”. Then I settled. Pouting. Miserable. Hurt. A few days later I snapped out of it. It’s not who I am to dwell and engage in self pity marathons. I’m not this person! Who the hell is this? I reclaimed my independence, found satisfaction in knowing you loved me and had come into my life. I kept busy, not to flee loneliness, but because it’s in my nature. I saw neglected friends, attended some events and relaxed in the quiet meditation of solitude.

I was walking to the gym, as per usual for that time of day, when the no longer so familiar bzz bzz resonated in my pocket. My heart soared! The imposed cone of silence had been lifted! Frantically I fumbled with the keyboard, typing in my password, trying to get to the sweet words, my eyes and heart thirsty as if they had been the ones in the desert sands. I sank to my feet giddy with tears of relief. “You would have loved it. Love you. MISS YOU. Can’t wait to see you. Home soon.” I responded frenetically, afraid of renewed silence. But the fear was pointless as the flow of texts resumed, your love flowing towards me in a torrent of funny, sexy and playful messages.

Now, here I was quivering with anticipation. Biting my lower lip, standing on my toes to look over the people in front of me. Not wanting to miss the split second you came into view.

And you did.

You braced yourself as you saw me hurdling towards you, dropping your bags and bending you knees, arms open wide. A huge smile on your face and the fatigue of the trip gone in a flash. We collided. My legs wrapped around your waist, my arms around your neck a shower of kisses made you dizzy. You turned us around and around as our lips finally met. The world melted away, there was only you and me and utter silence broken only by the rhythm of our hearts beating. You stumbled a little finding a wall to brace me up against. Our kiss continued, long, intense, deep and soulful. A thousand “hello’s”, a million “I missed you’s” and an endless series of “I’m so happy to be with you’s” were exchanged.

You let me slide down, still kissing me, not wanting to break our renewed connection. Your hands cupped my face holding me there a moment, frozen, making me feel so very precious. You pulled me in close, an arm wrapped around my back and waist, the other around my shoulders. A protective cocoon. My digits played with the bottom of your t-shirt searching for skin. Not finding it I pulled your top out of your shorts, at last my palms glided along your lats, your abs, your lower back. You sucked your breath in, your body tensing at the delight of my cool fingertips making their way up like the child’s song “itsy bitsy spider”. You pulled away reluctantly, feeling more than a twitch in your shorts… we stared at each other almost not believing.

“harrumph …. Get a fucking room you two!”

We burst out laughing at the grumpy soul that had spewed those words like venom. But we had the antidote, love coursing in our veins.

I grabbed your smaller backpack and you followed me to the car. The whole way home, a happy silence between us. I did want to hear all about your trip but right then I just required the stillness – to soak up the pleasure of you, sitting there, next to me. You seemed to know this intuitively. Your hand on my knee, playing, caressing, stroking. My body responded, I sighed, as your hand traveled a little higher. My inner thigh hyper sensitive to your gentle back and forth. We had often fooled around in the car, but it wasn’t a sexual energy that was between us this time.

I parked. We made it to the elevator. We kissed so long that we missed it and had to wait for it to come back down again. We didn’t mind as we indulged in the pure ecstasy of each others presence. Down the hall we walked, I chattered happily now and you just smiled as you watched me act like a hunting dog, going up ahead, turning around, coming back and leading the way again.

The key turned in the door. We walked in. The bags dropped. Home.

That’s when the world outside was no longer a witness. You grabbed me, pulled me in so close I could barely breath. “ I missed you” you whispered rapidly breathless. I knew you wanted a shower but my hands were already getting rid of your clothing with a different plan in mind. Every inch of me ached with the need for us to unite again in the most intimate way possible. Your kiss was long and sensual. Love emanating from you like a force field, inviting me – and only me – in.

We dropped to the floor, headless of the mess we were leaving behind us, or caring that only a few feet away a comfortable bed beckoned. Our eyes could not leave one another, our hands touching, sometimes soft and tender at other moments frenzied. Naked flesh cried out elated at the touch of skin against skin, arms hugged, legs squeezed, mouths traveled, tongues licking and chests heaving with pleasure and in the blink of an eye there you were poised, looking down at me, my legs wide in welcome, your cock entering me slowly, pushing the walls apart softly as you slid inside. We gasped as our bodies at last united. A tear rolled down our cheeks in unison. Slowly we made love.

Hips thrusting, cunt clasping and not letting go, cock buried and never wanting to leave, hairs on our arms reaching out to the heavens, moans and cries of pleasure resonating and bounding against the walls… it did not take long for our bodies to explode in united, thrilling and total abandon to one another. The joy of our reunion manifested in an orgasm that flowed with, to and from each other. Too soon, it was over.

“Welcome home” I sighed as you lay on my chest, my fingers curling in your hair my thighs sticky from our passion. With your arms wrapped around me you replied, panting softly “never apart this long … again… ever“. Your lips found mine and you kissed me deeply, less hurried, starting the play again. I smiled . All was well with the world again. My man was home.

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The Secret Garden

Inspired by and written in collaboration with Silia

In the late afternoon she had finally made it to his village, after what had seemed like an endless maze of transportation networks. In the heat of the midday sun, travel bag over one shoulder and a phrasebook in her hand, she trudged through the streets trying to avoid the stares from the tight knit local community. She had dressed in a ridiculously conservative way – a white cotton cardigan over a long, blue dress – so as not to draw attention to herself. It had in fact created the opposite effect…or perhaps it was simply the glow of her ivory white skin, and flushed cheeks in the Mediterranean sun.

She was so relieved when she finally found the house – the one she had only seen in pictures, but had branded to memory. Checking the surrounding landscape, somehow familiar yet not, everything appeared to be exact. This was indeed the place. At long last, she had arrived to the one tiny plot of earth on this intricate planet that she had been looking for with longing in her heart.

He had said he was coming alone for the weekend to relax and recharge his batteries. She sincerely hoped that the plan hadn’t changed since there was no way to connect to her email for his regular updates. In fact, her last contact with him had been from an Internet Cafe at the airport the previous day. She smiled nervously. He had no idea she was in the country let alone in this remote village. She had planned the trip so painstakingly covering all her bases…including communication. They always maintained contact and she had struggled to find a story for her silence today. Staying close to the truth had proven effective. She would be away from her computer…going to a small village. This was no word of a lie. The lack of communication, however, was making her slightly uneasy. She couldn’t be absolutely certain he’d be there but she had a far better chance of catching him alone here than in his city home.

She took a deep breath and hesitantly opened the black wrought iron gate.

The beautiful villa rose before her, the heart in her chest fluttering with pride as she thought on the fact that he had designed this home. It showed. It was all him…the place where he loved to be. She admired the details, the choice of color for the exterior finish, the strong lines used, the no nonsense approach to elegance. She took it all in before moving toward the front door. What would she do if it were locked? Chances were pretty good that it would be. She trembled a little, the enormity of what she was doing starting to percolate. Sit in the garden? She laughed as a vision of herself gardening flashed in her mind, roses tucked in her hair, dirt on her hands and knees, her dress folded into her waist. Gardening, here … imagine that!

