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The Secret Garden

Inspired by and written in collaboration with Silia

In the late afternoon she had finally made it to his village, after what had seemed like an endless maze of transportation networks. In the heat of the midday sun, travel bag over one shoulder and a phrasebook in her hand, she trudged through the streets trying to avoid the stares from the tight knit local community. She had dressed in a ridiculously conservative way – a white cotton cardigan over a long, blue dress – so as not to draw attention to herself. It had in fact created the opposite effect…or perhaps it was simply the glow of her ivory white skin, and flushed cheeks in the Mediterranean sun.

She was so relieved when she finally found the house – the one she had only seen in pictures, but had branded to memory. Checking the surrounding landscape, somehow familiar yet not, everything appeared to be exact. This was indeed the place. At long last, she had arrived to the one tiny plot of earth on this intricate planet that she had been looking for with longing in her heart.

He had said he was coming alone for the weekend to relax and recharge his batteries. She sincerely hoped that the plan hadn’t changed since there was no way to connect to her email for his regular updates. In fact, her last contact with him had been from an Internet Cafe at the airport the previous day. She smiled nervously. He had no idea she was in the country let alone in this remote village. She had planned the trip so painstakingly covering all her bases…including communication. They always maintained contact and she had struggled to find a story for her silence today. Staying close to the truth had proven effective. She would be away from her computer…going to a small village. This was no word of a lie. The lack of communication, however, was making her slightly uneasy. She couldn’t be absolutely certain he’d be there but she had a far better chance of catching him alone here than in his city home.

She took a deep breath and hesitantly opened the black wrought iron gate.

The beautiful villa rose before her, the heart in her chest fluttering with pride as she thought on the fact that he had designed this home. It showed. It was all him…the place where he loved to be. She admired the details, the choice of color for the exterior finish, the strong lines used, the no nonsense approach to elegance. She took it all in before moving toward the front door. What would she do if it were locked? Chances were pretty good that it would be. She trembled a little, the enormity of what she was doing starting to percolate. Sit in the garden? She laughed as a vision of herself gardening flashed in her mind, roses tucked in her hair, dirt on her hands and knees, her dress folded into her waist. Gardening, here … imagine that!

She closed her eyes a moment. Yes, it was roses she smelled. She could feel the scent of them lingering in her nose like a lovers caress. How many times she had talked to him about turning the dry barren land into an exotic secret garden? One where they would lie under an olive tree on hot summer afternoons and whisper there longings to each other as their hands would mindlessly meander the many hills and valleys of their bodies. In each others arms they would plan their future to the lullaby of evening breezes and song birds.

A shrill cry suddenly filled the air and brought her out of her reverie with a smile on her lips. Aside from her loud feathered friend, it was quiet, the shutters closed tightly. With an exhilarating thump in her chest, she reached for the door handle fingers hesitant as she suddenly panicked at the possibility that he might be inside with company. She dropped her hand grabbing her dress, unconsciously crumpling the fabric in a ball. What if he was there? It would ruin her surprise. A glance at her watch reassured her. He had specifically said he wouldn’t arrive until evening. Again she took hold of the handle and this time she turned it. To her surprise, and immense relief, it opened.

Inside the villa was dark and cool. A beautiful and welcome reprieve from the humid day. Her nerves were so on edge she could barely breathe as it took a moment for her eyes to adjust to the darkness. She stood quietly inside the door, ears straining for any sounds within. Silence reigned supreme. She was alone. No jingle, thud or swish was coming from any part of the house but she felt compelled to check everywhere just in case. She didn’t know what she’d do if she came face to face with anyone but him. She simply hoped she wouldn’t have to find out.

Removing her shoes she began walking softly through the house. Her sore, tired feet tingled from the coolness of the marble floors. She checked inside the rooms on the first floor and climbed the stairs to the second story. A quick glance in each bedroom and bathroom confirmed that no one was there but after a second sweep she noticed something that made her freeze in her tracks in the master bedroom. His bags – or, at least, they looked to be his. He had been there already and had gone out again, perhaps for a walk! Now what?

Quickly, she returned downstairs for her shoes and bag and took them to one of the upstairs bedrooms. She hid the evidence of her presence under the bed before heading back downstairs, stopping in a bathroom to refresh herself. She removed her dress and bra. In the mirror she could see that her body was shiny with perspiration and her hair wild with curls. Her cheeks were still flushed with heat and excitement. The neatly trimmed dark pubic hair was easily visible under the inadequate cover of her panties. The matted, barely there, wisps curling sensually up against the see-through cotton, until it too was slipped off.

