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Prologue – Cottage Country

This story has been brought to you by ukroadrunner and myself.   The Prologue was his creation, and the two main characters are his (you will note – I never use names).  I then took it from there with Part I of Cottage Country. The real challenge occurred in Part II where the true collaboration occurred.

There were two rules of engagement:

1) Emotions drive the plot not the sex (i.e. it‘s erotica not porn).

2) Each section has to stand on it’s own (readers often follow their own sequence).

Now …enjoy! We did!


Sue sauntered up from Knightsbridge tube station into the daylight and away from the gloom and dank of the underground. Her cell-phone purred, now that it could pick up a signal, and she reached into her shoulder bag to lift it out as she hit pavement level. The noise of the congestion caught her by surprise – double decker buses and London taxis crawled in a sea of red and black in the early evening rush hour as the traffic made its way around Hyde Park Corner. She paused to flip open her phone, read the message with her back to the noise and then slammed the lid down – clearly disappointed.

She turned on her heels to walk towards the gates and into the park, shaking her head and wondering what was so important that her best-friend could not get away from her hedge fund employer to meet her for tea and then maybe something to eat later. They hadn’t seen each other in over 18 months and it was always good to meet up. She had been looking forward to seeing the latest photos of her friends regular stream of babies and to share a laugh with her over stories of the men she, herself, had dated since they had last conversed face to face.

The gates to the park were set in an impressive Portland stone archway that was imposing and spoke of the affluence of London life going back two centuries. She walked through, over the pedestrian crossing and down the hill along the path towards the floral gardens. The lane was used by cyclists on their way home, joggers, skaters and tourists taking in the sights. A couple of horses were being exercised on the trotting corridor by guardsmen who use the park as their training ground. The scene was typical and yet quite extraordinary.

It had been a predictable London summer day – warm, with almost oppressive humidity, and white clouds bubbling and building up as the afternoon went on, already obscuring the sunshine. The threat of thunder hung heavily as the cloud cover began to turn grey. She felt the humidity crawl at her skin as a thin veil of perspiration broke out over her body and small beads began to form on the soft fine hair above her upper lip. She tugged at the her top to allow a warm gush of air to pass up her back.

Walking slowly along the path she watched the others – all sizes and shapes, some clad in tight lycra, others in summer dresses and even the trademark London chalk striped wool suit. She enjoyed people watching and wondered whether they saw her and what they noticed in her. She thought she was, by any standards, unremarkable. Under-average height, flat chested and wearing her mousy colored hair in a pony-tail. Her face was freckled from too much time in the sun. Her body, although saved from the torture of child-bearing, could be improved by some discipline in the gym – which she paid handsomely for but rarely benefited from.

Above a fashionable, slightly frayed denim skirt, she wore an olive top with thin straps, a little adventurous to the front and a racing back. At the end of her slim, bare legs, a pair of Paul Smith thong sandals encased her freshly pedicured feet. The sandals were her frivolous, spur of the moment purchase, earlier that day and she felt very proud of them. A pair of high-street store sun-glasses sat perched on her head.
She let out a big sigh as she walked into the formal, floral garden. The colors, even now in the evening light were bright and lively, with shades of red, orange, blue and violet in every texture and size imaginable. Foxglove, campanula, delphinium and monkshood – the lawns manicured, straight and mature – it was breathtaking. Her bag brushed a lavender plant and its sweet scent followed her for a moment. Enjoying the peace and quiet, she decided to stop for some tea at the cafe that overlooked the Serpentine before heading for a restaurant near her hotel.

The cafe was winding down and staff were wiping tables and clearing up but were happy to serve her. She took her tray to an outdoor table. The sun had re-appeared beneath the cloud level and cast its fading light over the lake. Ducks and swans dawdled and nearby a toddler stood near the edge throwing bits of scone into the water – the father sat edgily on his bench not wanting to over protect the child but still concerned if the furrows on his wide forehead was anything to go by. The little girl in a pretty denim pinafore dress and white sandals was quite blond and wore her hair in platted pig tails with matching ribbons.

She smiled at the scene and nodded to the man silently acknowledging the risks and her participation in any rescue if it were needed. The man raised an eyebrow back and nodded too – a broad grin on his face. He was, she thought as she sipped her tea, quite attractive. His eyes warm and kind. She carried on, savoring her drink, as the child now bored of the ducks turned its attention on her. She put down her cup and lent forward in her seat – making an over the top smile and holding out her hand to the crushed scone being offered to her.

“Why thank you so much.” she said, “Yum, yum.” and turned to the man who was now off his seat and walking towards them.

“Oh I am sorry!” he exclaimed as he got nearer, “Gemma is such a friendly person and likes everyone to be part of the fun.” He stooped down and swept Gemma up in his arms, placing her on his hip quite expertly.

“Me feed ducks.” chirped Gemma

They laughed and Sue made some comment about how no apology was needed. The man went on to say how beautiful the light was this time of the evening. She nodded in agreement, holding out her hand to Gemma’s outstretched tiny fingers. The scone seemed to have disappeared but then she saw it smeared on the gentleman’s shoulder. She couldn’t help but grin,

“Hmmm – you are gorgeous but I bet you are also a little pickle!”
“Well thank you – but I am more used to just being called handsome.” he replied laughing.
“Handsome possibly …but not with extra scone – it doesn’t do it for me!” she flirted and pointed to where the damage had been done.

He looked where she was pointing, his hand quickly flicking off the crumbs onto the floor. She noticed his hands, like his face, were tanned and that his fingernails were well looked after.

“Ah, any better?” he responded, a cheeky grin and a twinkle in his hazel eyes.
“Could be!” she said, her own grin spreading across her face, “But I was really referring to this gorgeous young lady.”