She closed her eyes a moment. Yes, it was roses she smelled. She could feel the scent of them lingering in her nose like a lovers caress. How many times she had talked to him about turning the dry barren land into an exotic secret garden? One where they would lie under an olive tree on hot summer afternoons and whisper there longings to each other as their hands would mindlessly meander the many hills and valleys of their bodies. In each others arms they would plan their future to the lullaby of evening breezes and song birds.

A shrill cry suddenly filled the air and brought her out of her reverie with a smile on her lips. Aside from her loud feathered friend, it was quiet, the shutters closed tightly. With an exhilarating thump in her chest, she reached for the door handle fingers hesitant as she suddenly panicked at the possibility that he might be inside with company. She dropped her hand grabbing her dress, unconsciously crumpling the fabric in a ball. What if he was there? It would ruin her surprise. A glance at her watch reassured her. He had specifically said he wouldn’t arrive until evening. Again she took hold of the handle and this time she turned it. To her surprise, and immense relief, it opened.

Inside the villa was dark and cool. A beautiful and welcome reprieve from the humid day. Her nerves were so on edge she could barely breathe as it took a moment for her eyes to adjust to the darkness. She stood quietly inside the door, ears straining for any sounds within. Silence reigned supreme. She was alone. No jingle, thud or swish was coming from any part of the house but she felt compelled to check everywhere just in case. She didn’t know what she’d do if she came face to face with anyone but him. She simply hoped she wouldn’t have to find out.

Removing her shoes she began walking softly through the house. Her sore, tired feet tingled from the coolness of the marble floors. She checked inside the rooms on the first floor and climbed the stairs to the second story. A quick glance in each bedroom and bathroom confirmed that no one was there but after a second sweep she noticed something that made her freeze in her tracks in the master bedroom. His bags – or, at least, they looked to be his. He had been there already and had gone out again, perhaps for a walk! Now what?

Quickly, she returned downstairs for her shoes and bag and took them to one of the upstairs bedrooms. She hid the evidence of her presence under the bed before heading back downstairs, stopping in a bathroom to refresh herself. She removed her dress and bra. In the mirror she could see that her body was shiny with perspiration and her hair wild with curls. Her cheeks were still flushed with heat and excitement. The neatly trimmed dark pubic hair was easily visible under the inadequate cover of her panties. The matted, barely there, wisps curling sensually up against the see-through cotton, until it too was slipped off.

Carefully and quietly, she began washing herself, her face, shoulders, arms, breasts, underarms and across her belly. The coolness of the water made her gasp and her pink nipples became erect. She rubbed them absentmindedly at first until she felt the pleasure in it. She glanced again at her reflection in the mirror. Her breasts looked rounded and full and she pulled hard on one nipple, almost cruelly, before attacking the other. They stood even taller than she had ever known they could. Closing her eyes a moment, she fantasized as she had a thousand times. She ached for the feel of him nuzzling her, his hands holding, squeezing while his lips took each breast in his mouth. She imagined his tongue would dance on each tip until her breath left her body and her knees would go weak. Pulling herself back to reality once again, she marveled at how the sensation in her nipples seemed to have a direct connection to the crimson jewel between her legs. It was like flipping a switch.

She hadn’t begun to wash below her stomach but a distinct and familiar wetness had already saturated the area. She reached down with her fingers and parted the lips tenderly. They were, indeed, slippery and moist. With some water and sweet smelling soap, she carefully caressed her clit – hovering there for a moment out of sheer pleasure and then moving slowly back with her fingers. She was swollen now. As she touched the sensitive area just around the opening she imagined his penis, hard and full, pressing there and wanting in. She slid her small delicate finger inside. Her head was thrown back as a moan escaped her lips and her breath caught with the intensity of the pleasure this stimulation and dream provided.

Only he could make her feel this way; have her succumb to the sensations by the mere thought of him touching her. He would be passionate, intense and overflowing with desire and that certainty only served to push her that much further into ecstasy. The sweet release, however, would have to wait for him. That is why she had come all this way. Pulling her finger out, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath to composed herself. She needed to focus on preparing for his imminent return.

Clean and fragrant, she ran down the hall giddy in her nudity. She hid her panties and bras with her other belongings under the bed and slipped into her dress as she glided quietly back downstairs and found a dark corner in which to wait. There must have been thousands of butterflies in her stomach and her heart pounded so hard against her chest she thought it might break through. Time seemed to pass with cruel longevity and although she had only been standing there a few minutes, the wait was starting to seem like an eternity. For him, though, she would wait forever and so she crouched to make herself more comfortable and began to daydream of how it would be when he walked through that door. It was a dream that she’d had for more than a month…ever since buying her ticket to the other side of the world. Being here now seemed surreal and the thought of her body wrapped in his arms, and the realization that it would soon become a reality, was beyond imagining. But it didn’t stop her from trying.

The door clicked and he entered the house quickly. She covered her mouth to muffle the escaping gasp that she had no ability to prevent. She couldn’t see him clearly yet. The brightness of the sun, when he opened the door, had temporarily blinded her. In the dimness now, she could see only the general outline of his body. He looked taller and more broad of shoulder than she had imagined. As her eyes adjusted, again, to the shadows, she watched in pleased amazement as he took off his shirt. Suddenly his scent filled the air – sweat mixed with cologne – intoxicating and sweet; to her an aphrodisiac. He was so unbelievably handsome. His short cropped, graying hair showed off the attractive shape of his head. The skin on his smooth shoulders and nicely defined arms and chest looked wonderfully tasty. His shorts hung comfortably on his hips showing off his navel – that alluring place where she started with her tongue on many a daydream.

Evidently he hadn’t seen her and was oblivious to her presence. She was hesitant to approach him. She wished to watch him, to observe his movements, but she knew she had little time before she was discovered. She wanted to surprise him…it was after all the entire objective of all her planning. Of course, he would be surprised regardless…but she had something very specific in mind – something she had fantasized about. As he turned his back to her, his beautiful back, she saw her opportunity and took it. Quietly she left her hiding place and tiptoed across the floor toward him. Several feet away from him, her heart beating wildly, she spoke his name softly.

She could see his body tense as he was obviously trying to comprehend what he had just heard. She moved closer and placed her hands tenderly on his arms. “… my love, I’m here with you.” He trembled but remained still as if he were afraid to look back should what he have heard and felt be a trick of his imagination. She wanted so much to look into his face, to see his eyes. She caressed his arms relishing the strength and the warmth of his skin. To feel him in the flesh was beyond delight…it was rapture. “Silia?” he breathed finally; her name like a prayer on his lips. He turned slowly to look at her, his eyes wide and full of wonder and love. “How?” was all he could muster. She placed her hands on his lovely face and smiled up at him adoringly. “Does it matter?”

Without warning his arms engulfed her and his lips absorbed hers. The softness and agility of his embrace and the intensity of his kiss nearly made her lose her mind immediately. She had been prepared for passion but nothing like this. Her knees gave way but he held her into him as they continued to breath as one. In the next gasp she felt her consciousness shift. The desire rose in her like an erupting volcano and she returned his passion. She wanted with all of her being to be a part of him, to devour him. Their tongues rushed inside each others mouths, soft and moist and eager to taste whatever they could. The rest of their bodies, as if entities unto themselves, were already discovering each other; colliding and undulating with the intense pleasure of being together at long last. As he buried his face in her neck and cravingly uttered her name over and over, she found she did not want to wait another second, she wanted him inside her… now.