Carefully and quietly, she began washing herself, her face, shoulders, arms, breasts, underarms and across her belly. The coolness of the water made her gasp and her pink nipples became erect. She rubbed them absentmindedly at first until she felt the pleasure in it. She glanced again at her reflection in the mirror. Her breasts looked rounded and full and she pulled hard on one nipple, almost cruelly, before attacking the other. They stood even taller than she had ever known they could. Closing her eyes a moment, she fantasized as she had a thousand times. She ached for the feel of him nuzzling her, his hands holding, squeezing while his lips took each breast in his mouth. She imagined his tongue would dance on each tip until her breath left her body and her knees would go weak. Pulling herself back to reality once again, she marveled at how the sensation in her nipples seemed to have a direct connection to the crimson jewel between her legs. It was like flipping a switch.

She hadn’t begun to wash below her stomach but a distinct and familiar wetness had already saturated the area. She reached down with her fingers and parted the lips tenderly. They were, indeed, slippery and moist. With some water and sweet smelling soap, she carefully caressed her clit – hovering there for a moment out of sheer pleasure and then moving slowly back with her fingers. She was swollen now. As she touched the sensitive area just around the opening she imagined his penis, hard and full, pressing there and wanting in. She slid her small delicate finger inside. Her head was thrown back as a moan escaped her lips and her breath caught with the intensity of the pleasure this stimulation and dream provided.

Only he could make her feel this way; have her succumb to the sensations by the mere thought of him touching her. He would be passionate, intense and overflowing with desire and that certainty only served to push her that much further into ecstasy. The sweet release, however, would have to wait for him. That is why she had come all this way. Pulling her finger out, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath to composed herself. She needed to focus on preparing for his imminent return.

Clean and fragrant, she ran down the hall giddy in her nudity. She hid her panties and bras with her other belongings under the bed and slipped into her dress as she glided quietly back downstairs and found a dark corner in which to wait. There must have been thousands of butterflies in her stomach and her heart pounded so hard against her chest she thought it might break through. Time seemed to pass with cruel longevity and although she had only been standing there a few minutes, the wait was starting to seem like an eternity. For him, though, she would wait forever and so she crouched to make herself more comfortable and began to daydream of how it would be when he walked through that door. It was a dream that she’d had for more than a month…ever since buying her ticket to the other side of the world. Being here now seemed surreal and the thought of her body wrapped in his arms, and the realization that it would soon become a reality, was beyond imagining. But it didn’t stop her from trying.

The door clicked and he entered the house quickly. She covered her mouth to muffle the escaping gasp that she had no ability to prevent. She couldn’t see him clearly yet. The brightness of the sun, when he opened the door, had temporarily blinded her. In the dimness now, she could see only the general outline of his body. He looked taller and more broad of shoulder than she had imagined. As her eyes adjusted, again, to the shadows, she watched in pleased amazement as he took off his shirt. Suddenly his scent filled the air – sweat mixed with cologne – intoxicating and sweet; to her an aphrodisiac. He was so unbelievably handsome. His short cropped, graying hair showed off the attractive shape of his head. The skin on his smooth shoulders and nicely defined arms and chest looked wonderfully tasty. His shorts hung comfortably on his hips showing off his navel – that alluring place where she started with her tongue on many a daydream.

Evidently he hadn’t seen her and was oblivious to her presence. She was hesitant to approach him. She wished to watch him, to observe his movements, but she knew she had little time before she was discovered. She wanted to surprise him…it was after all the entire objective of all her planning. Of course, he would be surprised regardless…but she had something very specific in mind – something she had fantasized about. As he turned his back to her, his beautiful back, she saw her opportunity and took it. Quietly she left her hiding place and tiptoed across the floor toward him. Several feet away from him, her heart beating wildly, she spoke his name softly.

She could see his body tense as he was obviously trying to comprehend what he had just heard. She moved closer and placed her hands tenderly on his arms. “… my love, I’m here with you.” He trembled but remained still as if he were afraid to look back should what he have heard and felt be a trick of his imagination. She wanted so much to look into his face, to see his eyes. She caressed his arms relishing the strength and the warmth of his skin. To feel him in the flesh was beyond delight…it was rapture. “Silia?” he breathed finally; her name like a prayer on his lips. He turned slowly to look at her, his eyes wide and full of wonder and love. “How?” was all he could muster. She placed her hands on his lovely face and smiled up at him adoringly. “Does it matter?”

