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Dinner for Two – Part II

F by E.H.She watched him clear the table of the many small dishes and walk towards the kitchen. Feeling left behind, she decided to follow instead of waiting for his return. She loved how he walked and moved, his gait reminding her of a black panther. Sleek, sensual, graceful and potentially deadly. He was so much man, with strong shoulders and a cut, hard body she couldn‘t resist. His eyes always brimming with love even under pressure and full lips begging for a kiss. How could she not have fallen for him? It was his mind, his laughter, shoe fetish that had played in her favor, and deep passionate soul that had intrigued her. A complicated man, but she loved him for it. What she loved most about him, however, was so grandiose she could barely stand to think about it too long oft she be swallowed by the enormity of the precious gift.

She had always found that the men in her life only liked one of her many personas; a handful at best. She could one moment be a child in need of a father to look after her, the next a strong, powerful, independent woman followed moments later by one who was gentle and caring only to change into the dominant woman that pins her man to the bed, biting and scratching her unsuspecting pray. It was never an act or roll playing; she really was all these women. He loved it. Genuinely loved “them” all and rolled with the waves, laughing with her all the way. He thrived on her unpredictability and she desperately needed him to be free … to be herself. He was her freedom. And the thought of loosing him could send her into a frenzied panic. To love this way was such a gift, but it also made her incredibly vulnerable. Yet with him … she had allowed it.

Once in the kitchen she looked around, noticing the extra ventilation and air-conditioning … and exclaimed in delight at the massive stainless steel prepping station. She let her hand glide against the cold, unforgiving metal. A tantalizing thought popping into her naughty little head.

She waited for him to turn around from the large walk-in fridge. Saw her lover standing there with a plate of dessert assortments in each hand, and slowly… achingly slow, pulled her dress over her head. His jaw dropped at the same time as her dress hit the ground. She smiled inside, feeling satisfaction at being able to still catch him off guard. She was now naked, except for an exquisite pair of high heeled sandals and her earrings. She could see his mind making the observation at the lack of undergarments translate into a wicked smile as he put down the plates. She felt daring and beautiful in his eyes. She never got tired of that feeling.

Gracefully pulling herself onto the table, kicking off the shoes as she did so, she lay down on the cold metal. The shock gave her shivers and her nipples suddenly pointed straight up, hard and at attention. She heard him take a deep, appreciative breath and walk over. He leaned over her and she felt her heart give way as she looked into his eyes. His hands glided up and down her thighs and backside, his head lowered and his lips hungrily came in, then hovered just above her own, as he took in the scent of her breath. She closed her eyes and allowed herself to get lost in his embrace.

Creating a sort of blind fold out of a kitchen towel, he draped it over her eyes and asked her to guess what miniature dessert was being trailed along her skin. If she guessed correctly he would feed it to her; sometimes with his fingers, sometimes holding it between his teeth, dropping it into her eager mouth. If she guessed incorrectly he would get the tasty morsel for himself. The melting chocolate, fruit, ice cream and other delicacies mingling with his hot breath and hand between her thighs was making her wet. She could feel her body react, sense her body lift and arch to meet him.

Still blind, she felt him take her hand and place it on his chest. She let it glide over smooth skin; he had taken off his shirt. Even with her eyes covered she could recall the ridges of muscle. She found his nipple and pinched it hard, hearing him let out a small moan. She loved the feel of him. She couldn’t believe how soft his skin was, how good he always smelled, and how much heat he always radiated. Oh she wanted him. She could feel her thighs part in welcome, and removed the towel wanting to see him. She held on to him, bringing him in close and pulling at the belt of his pants asking him to take her. Now … please.

He resisted wanting to delay a little longer his own pleasure and reached for a jar of honey. It was an old jar, and the lid stuck. She giggled nervously as she lay there – the cool air of the room a shocking contrast to her own heated excitement. With his strong hands he finally got it open after several achingly long minutes. The build up was … exquisite.

Holding the small, glass container high above, tilting it ever so slowly so that the thick, golden nectar lazily made it’s way to the rim …she saw him smile. She knew he would not fail to notice that her skin had gone from satin smooth to covered in small, delicate goose bumps … the anticipation of that first, sickly sweet drop hitting her flawless skin had her quacking, shivering, almost trembling in anticipation. The liquid languidly made it’s way … a single drop leading the charge like a scout on a mission to find new exotic lands. It landed … and spread … enveloping a nipple, coating it and claiming it in it’s sticky trap.

His tongue followed, sucking the honey off, pursuing the trail down to her navel, her abs, her cunt. He parted the swelling lips and brought the flat of his tongue upward in a wide sweep. This man was making her pussy cry tears of anticipation before he was even inside. He stabbed in far enough to find her clit with his tongue and rolled it from side to side with increasing speed. The faster he went the more animated she became; she could feel her ass was lifting off the stainless steel and her thighs were clamping closed around his head. He made a deep digging probe inside her flowing gash, to feel the gushing softness.

He came out and went back to her clit and again she reacted with full abandon. She knew he had total power over her right now, with the key to her happiness in his mouth, the most sensitive spot, but with him she was free, she was safe. Her firm ass was rubbing up hard against his chin, her hips were smashing hungrily at his sucking face as a passionate climax enveloped her. His whole head was buried between her humping legs as the payoff of sweet wetness flowed happily from her.

The two liquids had mingled in his mouth and when he kissed her on the lips – as she lay there, in the delight of the after glow – his kiss smelled of honey and sex. The whole situation made her light headed. Her crotch glistened with health as she sat up on the prepping station. She watched as his eyes traveled from her breasts to her pussy, to the sleek legs and back to the beige-pink nipples. Her excitement grew again when she saw him take off his belt, kick off his shoes and slide his hand inside his trunks and work them over his erection and down his legs.