She didn’t need to tell him. His hands had already discovered her nakedness beneath her dress and the wetness between her legs. The sparse hairs of her cunt were moist and tickled his fingers in welcome. He explored her folds without hesitation. Buried three digits inside of her awakening the beginnings of an orgasm. She couldn’t believe how quickly she had reached this frenzied state. She reached down and pulled his fingers out. “Why?” he asked. Her eyes implored “Not yet.”

He removed her dress exposing her flesh to his sight. She could see tears forming in his eyes with overwhelming joy and desire as he freed himself of his shorts. She gasped silently. The flared tip was as wide as the head of a poised cobra and sat over a long shaft which didn‘t seem to end. She marveled at his member, red with large veins circling and running directly up to the glands, which amazed. He was magnificent in his virility. His hands brought her down to the cold marble floor. They were both completely nude, and as his mouth covered hers again, she felt the greatest anticipation she had ever known. She couldn’t wait to feel her cunt straining around his cock, to have it probing into her deepest inner self. Her arms went eagerly around his neck and she started to jut her hips to his.

He pulled her close until her nipples touched against his chest, then made his way slowly lower … lower … lower ….that is when he lost control. He pushed back in aggressively with his long fingers making a come hither motion as his tongue flicked boldly at her clit. He hit the top of her G-spot surprising her with the accuracy and speed of the discovery and she lost all control. The orgasm that ripped through her was like a tidal wave. As she arched her back, her moans rose to the ceiling and filled the room like a symphony. She had come before but not like this. Never like this.

He had positioned his body between her legs. Feeling him there, his weight pushing against her inner thighs, the tip of his penis against her opening caused her to thrust her hips toward him…her body begging for more, longing to feel his desire deep within her. But she also had a great need to taste him, to let her tongue roll over him, to see his face lit with pure ecstasy while he was in her mouth. “I want to taste you first.” she gasped and tried to move. But he was too far gone. She moaned and succumbed as he kissed her mouth to silence and grabbed down to hold each of her thighs with his hands. He lifted them up high and bent them back toward her shoulders. She was open to him now, fully, the crying lips vulnerable before the flared head of his poised member. As he parted lips from hers, she managed to mouth the word “please”.

The pulpy head pressed solidly into the wet lips and they parted into a wide, tight clamp of moist flesh around him. The fantastic squeeze of her embraced every inch as he steadily pushed deeper and deeper spreading her apart. She couldn’t believe how huge he was and when he reached the deepest recesses the sensation was a cross between pain and the most intense pleasure she had ever known. The grate of his flared head inflamed the tissues inside her as he pulled in and out. When he left her cunt she felt terribly empty.

His cock was melting with fire. He could feel the surge rising. “Fuck me!” she gasped. “I will show no mercy. I can’t….I may not last.” he warned. “Yes!” was all she could muster as he plunged back in. She screamed but thrust herself upward to meet him full on. He rested on her legs to penetrate as deeply as he could. She was now at his mercy and it excited her beyond belief. With another thrust she was coming in full force, over and over. She couldn’t even tell him, her body was controlling her mind, but he must have felt the quakes of her walls against him. He ground with animal abandon between her legs as gush after gush of is cream radiated inside her, she watched his face, his eyes, felt his body completely engulfed in ecstasy as he moaned “I’m coming!” . There was nothing more satisfying. Absolutely nothing.

They lay like two hot coals on the cool marble, entwined in each other – just as she had seen it in her dreams. Complete happiness, love, and gratification radiated outward as a huge smile spread upon her face. Now the entire weekend stretched out before her like an inviting path to a secret garden. It was perfect. As his member stirred once again he looked to her, desire writ on his features; she wrapped her arms around him possessively and whispered into his ear “Oh yes, now, and again, and again my love.”

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nude shadowThere she was taller then most men I know. Long and lean, walking like an alabaster Amazon. She was always graceful, her lithe body feline and supple. Everything about her radiated confidence. Her flaming red hair, the olive green eyes that crinkled when she smiled; a grin that was a secret weapon unleashed on us poor unsuspecting souls. It won you over, instantly, irrevocably and drew you in like a cat to a sunbeam.

Everyone she met liked her instantly. Me? She made my heart stop, my knees weak and my lungs unable to draw air. I forgot who I was, how to breath … to me she was magic. Her stride full of purpose, as only a person used to getting her way can adopt, but not a bully. Her hands fluttering like caged birds as she spoke with assurance to those who crossed her path. Absolutely unique.

Her face lit up when she entered the dressing room. My inner thighs now predictably damp under my skirt. Anticipation? I always enjoyed our first encounter of the day. Her arms opening wide, as I flashed my own smile and moments later was engulfed in her warm greeting. I could loose myself in her scent. Her odor, her smooth skin cool and fresh, and her tresses tickling my nose drove my brain to a frenzy. It was heaven. Her large breasts against my more modest ones; nipples kissing through fabric in their own “hello“. I closed my eyes, lived the instant fully knowing it to be all to brief. A small sigh escaped her lips as she pulled away. Did I really hear that? Was her hold on my arm a second too long? Did I see desire in her stare?

She flopped in the chair, deftly pulling her mane out of the way into a high ponytail so that I may start her makeup application. She had been the understudy, stepping in at the very last moment on opening night of the show. Owing her debut to a tragic death in the family of the leading performer. I reminisced, thinking back to that night, how nervous she had been. I had smoothed her nerves, rubbing her shoulders, and helping her into her costume, touching up her make-up as she radiated determination, resolve and fear. I spoke to her about the history of make-up, rambling with my own nervous energy. We had in-avertedly bonded that night.

An acrobat and actress of extraordinary skill; she had been a huge hit, and after 12 shows it was decided she would stay on as the lead. She had earned the honor but was aware that tragedy had also played a hand in her favor and remained gracious and humble. I remembered her bounding into the dressing room after the news to find me, thanking me and hugging me. I had been perplexed; all I had done was natter on. She had explained that my talking had soothed her. That my “enlightening” her on an unrelated subject had provided her mind with the escape necessary to not focused on how unprepared she felt. She insisted that I had been key to her success that night, and that she owe me a great debt.

I shook my head, releasing myself from the clouds of the past. I was only the make-up artist. Preferring the backstage world to the bright lights. Too shy for an audience. I loved being a part of the magic – but did not feel the need for acknowledgement. Not modesty. No… that would be a lie. Just a love for anonymity.

She relaxed into her seat, seeming to enjoy the feel of my brushes, sponges and fingers on her skin, face, neck …. upper chest. I leaned in a little closer, detailed work requiring I do so. I could smell the scent of hot chocolate on her breath, making me smile. I realized then that if I only pursed my lips, our cupids bows would meet. They were like perfect reflections in a mirror, wholly identical. Our noses would not collide, hers had a slight uplift, giving her an air of nobility, mine was small and soft.

“You going to kiss me?” I looked up into her eyes, her earthy tone a contrast to my sky blue ones. I could not decide if she was teasing, asking or daring me. I blushed prettily and went back to work as a knot in my stomach, took hold, pulling me into despair. I had let the opportunity pass me by and I knew it. My heart sank to my knees.