Without warning his arms engulfed her and his lips absorbed hers. The softness and agility of his embrace and the intensity of his kiss nearly made her lose her mind immediately. She had been prepared for passion but nothing like this. Her knees gave way but he held her into him as they continued to breath as one. In the next gasp she felt her consciousness shift. The desire rose in her like an erupting volcano and she returned his passion. She wanted with all of her being to be a part of him, to devour him. Their tongues rushed inside each others mouths, soft and moist and eager to taste whatever they could. The rest of their bodies, as if entities unto themselves, were already discovering each other; colliding and undulating with the intense pleasure of being together at long last. As he buried his face in her neck and cravingly uttered her name over and over, she found she did not want to wait another second, she wanted him inside her… now.

She didn’t need to tell him. His hands had already discovered her nakedness beneath her dress and the wetness between her legs. The sparse hairs of her cunt were moist and tickled his fingers in welcome. He explored her folds without hesitation. Buried three digits inside of her awakening the beginnings of an orgasm. She couldn’t believe how quickly she had reached this frenzied state. She reached down and pulled his fingers out. “Why?” he asked. Her eyes implored “Not yet.”

He removed her dress exposing her flesh to his sight. She could see tears forming in his eyes with overwhelming joy and desire as he freed himself of his shorts. She gasped silently. The flared tip was as wide as the head of a poised cobra and sat over a long shaft which didn‘t seem to end. She marveled at his member, red with large veins circling and running directly up to the glands, which amazed. He was magnificent in his virility. His hands brought her down to the cold marble floor. They were both completely nude, and as his mouth covered hers again, she felt the greatest anticipation she had ever known. She couldn’t wait to feel her cunt straining around his cock, to have it probing into her deepest inner self. Her arms went eagerly around his neck and she started to jut her hips to his.

He pulled her close until her nipples touched against his chest, then made his way slowly lower … lower … lower ….that is when he lost control. He pushed back in aggressively with his long fingers making a come hither motion as his tongue flicked boldly at her clit. He hit the top of her G-spot surprising her with the accuracy and speed of the discovery and she lost all control. The orgasm that ripped through her was like a tidal wave. As she arched her back, her moans rose to the ceiling and filled the room like a symphony. She had come before but not like this. Never like this.

He had positioned his body between her legs. Feeling him there, his weight pushing against her inner thighs, the tip of his penis against her opening caused her to thrust her hips toward him…her body begging for more, longing to feel his desire deep within her. But she also had a great need to taste him, to let her tongue roll over him, to see his face lit with pure ecstasy while he was in her mouth. “I want to taste you first.” she gasped and tried to move. But he was too far gone. She moaned and succumbed as he kissed her mouth to silence and grabbed down to hold each of her thighs with his hands. He lifted them up high and bent them back toward her shoulders. She was open to him now, fully, the crying lips vulnerable before the flared head of his poised member. As he parted lips from hers, she managed to mouth the word “please”.

The pulpy head pressed solidly into the wet lips and they parted into a wide, tight clamp of moist flesh around him. The fantastic squeeze of her embraced every inch as he steadily pushed deeper and deeper spreading her apart. She couldn’t believe how huge he was and when he reached the deepest recesses the sensation was a cross between pain and the most intense pleasure she had ever known. The grate of his flared head inflamed the tissues inside her as he pulled in and out. When he left her cunt she felt terribly empty.

His cock was melting with fire. He could feel the surge rising. “Fuck me!” she gasped. “I will show no mercy. I can’t….I may not last.” he warned. “Yes!” was all she could muster as he plunged back in. She screamed but thrust herself upward to meet him full on. He rested on her legs to penetrate as deeply as he could. She was now at his mercy and it excited her beyond belief. With another thrust she was coming in full force, over and over. She couldn’t even tell him, her body was controlling her mind, but he must have felt the quakes of her walls against him. He ground with animal abandon between her legs as gush after gush of is cream radiated inside her, she watched his face, his eyes, felt his body completely engulfed in ecstasy as he moaned “I’m coming!” . There was nothing more satisfying. Absolutely nothing.

They lay like two hot coals on the cool marble, entwined in each other – just as she had seen it in her dreams. Complete happiness, love, and gratification radiated outward as a huge smile spread upon her face. Now the entire weekend stretched out before her like an inviting path to a secret garden. It was perfect. As his member stirred once again he looked to her, desire writ on his features; she wrapped her arms around him possessively and whispered into his ear “Oh yes, now, and again, and again my love.”