As soon as she saw the tip of his member pop into sight, she couldn’t help but slid off the table to her knees and go to him like a praying sinner. Her mouth opened as she tilted her head up to engulf the dazzling beauty of his firm rod. She loved his penis. There was no shame in that. She made sure he could feel her tits caressing his thighs as she pumped her sucking mouth up and down. She sucked hard an pulled back with her teeth softly grating his member, then letting her tongue apply hard pressure to the soft tissue of the head, and back down. Repeating the motion over and over she knew she was driving him to the point of no return… stop. She was aching to feel him inside of her. She rose, brushing her nipples against his penis, his stomach, his chest on her way up; now it was he who was covered in goose bumps. Finally she wrapped her arms around his neck and thrust the flat of her stomach against his. Letting the heat of her pussy tantalizing his hard cock.

It was still up. Erect, stiff, ready. She wrapped a hand around the massive base and slowly urged him back to the stainless steel prepping station. She sat with her legs apart, the gleaming red lips of her inner self stretched up and out to give him a good look. Her legs parted even wider as he reached down a put a finger into her. The soaked lips slid easily apart to expose the boiling pinkness. He slipped a second finger into the hole and touched the super-soft lining of her smoothness. She sighed. He came back out and worked up to the lumped knob of her clitoris. As he pressed hard against it she shivered, the nipples of her breasts immediately starting to draw up to puckered cones. She loved how well he knew her body. Working her clit back and forth as his mouth came down once again to suck at each taut nipple, to draw it in deep and bounce it between his teeth.

Her hand was pumping with regulated speed along his manhood. But she could tell that he was as ready as she was for more. A growing need to unit had built between them and the time had come. He lifted her off the table and gently laid her down on top of her dress on the floor, and crawled into position between her legs. He eased himself inside the warm, firm grip of her pussy. She raised her hips to take more of him. At long last he was home. The movement was smooth, exact and precisely what they both wanted.

It started slow, very slow. He wanted to feel the tender kiss of her vagina along his rod. The movements began to speed up and before long, she felt herself erupt with another orgasm sending the whole length of her walls into clapping spasms along his spike. It was like a thousand tiny hands jacking him off, digging into the rim of the glands, embracing his cock like a welcomed hero. He was coming. His back was aching from strain when he finally felt it.

It started off as a thought in the back of his mind and just grew. His head was reeling, sweat dripped from his temples, spiraling down those curls, each breath was a lurching gasp as the though became a true physical feeling somewhere down by his knees. It spread upward to numb his thighs and make his balls feel ten times their normal size and he frothed over with one constant pumping action that didn’t end until he was empty.

He collapsed onto the wonderful cushion of her breasts, and the comfortable hug of her happy arms around his shoulders. The cream seeped from his now softening penis to glue them together … he smiled inwardly. Oh yes, the stories these old stones would tell.

© Fantasia Lillith and Pillow Talk, 2009. Unauthorized use and/or
duplication of this material without express and written permission
from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts
and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to
Fantasia Lillith and Pillow Talk with appropriate and specific
direction to the original content.


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  1. That made me dizzy. Very nice! 🙂

    Comment by shangol | April 11, 2009 | Reply

  2. You left me breathless Fantasia!
    That was one hell of a story… Again, I must admit, the combination of love and passion is awesome and sweet.
    Thank you for this… and for so much more.

    Comment by abufares | April 11, 2009 | Reply

    • Oh Good … GOOD … you liked it!!
      This one took a lot out of me. Might take a little break … having said that – I have 5 stories in draft format waiting to bloom!

      Comment by fantasiaspillowtalk | April 11, 2009 | Reply

  3. Well, what does one say to that??? Wow!! The chill of the metal table is still with me!! lol!!

    Comment by Silia | April 12, 2009 | Reply

    • Glad you liked it Silia! There is freedom in Fantasy, but oh … don’t you wish it could be real?

      Comment by fantasiaspillowtalk | April 12, 2009 | Reply

      • Oh, very much, indeed! 😉

        Comment by Silia | April 12, 2009

  4. Hypatie wants to get in

    Comment by Hypatie | April 19, 2009 | Reply

    • Welcome to my blog Hypatie hope you enjoy it. Interesting pen name! She was a philosopher in Antiquity, who was assassinated, because of her thinking and influence … yes?

      Comment by Fantasia | April 19, 2009 | Reply

  5. there is something Mystical about your stories, something like the meeting of gods or heroes on Olympus!
    There is a reach for the absolute that comes through the slowness of it all;
    Yes, don’t rush! Lead us on!

    Comment by Hypatie | April 20, 2009 | Reply

    • Oh Heavens! Why thank you! Mystics such as Teresa and her friend, the poet Saint John of the Cross, used erotic language to describe the relationship of the human soul to the divine. We use the word “ecstasy” for both human sexual love at its best and the mystical rapture experienced by Teresa. In the latter sex is transcended rather than denied. Religion often treats sex as an unholy, albeit necessary, thing. Some of us go too far and put sex on a pinnacle, but we often fail to see it as something essentially spiritual.

      Comment by Fantasia | April 20, 2009 | Reply

  6. I just loved your story. You are really talented and inspiring. I am totally impressed, it is poetic and flows so nicely. I look forward to reading more. Don’t stop!

    Comment by Kitty Love | May 14, 2009 | Reply

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