That night, like every night, I sat in our dressing room on a stool, seeing in my minds eye every moment she was on stage unfold like a silent movie. I was there for emergency touch ups, wardrobe malfunctions and other such tasks. A show of this size required that many of us expand on our responsibilities and include tasks that do not fall in our job descriptions. I had the lucky privilege of being assigned exclusively to her. Dedicated to our Star. I could vaguely hear the audience swoon, cry, laugh and gasp. If only they knew how amazing she was in real life they would love her, not just admire her. I had seen the show a hundred times or more and even I was sucked in night after night. I knew she added a little to her performance every time. No two deliveries were the same. She was worthy of the accolades.

Having wiped the stage make-up from her face, and assisted her out of her costume that was like a second skin, I went home alone. I had seen her naked so many times, but I never grew tired of the sight. I loved how flushed she was from the effort. Her white flesh splotched in little red patches that somehow were strategically placed as if to only enhance her curves. Mother Nature had really been generous with this creature. I reveled in the sight and night after night, once I was in the safety of my bed , I fell asleep touching myself playing in my head different scenarios where my courage did not fail me and I would take her.

I walked in early the next day as I always do, enjoying the solitude before the mad rush and chaos of the others. The calm before the storm of actors, acrobats, light and backstage crew. The peace before the near panic energy that infected us all like a pandemic before the show. I hummed a little tune I had heard on the radio as I laid out my materials, cleaned brushes and tidied up the table that was allocated to me. To us.

“You have a lovely voice you know…” I spun around startled. She stood there is a summer dress, long legs bare with curving delicious lines, and simple sandals on her slightly calloused feet. She had nothing on her face. Just her own extraordinary natural beauty. Her peaches and cream skin speaking for itself, her face a glow of health. I usually felt such a thrill in applying make-up; but with her, it always seemed more like a crime.

“We alone?” she chirped.
I nodded.
“Strong silent type today, huh?”
I grinned and replied,
“Well, you know me …. You never know what you will get”
“Yes, that is very true. Unpredictable. I like that about you … I …. like you.”

My heart stopped. I froze. Was I actually hearing what I thought I was hearing? Or was I in bed masturbating lost in an all too real fantasy driving my clit to release? My hands trembled and I dropped the bottle of cleaner to the floor. She walked up, let her arms wrap around my waste, and whispered into my ear as the small hairs there rose up to her lips:
“I am not just imagining your attraction am I? You do like me this way … yes? Oh God …. Please …. Please say something ?”
I shook, lost for words. The vulnerability in her voice throwing me off completely. I felt utterly ill equipped to see her this way. She let go a little, suddenly uncertain and whimpered:
“Yesterday …. You ….I thought you …..Oh I … sorry … I thought …. I was so sure …..”
I turned around within her embrace, saw tears forming in her eyes, it broke my heart and broke the ice – I leaned in and kissed her hard on the lips.

The dam broke.

I let my hands ride up her thighs and hesitated a moment. She did not stop me. I was drunk with desire as the satin softness of her skin quivered bellow my palm. She moaned and let her forehead rest against mine. I caressed her ass, feeling diaphanous satin underpants stretched across the round cheeks of her backside. I wanted more. Pulling a strap off her shoulder, I released her breasts to my view as they swung in bounding arcs. She leaned forward, came closer as I pressed my lips onto one of the soft pillows, while she tried to force more of her mammary into my sucking mouth. She dropped her hands, expertly unhooked my bras releasing my own mounds from inside my camisole. Her fingers latched on to my nipple pinching it into hardness.

We kissed, caressed and murmured words of affection for what seemed an eternity. My hand slid into her crotch, her red-haired cunt was just visible from my viewpoint as it strained and pulled against my fingers. Her legs parted. I gripped her panties and followed them down as I slid them off her long sinewy legs. She kicked them free and spread her legs even further as my fingers pushed the lips apart to reveal her crimsoned clit. My tongue lashed out and brushed solidly against the hanging pussy lips, my open mouth clamped hungrily onto the wetness, sucking, licking, lapping the hole into heated fury.

She reluctantly pushed me away, her whole frame trembling with unreleased excitement and pleasure. “No … I want to enjoy you … please?” She pulled my camisole off, and unzipped my skirt and let it fall with my thong to the ground. She looked at me, smiling “Your beautiful… so beautiful …wow…” I was shocked. Me? Beautiful? Pretty perhaps, but beautiful? She kept whispering it over and over. I didn’t dare move. She walked around me, letting her hands glide and create little paths of goose bumps along my skin. Like ants creating a highway to bring food back and forth she drew lines of exquisite pleasure across my flesh. Bending her fashionable body until her flawless nose came into contact with the two cheeks of my full, ripe ass. She spread the heaps of soft flesh apart, stretching the crack wide, laying the brown cluster of the anus open to quick licks of her darting tongue.

I almost lost all resolve and melted like a dollop of butter on hot fresh pancakes.  But her hand held me up, locking my knees for me. She pointed her tongue and pressed against the taut tight hole. No one had ever done that and I was certain that the sensation was more then I could manage until her tongue slipped inside. I did collapse then to the ground. I lay there whimpering as she held me a moment in her arms. Tears of joy running down my face. She kissed them away “my lovely princess … “ she murmured sending my heart into flights of both elation and fright. Her hand wandered, her fingers feverishly lashing out to briskly rub across the pinched, hard nipples and move on to my small open cunt. My hips lifted as she pressed her hand into the moist trap. She drove one, two, three fingers deep inside, the lips moved apart, straining, and dripping fluids.

She shifted slightly, putting herself in position, spread the vagina lips open with her fingers and finally plunged her face into the slippery juices. She drove her tongue far inside, her fingers still working in and out in a come hither movement over and over…. Driving my small hips into wilder erratic humping. Her other hand stroked my stomach, or reached for a breast. I seemed so small in her embrace. I felt her teeth grate against my hard clit, her tongue spanked my cunt walls and I suddenly bolted, bucked, humped, pounded my juices into her eager sucking mouth, grabbing the top of her head I held on to her hair.

My hands tore, squeezed my breasts; she pulled her fingers almost out of my crotch and put them back in fully inundated with juices .  My slender, if not long, legs flexed, tensed before they kicked, jerked, bent and twisted. She kept her tongue deep inside as she felt the groping spasms send floods of wetness into her mouth. I screamed as I came and climaxed violently, uninhibited, total.

Moments later she held me in her arms, as I let my fingers explore her in awe … tears still streaming.
“You ok?”
I nodded .
“Quiet again huh?”
I grinned remaining silent.
“We should get dressed”. She said then seeing a question on my lips.
“Shhhh … consider this a small token towards a debt repaid. … ” She got up, held out a hand and pulled me to her. Her lips met mine in one last kiss before show time.

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Eating Head – Challenge

Bite Me!
Dear readers I have a challenge for you! Why? Because so many of you have a gift with words, and an appreciation for erotica. I also wanted to somehow engage those of you that have followed me so faithfully over the last few months; create a little fun, and make this a less passive activity for once!

In 2-3 paragraphs finish the story below!

(Please note: do not involve bestiality, rape, under age participants and so on … you get the drift!)



Challenge Ends May 16th, 2009



“…and yes, asparagus does alter the smell of urine.” I burst out laughing as I read the text message on my Blackberry. OMG … WTF?? He loved to do that, answer in a seemingly random way a question I had asked days earlier. It was his way of keeping things fresh and my days full of surprises. Or it was his way of making me remember certain moments? If that was the case it was working. I was suddenly filled with warmth at the memory of the simple task of making dinner with him three nights ago.

