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Dear readers I have a challenge for you! Why? Because so many of you have a gift with words, and an appreciation for erotica. I also wanted to somehow engage those of you that have followed me so faithfully over the last few months; create a little fun, and make this a less passive activity for once!

In 2-3 paragraphs finish the story below!

(Please note: do not involve bestiality, rape, under age participants and so on … you get the drift!)



Challenge Ends May 16th, 2009



“…and yes, asparagus does alter the smell of urine.” I burst out laughing as I read the text message on my Blackberry. OMG … WTF?? He loved to do that, answer in a seemingly random way a question I had asked days earlier. It was his way of keeping things fresh and my days full of surprises. Or it was his way of making me remember certain moments? If that was the case it was working. I was suddenly filled with warmth at the memory of the simple task of making dinner with him three nights ago.

I have always enjoyed the day to day with my love. He has a zest for life, an appreciation for the small things and a playful spirit that makes all our common activities seem more like play than routine. It’s a gift. One I have come to love and depend upon. That night we had baked a salmon with lemon juice, cranberries and ripe tomatoes, and with our “no carbohydrates with or after dinner rule” the accompanying dish was asparagus.

I love asparagus. Everything about it really. The skinny ones you can eat raw, the thick ones you prepare and just sprinkle with a tiny bit of olive oil and sea salt. And the white ones, best when fresh and combined with a béarnaise sauce, are a particular favorite. The phallic shape certainly is sensual to say the least. In a vegetable porn star contest, I imagine asparagus would be my first nomination for the title.

Munching away on the skinny asparagus, I had been humming some mindless tune. I was enjoying the happy companionship of the moment. Abruptly, and startling me out of my reverie, objects and kitchen waste got tossed into the sink, and my lover grabbed me, nuzzled his nose into my neck and whispered,

“You are so damned sexy!”

I grinned, pushing my ass into his crotch.

“Yes, well it is one reason you love me …no?”

He smiled that big, happy smile and turned me around. I commandeered an asparagus, and let the head glide along those lips of his. He sucked on it, gently, before I let the legume slide between us, following the trail down his chest, the curve of his muscles under the t-shirt he wore. I kneeled, and pulled his pants off, carefully working it around his now erect penis. I kissed the hot head of his shaft, licked it, and let the cool, green, fleshy tip of the asparagus glide along the length of his member. I heard him moan as he looked down at me. I made eye contact, stopped and … looking him straight in the eyes…chomped the green tip right off.

I saw him wince.

“You’re such a damn tease …” he purred breathlessly.

© Fantasia Lillith and Pillow Talk, 2009. Unauthorized use and/or
duplication of this material without express and written permission
from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts
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Fantasia Lillith and Pillow Talk with appropriate and specific
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  1. I raised an eyebrow. There he was before me. Slightly nervous yet completely trusting. His vulnerability was oddly seductive. The soft green flesh of the asparagus head surrendered easily to the abundance of saliva in my mouth and slid without hesitation down my throat. A hunger enveloped me and the sight of his formidable erection drove me to distraction. Absentmindedly I tossed the shaft of the asparagus over my shoulder and took hold of the sizable one before me. He watched warily as I placed my lips decisively upon his penis and began to devour him. I could hear him drawing in air as the sensation of my velvety tongue enveloped the tip. The warm salival juices which surrounded him created a wonderfully moist and supple environment. As I felt him pulsate with increased blood flow, with desire, with lust in my mouth, an urge so basic, so primal, arose within both of us. I looked into his eyes now and could see that his demeanor had shifted from wariness to craving. We both wanted the same thing; he to release and I to taste his release.

    Our hands reached to hold on to what we could. I grabbed his supple behind and pushed him in to me as far as I could take him within my throat. He took hold of my head losing all semblance of civility while succumbing to the effects of the sensations. I dug my nails into his ass and consumed him, drawing upon all of his pleasure, closing in upon his rapture and making it my own. I was so intent upon my need to drink him that I barely noticed his moan. It started from low within him and, as the volcanic-like flow erupted filling my mouth and throat, reached a fevered pitch. I didn’t waste a single drop of his nectar, taking it in like parched soil takes in rain. As he quivered the last drop into me, he gently stroked my hair and I reluctantly let go. We collapsed upon the floor and I spotted the limp and headless asparagus lying on the floor beside us. I looked naughtily into his dazed and satisfied face, smiled and picked it up. I crunched it one bite at a time, ingested it hungrily, and then looked for more.