© Fantasia Lillith and Pillow Talk, 2009. Unauthorized use and/or
duplication of this material without express and written permission
from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts
and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to
Fantasia Lillith and Pillow Talk with appropriate and specific
direction to the original content.


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  1. Thank you, Fantasia!! 🙂 Working with you has been most wonderful!

    Comment by Silia | June 16, 2009 | Reply

    • Indeed it has been a wonderful treat. Your gentle touch and romantic soul are like a rare and delectable chocolate that melts slowly and sensually on the tongue…. leaving you satisfied yet wanting more.

      Comment by Fantasia | June 16, 2009 | Reply

      • Yes, i definitely want more!

        Comment by shangol | June 16, 2009

  2. As usual I’m at a loss for words so I’m just gonna do what i do and try to emulate your words into my poetry. I’m sorry I am so bad at comments.

    Painting the rose red

    What is a bloom yet plucked –
    But a blossom in waiting, petals pursed pink
    swollen with anticipation, undulating with expectation.
    Unfurling delicately ‘neath my lips gentle brush.
    It’s modesty thus flushed by the adoration of wakening.
    that petals plume with their sensual perfume
    as I am embraced by hues of
    – Intimacy.

    © Charles Coakley Simpson 2009

    Comment by Charles | June 16, 2009 | Reply

    • I disagree …. your way is a lovely way to comment! what a compliment to inspire creativity. I like it. It’s like a poetic Coles Notes of the story. Thank you my friend.

      Comment by Fantasia | June 16, 2009 | Reply

  3. A wonderful story that touches the heart as well as stirring other parts!

    Will there be a sequel? Dinner in a local restaurant, a picnic in a summer meadow, an evening in a quiet corner of the rose garden?

    Please also check out my romantica/erotica stories. The link to my latest ‘we met in cab queue’ tale is below.


    RR x

    Comment by ukroadrunner | June 17, 2009 | Reply

    • Silia what say you?? sequel??

      Read your story RR – enjoyed it very much! I like these characters. What will they get up to next? Perhaps they will go on a trip and bump into …. a set of my characters?

      Comment by Fantasia | June 17, 2009 | Reply

      • Absolutely! I have no end of inspiration and an extremely gifted writer to work with. I’m ready when you are! 😀

        Comment by Silia | June 17, 2009

  4. Well you two make for an awesome duo and the effect of your creative collaboration left me speechless.

    Happy, sad, horny, fulfilled, whole, fragmented, needing, wanting, longing, loving, adoring, worshiping my Silia!

    Thank you both for bringing a ray of sunshine into my indifferent world.

    Comment by Thorn | June 17, 2009 | Reply

    • This story could not have happened without you. You are and always will be my inspiration. xo

      It was thrilling to work with Fantasia and we couldn’t wait for you to see our final product! 🙂

      Comment by Silia | June 17, 2009 | Reply

      • Oh Silia, the pleasure was all mine. I hope we do this again ….and again my friend.

        Comment by Fantasia | June 18, 2009

  5. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog and I dearly love yours! All the best…Julia Barrett

    Comment by juliabarrett | June 17, 2009 | Reply

    • Oh a new “face”!!! welcome by anytime! I am glad you found pleasure here.

      Comment by Fantasia | June 17, 2009 | Reply

  6. You were nice enough to leave a comment on my website. Thought I’d stop by, Fantasia. You have an amazing place here. Beautiful stuff.

    Comment by regina carlysle | June 17, 2009 | Reply

    • I had to say something I loved this text you wrote: An erotic journey begins by taking things to the very edge. The edge of passion, of fulfillment, of love. But once that edge is reached it’s time to leap and in matters of the heart, it’s almost always a leap of faith. I am an author of erotic romance who believes those who choose to race to the edge and take that monumental leap possess the most courageous of hearts.

      I agree. Welcome Regina, anytime.

      Comment by Fantasia | June 18, 2009 | Reply

  7. Very Yummy! So glad I found you. I would love to add you to my blogroll. Care to exchange links?

    The Cougar

    Comment by thecougar | June 18, 2009 | Reply

    • Love the name!!
      I am pleased you found something you liked enough to add to your blogroll, I am very flattered and by all means add away!
      I’d love to see your site. Share the link.

      Comment by Fantasia | June 18, 2009 | Reply

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  9. […] I know her a tad too – we did collaborate on a story together after all.  She’s more refrained and demure than most of you that visit me here. The fact that her and […]

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