I have always enjoyed the day to day with my love. He has a zest for life, an appreciation for the small things and a playful spirit that makes all our common activities seem more like play than routine. It’s a gift. One I have come to love and depend upon. That night we had baked a salmon with lemon juice, cranberries and ripe tomatoes, and with our “no carbohydrates with or after dinner rule” the accompanying dish was asparagus.

I love asparagus. Everything about it really. The skinny ones you can eat raw, the thick ones you prepare and just sprinkle with a tiny bit of olive oil and sea salt. And the white ones, best when fresh and combined with a béarnaise sauce, are a particular favorite. The phallic shape certainly is sensual to say the least. In a vegetable porn star contest, I imagine asparagus would be my first nomination for the title.

Munching away on the skinny asparagus, I had been humming some mindless tune. I was enjoying the happy companionship of the moment. Abruptly, and startling me out of my reverie, objects and kitchen waste got tossed into the sink, and my lover grabbed me, nuzzled his nose into my neck and whispered,

“You are so damned sexy!”

I grinned, pushing my ass into his crotch.

“Yes, well it is one reason you love me …no?”

He smiled that big, happy smile and turned me around. I commandeered an asparagus, and let the head glide along those lips of his. He sucked on it, gently, before I let the legume slide between us, following the trail down his chest, the curve of his muscles under the t-shirt he wore. I kneeled, and pulled his pants off, carefully working it around his now erect penis. I kissed the hot head of his shaft, licked it, and let the cool, green, fleshy tip of the asparagus glide along the length of his member. I heard him moan as he looked down at me. I made eye contact, stopped and … looking him straight in the eyes…chomped the green tip right off.

I saw him wince.

“You’re such a damn tease …” he purred breathlessly.

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Sensual Dream

Someplace in the distance I could hear the thunder of water and, the smell of moss clung to the air like a lovers caress. Proud, white marble columns reached like a supplicants arms towards the heavens as if calling for the Gods to bless this track of land and it’s architecture … make it more … make it sacred ground. Trees, so tall they betrayed their age of thousands of years, shot towards the sun, in hopes of heat on their leafed fingertips. Below, hundreds of animals sheltered in their grace; mammals, insects and the birds … Oh, the birds were the messengers between the skies and the soil, masters of song.

I meandered along a path that seemed swept clean of leaves and debris by an invisible hand. Not sure where it led or why I should follow.  I could feel a pull so strong that I simply could not … would not … resist. The water sounded closer and I picked up my pace. Climbing marble steps two by two when an unexpected vista unfurled beneath my eyes.

An ancient amphitheater created a half dome, sheltering a lagoon that acted as a stage floor. It was surrounded by marble statues and the water was a most startling shade of teal. A thundering waterfall for a majestic backdrop seemed to complete the setting for some imagined, aquatic play .

I was overcome by an impulse to bathe and ran down at a neck-breaking speed; a sense of euphoria overtaking me. I removed my clothing, acutely aware and listening for any sounds that may be human. I could sense eyes on me … hundreds of gazes. I should have been frightened, but, instead, I grew bolder under the assault of invisible voyeurs.

I slipped into the lagoon looking at the stone faces and bodies on its edge. They seemed so real. I almost expected them to move, breath, or blink … but the chiseled stone was cold. The water on the other hand, was warm and soothing; obviously heated by a natural hot spring. A light mist coming off it’s surface carried with it the subtle aroma of lavender. I relaxed, as naked as the day I was born, and swam leisurely, dove and played like a child.

I eventually grew tired and pulled myself out of the natural bath with regret – a sentiment reminiscent of leaving the embrace of a lover too soon. I walked along the periphery, looking at the statues and letting my hand rest, caress, and glide over the smooth marble. They were men and women of such utter perfection, some almost too beautiful to behold. One, in particular, caught my eye and had me mesmerized, transfixed, and enthralled.

A kind face and an out of place feral smile stared with dead eyes, arms stretching out to me as if welcoming me back. Perfect shoulders, chest … and as I walked around … back, ass, and strong yet slender legs, made for a pleasing composition. Whoever had made these was a genius. The most surprising attribute was his penis. Ancient art usually portrays this particular body part at rest and flaccid. This one, however, seemed awake, ready and warm. I kneeled…curious to get a closer look.

It was perfect in every detail. The tiny veins, the skin and subtle change of hue in it’s coloring. I giggled at the thought of kissing it… and glancing over my shoulder to ensure I was still alone… did. Something in the air shifted. A warm breeze blew up and against my back, around my shoulders and chest, down to my navel and between my thighs. I was abruptly hot, and sexually awake and ready. Something had most definitely come over me.

Without thought, holding onto the outstretched arms, I lifted and impaled myself on the member wrapping my legs around the statue’s waste. The cold and very hard intruder stabbed me inside like an arrow, producing both pain and an unexplainable pleasure. I was so transported by the rush of overwhelming pleasure that I did not notice, or care, that the cold, stone arms now warmly held me tight.

Lips of flesh found mine, a breath of freedom whispered into my ear, the rhythm uniting me with this alien lover so intense it was no longer of my own making. I opened my eyes and dark, black pupils stared back, a sly smile curving the corner of a voluptuous mouth. Surprise quickly faded as an orgasm coursed like a raging river through my body.

Lowering to the ground I felt soft kisses caress my heaving chest, then a hand glided up my thigh and a finger caressed my clit gently. I gave into the pressure and the pleasure, forgetting the odd situation I was in and the non human partner I was with. I felt invaded by another set of hands and lips … and then another and another. But when I opened my eyes there was only the one devotee. The feelings that came over me were more than merely physical, chemical reactions.  It was as if light had fused with my blood and now coursed though my veins.

I felt my body being lifted as if hovering off of the ground, a member entered me once again, piercing like an shaft of bliss … almost painful it was such ecstasy. Something pressed against my lips … I opened my mouth and it was conquered … and then the last opening of my body was filled and the ecstasy was so intense I felt a silent scream rip through me.

Slow movements became harder, hands gliding over my skin on the edge between pain and pleasure. The triple thrusts became more urgent, hands holding head, hip and ass firmly. Faster and faster, and more exquisite, were the sensations until a force akin to a tropical hurricane ripped through and across my body… in places I didn’t know could feel such superb euphoria. I heard a moan like music on the wind ….

My body collapsed at the foot of the statue wrapped in a blanket of erotic rapture. I looked up at the fine figure of stone and my eyes saw that the member once proud and erect was now at rest.  And all I had … was the memory of the senses.

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Spartan Warrior

by E.H.Oh my Love, how far away you seem to me these days. The reality of our separation starting to sink into my heart, my soul , my body. How I ache for you day and night and worry if you are well. I wonder when you might return to my side… if you will return at all … and I dream of you … even when I am not asleep.

Just a moment ago I was getting undressed to take a shower; I folded my clothes and was turning on the tap, my toes feeling the warm rush over them as water gushed out of the faucet. I was tying up my long hair so it wouldn’t get wet when I felt your touch on my shoulder … I turned, my heart leaping for joy … but you were achingly absent. I smiled then, at my own folly, and my heart squeezed at the memory of our last kiss … that delicate, gentle sweep of soft lips that can only be yours.