    Comment by Silia | May 4, 2009 | Reply

  2. When a woman in love blows her man she literally blows his brains out of pure ecstasy. The millions of sperms, recruited from every corner of my body over the last three days and nights have amassed into a formidable army. Her tongue, lower teeth and lip crafted a carat of pleasure underneath the tip of my penis. I shivered, trembled then shuddered erupting my molten lava deep in her throat. We collapsed upon the floor and she spotted the asparagus which she started crunching one bite at a time, ruthless hunger written on her face, animal lust emanating from her dazed eyes. She traced her leg upward with two of her fingers and exposed white thighs of incredible splendor. With her back to the wooden cabinet she slipped her hand under her skimpy panties and gazed at my limp and useless member. I stood up slowly and headed for the table bringing back the small bowl of Béarnaise Sauce. I kneeled before her and peeled her dress off. I wrapped my arms around her back and deftly released her bra then without pause slipped her panties down and took sight of her nakedness. Murmurs of encouragement were faintly heard deep in the recesses of my balls. Serfs were at work already furbishing a fresh legion of brilliant knights for a second and more demanding wave of attack. I held her ankles and pulled her forward toward me. She was lying on the floor, her eyes showing clear signs of total surrender, her legs slightly apart. Her pussy was glistening with moisture, the dark patch of hair ruffled and perky. I ignored all signs of her hunger and poured a little sauce down her navel. As I moved my face close to devour the luscious Béarnaise I intentionally let my chin split the lips of her pussy apart and combed back her hairs like a monsoon wind sweeping a field of wheat. Tentatively, I licked, sucked and ate her tummy as her back arched and she let out her first moan. I gauged her reaction with a finger and it was immediate and pressing. Her usually small pussy was twice its normal size and she was dripping her juices down the crack of her ass. I dipped the same finger in the bowl and caressed a nervous patch between her two gaping holes. Then I let it slide and bored it down her anus. Her response this time was more urgent as she planted her nails into my biceps. She rolled her head from side to side and involuntarily licked her lips. I kissed her pussy softly, taking her one lip at a time. I craved more Béarnaise and I drove my tongue leisurely around her garnished hole. She pulled hard on my hair until the pain became unbearable. I had to give in and abandon my bold attempt to buy myself more time. I brought my lips smack against her simmering vagina and French kissed her as deep as I could go. Her tension scurried from her fingers and ran along her nerves morphing as it moved along into a barely noticeable tremor. I stiffened my tongue and flicked it in and out with rising rapidity. My face was soaked with her wetness, my nose enthralled by her smell, my throat invigorated with her overflowing juices. I pulled her cunt wide open with both hands and stared at her pink clit dancing with hope and want. I nibbled at it with my teeth, licked it with my tongue and sucked it with my lips. The earlier tremor was changing into an imminent seism. Her whole body reverberated at a divine, out of this world, frequency until every single quake merged at the tip of her clit delivering all of her into my starving mouth. Her volatile orgasm transformed such an amount of energy into me, flooding my blood with a tide of adrenaline, resurrecting my cock to a most splendid erection. I kissed her lovingly on her mouth and smiled: Now, we can make love my darling.

    Comment by Thorn | May 5, 2009 | Reply

  3. Returning to the matter in hand I slipped the straps of my dress down off my shoulders and lowered the material away from my ample breasts. I cupped them round his throbbing erection hearing him gasp at the sensation of his cock being enveloped in a velvet surround. Gently I caressed his cock with my breasts and allowed it to slide through the soft flesh pot until the tip appeared through the top. My tongue flicked the swollen head and the slightly salty taste made me want to taste him more. Each time his cock appeared i took more of it in my mouth – my mouth wet and succulent, sucking and mimicking another place in me that was melting with each moment that passed, sticky warm and which ached to receive him.

    His pre-cum created additional lubrication and quickly his hips began to rock as he tried to fuck my tits. His hands gently pressing my head to take more of him in my mouth.

    I released the soft grip of my tits from his swollen cock and trailed my tongue from the tip down the under side of his him into his balls. My nose pressed into the swathe of dark curls that protected his balls as my tongue flicked against him. I traced along the join of his hip and back again – the only connection between us being my mouth and tongue. My mouth gripped him gently again.

    He moaned loudly but then told me he wanted the moment to be shared equally between us and not to allow him to be selfish. I relased him and slowly made my way to stand opposite him – my fingers softly playing with him.

    His hands lifted under the hem of my dress and lifted it high and over my head so that I was stood just in heels and my panties. He placed his hands on my hips and lifted me on to the kitchen work top – instinctively my legs opened and he stood between my knees. He cupped my breasts and looked deep inside my eyes making sure what he desired I shared. He lowered his face while keeping eye contact with me for as long as possible before taking one breast in his warm mouth – darts of passion and lust flashed through me as he worked on that nipple until it stood proud and erect. My hands drapped gently on his neck, allowing me to stretch up and against his mouth as he devoured me..After bothe nipples stood proud and erect he lwoered his head further, across my stomach. I opened my legs further anticipating the next piece of stimulation. I sighed very loudly as his mouth covered my smooth damp pussy. When his tongue entered into the soft damp folds, my eyes closed and i pressed his head firmly with one hand as he sucked and licked me. The other hand i held against my nipple, my fingers tweaking and caressing it increasing the pleasure of the moment.

    I suddenly needed all of him inside me and told him so more direct than I have ever done when alone with him. He looked a bit suprised when he lifted his head, his mouth dripping with my juices. He simply nodded and stood away as I slipped off the counter and turned so allow his still proudly erect member to slide into me from behind.

