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A personal message from Fantasia Lillith  

Re: A Summer Break  


Dear readers,  

I know this may mean loosing you, although I hope that will not be the case. But I need a break from the blog. I have many things underway for you to look forward to, the book (for one) and a collection of hot hot stories from the Alliance Series as well as the Toy Chest Series – not to mention some little “gems” here and there.  

But there is only so much one person can do. At this time, my world requires me to shift focus for a time.  

All is well, in fact I have never been happier! But I just need to take a little summer vacation. I need to re-charge my creative energy, focus on the demanding task of the book … and if I lingered here as well, I fear the quality would suffer, and I would lose you for good.  

I say “See you soon!!” and hope that you will still be here when I return in a few weeks … tan lines and all!  

I do cherish each one of you.  Never doubt.  




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