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Watching, Stalking … Part II

He was naked in the parking lot. What an utterly insane thing to do.
His penis was beautiful. Straight and firm. And hard – oh so hard.
My mind ran a thousand miles an hour.
its ok
its late
I am a powerful women who takes risks.
I looked at the camera … I knew Tim was watching. Probably trying to decide on what to do, I wondered briefly if there was anything in the security manual on what to do for this particular scenario. I looked straight at the camera and smiled. I put my hand up and mimed “don’t you dare interrupt” Let Tim watch. He had always wanted to see more of me … well, tonight might be your lucky night my friend. Whatever the consequences

The electricity was focused in my stomach. The situation unnerving yet thrilling; I felt the familiar rush, and the floodgates opened. I was wet. It had been too long since I had been fucked. Really and truly fucked. I realized suddenly how tired I was of my vibrator, and how useless the new boyfriend was. Where was the high? I craved this! I loved this.

I heard him mumble an apology. He was being forward and it was not in his nature. Although something was driving him to this, his usual self was there, underneath the surface. He grabbed me, almost lifting me off my feet and turned me around, up against the hood of my car. Pulled up my skirt and ripped through my nylons and panties. He lowered himself behind me, hands caressing the side of my thighs on his way down and nestled his face in my ass and crotch. He took a deep breath my sweet scent filling his lungs. It was like a drug and he was hooked. His tongue came out and gently, with a little hesitation, he let the tip caress the outer lips, the crevice between them and my thighs … careful to avoid contact with my now bulging clit. His hand adjusted my knees and I gave him full access and arched my back. My nipples errect from the cold metal below me.

I felt a warm hard presence hovering just above my clit. His tongue was there, so close I could feel his breath. It darted out, fast like a snake attacking it’s pray and gone again. Leaving me aching for more. Then it happened again, against my anus. Back and forth between the two the vicious attacks continued. Leaving both wanting more, needing … begging. I moaned loudly.

My own juices were now flowing so freely that a slick trail was forming down my thighs. He saw this as an opportunity and gave me one finger then two. His thumb was on my clit. A little sting, and a nibble on my ass cheek later and I felt his finger going in, spreading the lips of my cunt. They were unashamedly screaming in welcome, hot and slick. His tongue continued it’s attack on my anus. I felt the pleasure spread from my stomach down to my pussy and up my back. I was close to orgasm. His thumb was applying just the right pressure to my clit … and

… I came like a wild Cherokee, looking at the camera, knowing that Tim was there. Watching.

As I collapsed panting a little over the hood, my “lover” stood up and opened the car door. He took my hand and made me sit sideways, with my legs out of the car, his still hard cock right in front of my face. Grabbing my head softly, he sent his prick into my mouth and down my throat. I couldn’t take it all in and resisted. He stopped the pressure but left it in, I started to gag and he slowly turned my head, I got some air and he did it again. I took it further and he repeated this over and over
over and over
over and over again.
My pussy was on fire. How did this gentle soul (granted a little disturbed), come to be this way and want to do this to me. My fingers slid to my pussy. I could take this no longer; my own release becoming an obsession.

It went on for so long I forgot who that cock belonged to. I looked up again and saw him standing there. A smile of bliss on his face, strong arms bulging as he flexed to hold himself up and my head prisoner. I pulled back now. My throat was getting sore and this wasn’t what I had in mind. I’d let him have his fun – now it’s was my turn. I pushed him back and stood. Put my arms around his neck and tried to get my legs around his waist. He was strong enough to pull this off. He adjusted, leaned back and fell against the chain link fence. His back now braced and holding more of the weight.

I kicked off my high heels, not worrying about the torn stockings and panties, and put my feet in the fence and trapped that cock. I felt him guiding it to my pussy. It was so wet that the first few tries failed. We both were fighting to get it in, and he finally broke past the beautiful lower lips and then with a lift of my own ass he entered, forcing his penis in to the hilt. Oh the bliss. It felt tight from this angle. He felt bigger somehow. Or I was tighter. His teeth bit a nipple a little harder then he planned and I let out a yelp.

In time we found a comfortable rhythm, my pussy was tingling, as it rode the waves of fire. I felt his body harden and tense and he exploded, releasing all his seed inside. I lost control at the feeling of the hot jet hitting the internal walls, my whole body felt like it was going to ignite as he whispered in my ear, that I was the single most beautiful women in the history of the world and that he loved me.

I came. Hard. Tears streaming down my cheeks at the sweet release.