    He was gentle as he entered me, my pussy so wet and ready that he slid to his hilt, his stomach suddenly pressed against my butt. His hands rested on my hips as he with drew and plunged a second time into me, a little firmer and i gasped. A third time he withdrew and plunged again more firmly and i had to push against the work top to deal with the heady pain and pleasure cocktail. A fourth and fifth time he plunged his member into me slowly but each time more firmly and stronger than the last. I sensed his breathing change and also the frequency of his thrusts. I began to push harder against him, making his own thrusts again harder and firmer until we were thrusting faster and faster. My knees began to shake with the intensity of the moment.

    From nowhere i suddenly moaned, deep and throaty. I wanted him to explode as I reached into that white light of hightened pleasure. Sensing I was ready, he increased the frequency a little more and within a few thrusts suddenly the peak, the summit, that moment arrived.

    We shouted each others names as waves of pleasure swept over us, my pussy spasmed and pulsed as my ogasm spread over me. His cock twitched and as he plunged in and out of me, his hot cream of cum sprayed inside me and then up over my butt and down my thighs.

    Panting, we stood as best we could, supporting ourselves and each other as our energy permitted. He nuzzled into my neck, nibbling my ear.

    “I told you that you are so damned sexy.”, he whispered.

    Comment by ukroadrunner | May 5, 2009 | Reply

  4. I winced.

    “You’re such a damn tease,” I said with a languid growl. “but it’s not going to go down that way tonight.”

    I reached over her, and grabbed the dish towel from the bench behind her head. Quicker than the time it took her to realise what was going on, I’d grabbed her arm, pulled it out to the cupboard door, and had started tying her wrist to it.

    “What are you… oh, you cheeky thing!”

    With one wrist firmly bound, I grabbed another towel and took her other arm, tying it the same on the other side. She was kneeling, with arms spread apart like a crucifix. She looked up at me with her ocean blue eyes, knowing what was coming. Knowing that I’d soon be holding her face in my hands and sliding my cock gently between her lips. Not having her hands to hold me, she’d know that I’d take control of the pace, and that she’d have to work me with only her tongue and her lips. That’s what she thought.

    Imagine her suprise when I picked up the phone, and dialled. Imagine her suprise when she heard me say…

    “Hey neighbour. Yeah, she’s ready for you. Ready to do the swap?”

    Comment by eroticnoah | May 6, 2009 | Reply

  5. I had been more or less expecting that phone call, so I was ready to rush out my front door!
    I saw that the light was lit on my neighbour’s porch!
    I rushed over, found the front door unlocked and let myself in.
    As I held sight of both of them I tought:” WHAT AN ASS!”

    Comment by Hypatie | May 6, 2009 | Reply

  6. The asparagus was still side by side his manhood, and I licked them both. First my asparagus and then his. I brought the asparagus inside my mouth and sucked on it, delicately, so it wouldn’t snap. I opened my mouth and locking my eyes with his, I rubbed the rugged surface of the vegetable against my tongue, slowly and seductively. A flash of jealousy crossed his eyes. I could notice he was eager to get the same treatment than the asparagus was enjoying. With a mischievous look in my eyes, I kept pleasing the veggie, licking and sucking on it, carefully biting the tip… and if this was not an inanimate object, I swear it was all so hot and sexy that I could have made the asparagus come in my mouth.

    He couldn’t take it anymore. He wanted it and he wanted it now. He lifted me up and made me sit on the kitchen counter, undressing me from the waist down. His tongue was anxious to feed on my juices but, as he approached my wetness, I placed the asparagus on my pussy, so that its length was buried under my swollen labia. Undeterred, his tongue reached my skin and found its way, maneuvering around the asparagus. The pressure of the vegetable against my pussy was extremely arousing and his tongue knew exactly what spots to hit. When he reached my clitoris, I yelled his name, and his whole mouth surrounded my most sensitive organ. The suction drove me insane and I could feel myself melt inside, with my fluids starting to flow freely into his mouth.

    Finally, I reached down with my hand, grabbed the asparagus, snapped it in two pieces and threw it on the floor. “You win”, I said, “now claim your price” and his cock penetrated me, victorious.

    Comment by abigirlinboston | May 7, 2009 | Reply

    • Oh, and thanks for the challenge Fantasia! This is fun!

      Comment by Abigirl Inboston | May 7, 2009 | Reply

      • You are SO welcome … and I do mean WELCOME. Abigirl – what a wonderful way to introduce yourself! Talk about diving right in!
        Hope to read you often!

        Comment by Fantasia | May 7, 2009

  7. Looks like you have some good entries. I’m glad to see people participated in your “challenge” If I was feeling better maybe I could have submitted something but I just haven’t been writing the last couple of weeks and am busy trying to port my things here so…. Maybe some day when I’m “up” to it you will have another challenge.

    Comment by Charles | May 7, 2009 | Reply

    • I have a few challenges in mind! I am about to post a poll to vote for your favorite – perhaps you can help with that and cast your “ballot” ! Hope you feel better soon.

      Comment by Fantasia | May 8, 2009 | Reply

  8. […] you’ve all been sitting on the edge of your seats waiting impatiently for this since the last one. […]

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