“Yes well, she seems to attract attention wherever she goes does this one.” And with that he tickled Gemma who shrieked and demanded more.

They all laughed and then there was a pause.
“I am David.” he said suddenly.
“Oh … hi David … my name is Sue, Sue Davis.” and without thinking she stuck out her hand for a hand shake.

Slightly bemused he politely took her hand in his for a moment, “Nice to meet you Sue.” he said. Gemma moved to push herself off David’s hip and he swung her round first, to more laughter, before setting her down,

“Stay away from the water now Gemma, there is a good girl.”

Gemma wobbled off towards a flower bush and they watched her silently for a moment.

“You visiting London?” he asked quietly.

“Just a day or two, not sure now – my plans kind of fell through this afternoon so not really quite sure what I might do.” she said looking at him. He was tall, solid, probably played rugby or something and seemed to keep himself in shape. His fair hair was thinning and was kept short and neat. He was dressed in a grey suit, a plain light blue shirt, a couple of buttons undone at the top with a few wispy chest hairs poking through, and black, expensive looking shoes. She noticed a tie, stuffed carelessly in his trouser pocket, was hanging out an inch or two. His features were quite attractive. She had never really had the benefit of attention from men like him before – men like him normally went for the tall, big breasted, blonde girls who oozed confidence and wit that she didn’t recognize as her qualities.

“Well maybe now you have a new friend.” David said nodding at Gemma, “You might want to hang about a bit longer. You’ve made an impression there.”

“That is very sweet of you. Maybe I will! Nice to meet new people. I don’t often have the courage to do that, but children can be so easy to talk to – – – Have all this time and don’t know really what to do with it. Haven’t made plans… well I did but they are falling through one at a time and leaving me really uncertain with what to do next. I don’t like that makes me edgy …. really.” She was conscious she was now babbling to cover her nervousness at talking to an attractive man and she stopped abruptly.
“So you are a teacher then?”
“Yes – 10 years. On summer holiday now.”
“Ah – school teachers and summer holidays. Probably shouldn’t go there should I?” he winked.
She giggled, “Probably not if you want to stay friends!”
“My wife was a school teacher – primary, the really young ones – and I soon stopped those types of gags.”

“Me too! – love them at that age – so much to learn and so little time before they mature into little thugs many of them. What does she do now, you said she “was” a school teacher?”
“Actually, Kirsten died having Gemma.” he said quietly, “But you were not to know that. It’s been tough but we are making progress Gemma and I.”
“Oh I am so sorry for you.” She said feeling quite unsettled at having put her foot in it.
“Really … please, you don’t have to be, you weren’t to know. I like talking about Kirsten, often I bore people stupid, but you are the first woman I have talked to on my own since I lost her. And actually it’s quite nice.”

“Oh.” was about as much as she could say, “I mean I think that’s a compliment – isn’t it?”

“I should think so! And thank you for making this so easy. Gemma … come away please.” Gemma was edging towards the lake side again.

The tea in Sue’s cup was cold but she didn’t care. “What you doing now, this evening?” she asked.
“Emm, we just got here – a minute ahead of you. Normally we walk round the lake, over the bridge and then down into Knightsbridge for something to eat. I have a favorite restaurant that is child friendly and the waitresses adore her.”
“Would you mind if I walked with you – I mean just to the bridge? It is nice to have company if I am honest.”

“…. why not – Gemma would be glad of the company and actually so would I.” She stood up and found that she barely reached his shoulders he was so tall. She smiled at him and turned to look at Gemma who was walking back towards them.

“Come on then Pickle, shall we go find some more ducks and maybe a squirrel?” she said and squatted down beside the toddler to take the squashed flower offered to her. They wandered round the front of the cafe, and turned left to walk along the lake shore. It was quieter here than on the path, and they spread out across the path. Him walking slowly with the pushchair and she beside him. Gemma walked slightly in front stopping now and again to point or pick something off the floor. He began to talk about himself to her delight and she learnt he worked in finance, lived in Kensington and was indeed a rugby player. They laughed at a couple of silly stories about his team mates.

Far too quickly they arrived at the bridge which crossed the Serpentine and allowed the traffic to cross through the park. She needed to turn right up towards Lancaster Gate. They stopped at the corner. Gemma climbed up into her pushchair.

“I’ve really enjoyed meeting you Sue.” he said.
“Me likewise.” she replied.
“I’d like to see you again – we’d like to see you again.” he corrected himself, “Wouldn’t we, Gemma?”

The little girl was leaning back, sucking her thumb, the fingers of her other hand playing with a bit of hair that had fallen out of her pig-tails. She nodded.
“Well so would I if you would.”
“Emm – if I give you my mobile number – maybe you could call me later or text me and we could fix something, maybe tomorrow?”
“Sounds good.”
He wrote his phone number on the back of a till receipt from his supermarket that was in his wallet. She tore a bit off and wrote her number on it and handed it to him. “Just in case I lose yours or something!” There was a pause and then he leaned a bit awkwardly and went to kiss her on the cheek. She smiled, laid a hand gently on his shoulder and returned the kiss. “Thank you both for such a lovely time – see you soon Gemma – and you David?”
“Bye for now – thanks.” he said.
She turned and began to walk away and looking her shoulder, she noticed that David had turned the push chair so that Gemma could wave. Sue waved back and then set off up the hill.

A moment or two later her mobile purred. She opened the lid and smiled as she read the message Thanks. Hear from you soon. David x
“What a lovely man.” she thought, “First one in ages that didn’t want to get into my knickers before even knowing my name. Shame he didn’t know I was going commando today.”

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