We fell to the cold concrete floor. I relaxed and notice that he was filling me up more. In the previous position, he had not gotten it all in, it had just felt like it. We now rocked, slow, not so intense, something else between us then the pure animal lust of moments ago. His finger was in my ass now. A nipple in his mouth. It was not about the pursuit of orgasm, it was just the pleasure of being intimate. I was in heaven. A gentle wave of heat took over and a small calm orgasm flooded my body. He didn’t want to come again. I took his now, slowly becoming limp, penis between my lips and licked him clean. He let out a long relaxed breath.

The moment had passed and I stood and took off my nylons and ripped panties and gave it to him as a souvenir. Leaving him there, naked. I got in my car, opened the window, and with my legs parted and pussy glistening I smiled. “Nice bumping into you again”. I backed out, and drove away. Not moving just yet, he watched me leave. Not sure if this was infatuation or in fact love but knowing – he would be watching.

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Watching, Stalking …

Facebook. That silly yet addictive forum had proven to be a great way to reconnect with many people, not true friends of course, those had stayed the course and remained in my life. Still it was good to know how everyone was doing. One particular acquaintance from college had started our exchange with the usual: How are you? Where are you? What are you doing these days … But that soon evolved and a new vibe sprung up between us. One that I wasn’t sure I liked … or disliked. He was nice enough, if a little needy, and more than a little geeky. He hadn’t really changed since I had last seen him.

But why stop? For some strange reason I wouldn‘t. Perhaps my ego enjoyed the rush of hearing how beautiful, sensual and sexy I was. What woman doesn’t like to hear those things? It was safe; after all he was far away, on another continent. But then, the dynamics altered. He moved. Close to home … close to my home. Close to my work. He started e-mailing, calling. I ignored him. The more I disconnected myself from him the more he obsessed. I told him he had crossed a line and to stop or I would be forced to call the authorities.

Shortly after that last message I started feeling like I was being watched. I would spot him at any place I frequented often. Yet he’d never come up and actually greet me. Odd seeing as he had been so clingy. Maybe my new boyfriend intimidated him? I didn’t really mind. He was harmless enough. And for now, not disrupting my life beyond having the constant feeling of being undressed in public.

In a way I felt irresistible. I could sense him watching me.
My walk,
My eyes,
My smile,
The lift of my ass,
The slope of my tits,
Every curve,
Knowing that the sight of me was sending shivers through his body, was a high for me. To have that effect on the poor fellow. I felt like the ideal woman – his ideal woman. I started dressing in a way that would provoke. Still classy but just that little bit more erotic. With time we developed a codependent attachment. From afar and beyond his reach … I was his Queen – assured, daring and self confident to his shy awkwardness.

One day after work I spotted him. A little more out in the open than usual. He had broken “protocol” and waved nervously. I was too busy to do anything about it, rushed between a myriad of activities, and in my usual flurry. I waved back and left in my car. As I drove by I saw some hurt reflected in his eyes. I felt a certain rush from that – and also some remorse. But I didn’t have time for him and left him there looking stranded. Dreams seemingly dashed.

A fortnight later, I was leaving the office after a long and grueling day. It was late and the overtime was starting to get to me. I was alone in the parking lot, but feeling safe with all the camera’s. Security was tight. I waved to Tim, the evening security man, via the camera above my head in the parking lot and wiggled my ass at him. In my minds eye I could see his handsome face light up and virtually hear his laugh. He had such a lovely laugh. No wonder all the women in the office loved the man. He married that sexy yet fatherly aura perfectly. I blew him a kiss and continued on my way.

The fire door I walked through every night, usually slammed shut with an unnerving slam. But tonight it remained quiet. I stopped and turned, thinking to myself: “what a relief; maintenance must have finally done something about that”, only to see him standing there; holding the door ajar. Cute, nerdy and so nervous he was trembling. He had flowers in one hand, more than a little wilted. He must have been waiting for hours. I couldn’t help but take pity on the man. What courage this must have taken to actually approach me, to come out of the shadows. Especially after last weeks blow off and my threats from before.

My stalker looked up and down, took a deep breath, squared his shoulders, his shaking stopped and … something happened. His posture shifted and his gaze focused – he now had a sense of purpose. His eyes turned from sad and pathetic to determined and strong. It was a metamorphosis that strangely intrigued me. Should I fear him now?

He tossed the flowers at my feet and without any warning started to strip all the while holding my gaze. My jaw dropped. I tried not to stare at the surprisingly hard and strong body being revealed to me, layer by layer. My mind registered that he was speaking in soft poetic tones. I heard only snippets, with all the distraction before me, as he slowly disrobed. I heard that I was the most beautiful of all of Gods creatures – I giggled internally – so corny yet… still effective. And then, stark naked in front of me he said it.
He must have me.
Right here,
Right now,
His erection speaking for him more than any words could.

© Fantasia Lillith and Pillow Talk, 2009. Unauthorized use and/or
duplication of this material without express and written permission
from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts
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