I stepped through the shower door and heard it thud shut behind me with a grating screech. You had meant to fix that before you left. I allowed the humidity to envelope me like a blanket and let the water cleanse,
my face,
my chest,
my stomach.
My hands lathering up all of me,
my feet,
my ankles,
my thighs … my sex.
I closed my eyes and relaxed; leaning back allowing the water to rinse everything away. The dirt of the day, my sorrow … and found your firm, wet and ever so masculine body supporting me. This time I knew better then to open my eyes and have you vanish again.

I sighed, your hands wrapped around my waist, your fingers spread across my stomach and I could hear your breath in my ear, feel your lips on my neck. Such a familiar moment. So reassuring. You pulled me into you further, your hands continuing their exploration of my body, always feeling new although they have been there a thousand times. You started to gently massage my shoulders, my lower back … I relaxed into you, into your presence.

I felt your hunger then, pressing against the curve above my ass. A hot undeniable presence. Without opening my eyes, I turned and let my chest rest on yours as my hand slowly made it’s way to your penis now against my stomach between us. Your lips engulfed mine and your kiss was hot, violent and desperate, as if this was the one thing keeping you alive. The water rushed around us, and our hair became hot and wet like our bodies. You picked me up off the floor, without much effort, and with my back now against the shower wall you pressed your entire body against mine. Your desire now so intense it almost frightened me. Almost.

I whispered sweet and tender loving words and you released me, putting me down gently, like a precious flower you sheltered me with your body against the jets of water. I kneeled, letting my fingers trace the pattern of your muscles and let my hand surround your shaft. My eyes still closed for fear of breaking this spell that united us. I placed a single kiss on the hot tip of your member. It always stands so straight and at attention … almost in salute. I took it into my mouth, beautiful, warm, hard and yet silky soft and heard you gasp for air. I let my tongue dance around the sensitive edge and took it all in, deep into my throat. Your hands grasped my head and your hips jerked forward. My mouth keeping you safe inside.

I let it slip out as I felt your hands reach bellow my armpits to lift me off my knees. You wanted more of me and the need was urgent as if our time was counted …. always counted. I tried to slow you down, and you did for a moment – we traded places and your warm breath, the softness of your tongue and that perfect pressure drove me to my own hectic frenzy. Without warning as I barely stood swooning, you had me up against that shower wall again, and this time there was no stopping you. Your member caressed the opening now slick with my own juices, searching for the right angle for entry, and suddenly,
you were in me.

Strong thrusts, slow and powerful kept me pinned; your face against mine – our breath catching and our moans increasing, without a care in the world we abandoned ourselves to this escape from loneliness. The pleasure of being one – of being together. You came as I did, and wept into my hair with the release. Crying my name, whispering your joy at having me in your life and the regret … for the pain your absence causes me. I held you in my arms until the water started to turn cold … and then I made the mistake of wanting to see your handsome face and opened my eyes … and you were gone.

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Dinner for Two – Part II

F by E.H.She watched him clear the table of the many small dishes and walk towards the kitchen. Feeling left behind, she decided to follow instead of waiting for his return. She loved how he walked and moved, his gait reminding her of a black panther. Sleek, sensual, graceful and potentially deadly. He was so much man, with strong shoulders and a cut, hard body she couldn‘t resist. His eyes always brimming with love even under pressure and full lips begging for a kiss. How could she not have fallen for him? It was his mind, his laughter, shoe fetish that had played in her favor, and deep passionate soul that had intrigued her. A complicated man, but she loved him for it. What she loved most about him, however, was so grandiose she could barely stand to think about it too long oft she be swallowed by the enormity of the precious gift.

She had always found that the men in her life only liked one of her many personas; a handful at best. She could one moment be a child in need of a father to look after her, the next a strong, powerful, independent woman followed moments later by one who was gentle and caring only to change into the dominant woman that pins her man to the bed, biting and scratching her unsuspecting pray. It was never an act or roll playing; she really was all these women. He loved it. Genuinely loved “them” all and rolled with the waves, laughing with her all the way. He thrived on her unpredictability and she desperately needed him to be free … to be herself. He was her freedom. And the thought of loosing him could send her into a frenzied panic. To love this way was such a gift, but it also made her incredibly vulnerable. Yet with him … she had allowed it.

Once in the kitchen she looked around, noticing the extra ventilation and air-conditioning … and exclaimed in delight at the massive stainless steel prepping station. She let her hand glide against the cold, unforgiving metal. A tantalizing thought popping into her naughty little head.

She waited for him to turn around from the large walk-in fridge. Saw her lover standing there with a plate of dessert assortments in each hand, and slowly… achingly slow, pulled her dress over her head. His jaw dropped at the same time as her dress hit the ground. She smiled inside, feeling satisfaction at being able to still catch him off guard. She was now naked, except for an exquisite pair of high heeled sandals and her earrings. She could see his mind making the observation at the lack of undergarments translate into a wicked smile as he put down the plates. She felt daring and beautiful in his eyes. She never got tired of that feeling.

Gracefully pulling herself onto the table, kicking off the shoes as she did so, she lay down on the cold metal. The shock gave her shivers and her nipples suddenly pointed straight up, hard and at attention. She heard him take a deep, appreciative breath and walk over. He leaned over her and she felt her heart give way as she looked into his eyes. His hands glided up and down her thighs and backside, his head lowered and his lips hungrily came in, then hovered just above her own, as he took in the scent of her breath. She closed her eyes and allowed herself to get lost in his embrace.

Creating a sort of blind fold out of a kitchen towel, he draped it over her eyes and asked her to guess what miniature dessert was being trailed along her skin. If she guessed correctly he would feed it to her; sometimes with his fingers, sometimes holding it between his teeth, dropping it into her eager mouth. If she guessed incorrectly he would get the tasty morsel for himself. The melting chocolate, fruit, ice cream and other delicacies mingling with his hot breath and hand between her thighs was making her wet. She could feel her body react, sense her body lift and arch to meet him.

Still blind, she felt him take her hand and place it on his chest. She let it glide over smooth skin; he had taken off his shirt. Even with her eyes covered she could recall the ridges of muscle. She found his nipple and pinched it hard, hearing him let out a small moan. She loved the feel of him. She couldn’t believe how soft his skin was, how good he always smelled, and how much heat he always radiated. Oh she wanted him. She could feel her thighs part in welcome, and removed the towel wanting to see him. She held on to him, bringing him in close and pulling at the belt of his pants asking him to take her. Now … please.

He resisted wanting to delay a little longer his own pleasure and reached for a jar of honey. It was an old jar, and the lid stuck. She giggled nervously as she lay there – the cool air of the room a shocking contrast to her own heated excitement. With his strong hands he finally got it open after several achingly long minutes. The build up was … exquisite.

Holding the small, glass container high above, tilting it ever so slowly so that the thick, golden nectar lazily made it’s way to the rim …she saw him smile. She knew he would not fail to notice that her skin had gone from satin smooth to covered in small, delicate goose bumps … the anticipation of that first, sickly sweet drop hitting her flawless skin had her quacking, shivering, almost trembling in anticipation. The liquid languidly made it’s way … a single drop leading the charge like a scout on a mission to find new exotic lands. It landed … and spread … enveloping a nipple, coating it and claiming it in it’s sticky trap.

His tongue followed, sucking the honey off, pursuing the trail down to her navel, her abs, her cunt. He parted the swelling lips and brought the flat of his tongue upward in a wide sweep. This man was making her pussy cry tears of anticipation before he was even inside. He stabbed in far enough to find her clit with his tongue and rolled it from side to side with increasing speed. The faster he went the more animated she became; she could feel her ass was lifting off the stainless steel and her thighs were clamping closed around his head. He made a deep digging probe inside her flowing gash, to feel the gushing softness.

He came out and went back to her clit and again she reacted with full abandon. She knew he had total power over her right now, with the key to her happiness in his mouth, the most sensitive spot, but with him she was free, she was safe. Her firm ass was rubbing up hard against his chin, her hips were smashing hungrily at his sucking face as a passionate climax enveloped her. His whole head was buried between her humping legs as the payoff of sweet wetness flowed happily from her.

The two liquids had mingled in his mouth and when he kissed her on the lips – as she lay there, in the delight of the after glow – his kiss smelled of honey and sex. The whole situation made her light headed. Her crotch glistened with health as she sat up on the prepping station. She watched as his eyes traveled from her breasts to her pussy, to the sleek legs and back to the beige-pink nipples. Her excitement grew again when she saw him take off his belt, kick off his shoes and slide his hand inside his trunks and work them over his erection and down his legs.

As soon as she saw the tip of his member pop into sight, she couldn’t help but slid off the table to her knees and go to him like a praying sinner. Her mouth opened as she tilted her head up to engulf the dazzling beauty of his firm rod. She loved his penis. There was no shame in that. She made sure he could feel her tits caressing his thighs as she pumped her sucking mouth up and down. She sucked hard an pulled back with her teeth softly grating his member, then letting her tongue apply hard pressure to the soft tissue of the head, and back down. Repeating the motion over and over she knew she was driving him to the point of no return… stop. She was aching to feel him inside of her. She rose, brushing her nipples against his penis, his stomach, his chest on her way up; now it was he who was covered in goose bumps. Finally she wrapped her arms around his neck and thrust the flat of her stomach against his. Letting the heat of her pussy tantalizing his hard cock.

It was still up. Erect, stiff, ready. She wrapped a hand around the massive base and slowly urged him back to the stainless steel prepping station. She sat with her legs apart, the gleaming red lips of her inner self stretched up and out to give him a good look. Her legs parted even wider as he reached down a put a finger into her. The soaked lips slid easily apart to expose the boiling pinkness. He slipped a second finger into the hole and touched the super-soft lining of her smoothness. She sighed. He came back out and worked up to the lumped knob of her clitoris. As he pressed hard against it she shivered, the nipples of her breasts immediately starting to draw up to puckered cones. She loved how well he knew her body. Working her clit back and forth as his mouth came down once again to suck at each taut nipple, to draw it in deep and bounce it between his teeth.

Her hand was pumping with regulated speed along his manhood. But she could tell that he was as ready as she was for more. A growing need to unit had built between them and the time had come. He lifted her off the table and gently laid her down on top of her dress on the floor, and crawled into position between her legs. He eased himself inside the warm, firm grip of her pussy. She raised her hips to take more of him. At long last he was home. The movement was smooth, exact and precisely what they both wanted.

It started slow, very slow. He wanted to feel the tender kiss of her vagina along his rod. The movements began to speed up and before long, she felt herself erupt with another orgasm sending the whole length of her walls into clapping spasms along his spike. It was like a thousand tiny hands jacking him off, digging into the rim of the glands, embracing his cock like a welcomed hero. He was coming. His back was aching from strain when he finally felt it.

It started off as a thought in the back of his mind and just grew. His head was reeling, sweat dripped from his temples, spiraling down those curls, each breath was a lurching gasp as the though became a true physical feeling somewhere down by his knees. It spread upward to numb his thighs and make his balls feel ten times their normal size and he frothed over with one constant pumping action that didn’t end until he was empty.

He collapsed onto the wonderful cushion of her breasts, and the comfortable hug of her happy arms around his shoulders. The cream seeped from his now softening penis to glue them together … he smiled inwardly. Oh yes, the stories these old stones would tell.

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Dinner for Two – Part I

F by E.H.He was passionate about very few things – but those things that did spark a flame in his soul and awakened him, he embraced fully, totally and without reservation.

His first Love was history. He connected with the whispers that ruins still chanted after centuries of neglect had left there mark. If only they could talk, those old stones, what stories they would tell! Surely not the ones written by mere men.

His latest project had truly been a labor of love. He caressed the walls, no longer covered by sand and marveled. Despite the perils of the passage of time; each arch, stone wall and carving had managed to survive. Even defying an incalculable number of waves thumping incessantly against the sloped outer walls. This had been the cities old dungeons, where offenders were imprisoned, tortured, and if they were lucky, before long executed.

He had bought the place and somehow found a way to fund it’s restoration. He sat a moment at a table, looking at the resurrection before him. His place. His restaurant. Tomorrow “Sands of Time” opened to the public. But tonight …. Tonight …

His second Love was Food. Food for him was not merely sustenance but pure delight. Nothing in this world was as wonderful as the sensual feeling of a delicate flavor, crossing the tongue or the sweet scent of the perfect mix of spices, herbs and wine. Food was not just building blocks for the body, but an expression of the soul. He loved it all. Simple meals of quality ingredients, complicate masterpieces or best of all, surprising combinations he would never have thought up on his own. How he admired those in the kitchens and envied that gift in them. As far as he was concerned cooking was a form of magic.

His third Love was Her. His partner, his friend, his confidant and lover. The one without whom he couldn’t breath, without whom his dreams were mere shadows in his sleep. He had known companionship. He had thought he had known love. He had even considered himself a lucky man to have only known good and loving women. And then she had walked into his life and everything had changed. He had been asleep and merely drifting after all, not realizing that his life had been a lie and he a mere specter of all that he could be. She had awakened his passions, stirred his soul and breathed life into his day to day. She had shown tremendous patience and support during the restoration. Tonight, he wanted to thank her. In some small way, he needed desperately for her to feel and to know what she meant to him.

He knew that he was only truly alive because of her. That this project had come to be, thanks to her encouragement. He was no longer of the living dead. With her he ran free and alive. He was himself at long last and tonight his three Loves would merge. He was indeed a lucky man.

As that humbling thought passed through his mind, and he smiled with a sense of overwhelming gratitude, she walked into the room.

God she was beautiful.

Wearing a long and flowing dress in the caftan style, she practically glided in bringing with her the breath of fresh air she was. Her hair was relaxed in long and lazy waves that framed her face. Her large cat like eyes sparkling in delight at the beauty of the place around her. Pride and joy emanating from every pore. There was no other word for it … she was sensual.

She laughed and skipped and twirled for him, her long earrings, the only jewels she wore, sparkling in the light. He sucked his breath in between his teeth as his heart swelled with such emotion he was uncertain the shell of his body could contain it all. She was spectacular and he was her chosen one. He never could understand why she had selected him above all others, but didn’t dare to question too deeply in case she came to her senses and saw the average man he believed himself to be.

He held out his arms in welcome and she rushed to him planting her lips hard on his, her glow of happiness so intoxicating he felt drunk. She reached up, placing her forehead on his, and let her fingers get tangled in his hair. He had come to notice that little gesture so uniquely hers and had once asked about it. She had blushed prettily and told him that it was like a greeting and a security blanket all wrapped into one. His locks. She loved them and couldn’t resist letting them get stuck and twirled in her finger tips or brushing them off his forehead. The gesture at once childish and sensual. A conundrum … just like her.

He gave her the final tour of the restaurant. She exclaimed in delight at all the details. Even noticing that the one or two suggestions she had dared to voice had been taken into account and made manifest. She was like the fine glass of champagne he handed to her, bubbly, refined and precious. He put his arm around her shoulder wanting her close, and she leaned her head onto his chest as they walked to the table set for two.

Wanting her to taste every item on the menu and taking his queue from the Tapas concept, he had created a small feast of the senses; all of it cooked just right from the freshest ingredients he could get his hands on. She savored every morsel, regaled him with her questions, comments, delight, and obvious enjoyment; letting each bite linger like a lovers kiss before swallowing. As the evening progressed she had gone from simply touching his hand and caressing his leg to more daring and provocative gestures. He had felt her foot pressed into his crotch, her toes lingering, then leaving a trail of heat on his inner thigh in her retreat. Her hand landed on his arm, her fingers pressing, in a subconscious “come hither“ move … she was hungry for more than just food. She looked up, that mischievous twinkle in her eye, her mouth almost pouting and in a hushed voice asked what might be next.

It was time for dessert.

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Deep Blue “O”

By D. ThompsonYou had been diving all day, out on the clear turquoise ocean under an indigo sky. You randomly remembered your mother telling you once, that there was no such thing as perfection, but you had to admit to yourself that this was as close as you would likely ever come to it. A large honest smile spread across your face, reaching your eyes and from deep within your heart. You were bathed in a feeling of gratitude. You positively glowed.

You stood looking at the woman you love. She was happily putting away diving gear on the small yacht you both had rented. She had been afraid at first, reading on line about pirates and fearing for your mutual safety; but after ten glorious days, she had relaxed into it. The sun was still out, but not the intense heat wave from earlier in the day that had sent both of you to deep, cool, blue waters.

You had seen so many spectacular things that day; including the fulfillment of a dream of yours, to see and swim with a whale shark. It had been a humbling moment. The size, the majesty had left you feeling small and insignificant. You had wondered over the years, if you’d ever have the chance and, quite suddenly, there it had been; quite literally larger than life. And she had been there, as excited as you, the one person you had wanted to share that dream with. The moment had been made to order. You let out a sigh at the memory.

You went below deck and prepared a simple meal. Brought it and a bottle of her favorite bubbly back up and laid it out on the “Lido” deck for the two of you to enjoy in the late afternoon sun. You talked, recalling the beauty of what you had seen, sharing in the emotions. You watched her face light up, her hands move with their usual animation. Her head tilting to the side now and then as she listened to you share your own thoughts. You smiled inwardly at her little habit of tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear. You admired her athletic body that managed to remain sensual and feminine. She really was all woman. Your hand reached out to caress her arm and then wrapped her smaller hand in your own, almost possessive but not quite. It felt right. It always did. You looked down at her perfect long fingers, and couldn’t help bring one up to your lips and suck on it gently.

She sighed, and closed her eyes and relaxed and lay down on her back, taking off the bikini she still had on and enjoying the last rays of sun. You rubbed her feet almost absent mindedly. A nice golden shade had covered her from head to toe, not a tan line in sight to break up the golden expanse of smooth and flawless skin.

You walked away a moment to go below deck and get a cigar; the only thing missing. You grinned, ear to ear, as you walked back towards your love. She is who she is … in the few moments you had left her alone her hands, with their perfectly manicured fingers – even out here (how does she do that?), had made their way to her stomach, slowly gliding down and, with a little moan, slid between her lower lips. She slowly started to masturbate.

You reached for the bubbly, taking in the ‘cherry on top of the whip cream’ of this day. Boat, ocean, sun and most importantly …her. The juices were starting to flow now and you could hear the small tell tale sounds. You took your cigar and leaning into her, kissing her, one hand on her breast the other holding the cigar you slipped it in, soaking it with her scent and moist lubrication. Then, like a king on his floating castle you sat back, lighting the cigar at last and enjoyed the absolute perfection of the moment.

The word “beauty” like “love”, had always proven to be one of the more difficult concepts to define in your adult life. It seemed that the more senses that were satisfied, the more beautiful the subject was. You could look at a photograph of the Alps in winter and call that beautiful, but that was based on visual satisfaction alone. A movement of Beethoven’s Symphony Fantastique was also beautiful with its ability to prompt emotions based solely on the orchestration of sound. A scent could trigger intense memories or longings based purely on waves of tiny particles on the air caressing the inner recess of your nose.

Yet, to see the object of your desire, spread-eagled across the deck, quaking in waves of excitement as she rubbed her clit in upward and downward motions, went beyond the word beautiful to something outside the confines of the English language. She was a perpetual visual orgasm.

Below the now erect and quivering cleavage, every muscle seemed to be tightening and relaxing in concert with the clitoral manipulation. As the area between those beautiful round hips and rapidly moistening pussy went taught with each stroke, her whole body seemed to sharply jerk back and upwards, and even her breathing peaked. You could no longer take this as a spectator sport, you wanted in. Her long slender legs wrapped around you, inside thigh muscles tense, drawing open her cunt lips invitingly and expectantly. You moved her fingers from the clit to carefully start tracing a circle around the open lips.

She reached for your cock, pulling you towards her. You had to fight her off so that you could continue to caress her until juices made a trail on the deck. You cast your eyes on her naked body; feasting at the sight of her trembling in delight as wave upon wave of warmth radiated from her crotch … you could smell her. A delightful blend of her natural perfume and the smell of sex, ocean and your own cigar; you could feel the smooth skin under the palm of your hand, her breathing and occasional moan the sweet sound of appreciation and music to your ears. You leaned in, traced your tongue along her stomach, dipped it in and applied pressure to her navel; you could taste the slight saltiness of her, just like the water around you. You went down and let your lips wrap a moment around her clit – tasting her. This is beauty – the whole experience, every sense was under assault. And all of it yours…. for the taking, right now.

Your bodies reeled together in absolute animalistic and selfish yet mutual passion, her nails biting into your back as you thrust yourself into her tender and moist trap. You lost yourself, your inhibitions; you’re most profound and lifelong sexual fantasies in the throes of her beauty and stole a few passionate moments, so rare and yet so wonderful. You turned her over, but lay her flat, keeping her thighs tight together making the entry into her nearly impossible. But you did. Your love making turned sweet and loving. You whispered in her ear how much you love her, over and over. Your lips kissed the back of her neck, her shoulders, you rocked in her slowly and long. And you saw it, that flush of pink that starts from that exquisite curve in her back. It grew, moving up and you paced yourself. She was close so close. Her body, and the soul within, was your salvation and you knew it; honored it. She screamed in orgasm – loud and uninhibited – the sound traveling far over the open ocean and the now setting sun. This is it, and you came, joining her in her scream. This… this perfect moment… this is life. You collapse utterly at peace.

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