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Island Time

no not me!It’s a nice resort with all the trimmings. A swim up bar, multiple pool areas as well as restaurants. There are plenty of places to lounge in the shade or sun depending on our mood. We are taking it easy – total relaxation. Snoozing and resting, recharging our batteries from long work days and a long winter. We are escaping from the real world.

After a day of snorkeling, diving and sunbathing you come to get me at the pool. You see me pulling myself out of the water by the steps. You smile enjoying the way the evening sun plays on the water like dew on my skin. Bikinis. There simply isn’t a more beautiful thing then a firm, tanned, elegant woman in a bikini. You could sit and stare for hours, but it’s almost time for dinner and I need to retire to our room to shower. You follow me back saying you need to close your eyes for a few moments – you’ve already cleaned up having quit the pool a little earlier.

Stepping into our room, I give you a quick kiss and proceed. You watch my every move. Your eyes like slaves follow everywhere I go. I undress slowly; I am after all on “island time” and in no hurry. You watch me through the open door as I unwrap the sarong slowly from around my hips; you take a moment to appreciate the hip-to-waist ratio… the sarong drops to the floor. I reach back and move my long damp hair over my shoulder and undo the knot of my bikini top. My back is now bare as I pull the top off over my head – revealing a new tan line as it too falls to the ground.

Walking to the shower to turn the water on – you know I hate to step into a cold shower… you see me – almost naked. You like that… The “almost” it’s tantalizing … your mind rushing to complete the image in your head. I pull the shower curtain and start the final reveal. Slowly, with a finger tucked into each side I wiggle my ass free of the wet bikini bottom. The image of my white ass compared to the rest of my tanned body is amazing. The tan is all the more obvious now that the untouched skin is showing; that virgin skin, is white like ivory, next to the caramel of the rest of me. It highlights my ample, firm ass.

I turn to go close the door and see you there – sitting on the edge of the bed. Staring at me, as if witnessing me like this for the first time. I am pleased to see that I have this effect on you. There you are, mouth slightly open, an obvious erection making you a little uncomfortable. I smile at you … you smile back… but you remain seated. You want to enjoy this. I walk to my shower, swaying my hips in a tease … leaving the door open happy to oblige.

The shower curtain is beautiful fine cotton with a clear liner. It keeps the water in the tub, but affords little privacy. You can see my silhouette, my shadow under the shower. You can see me reaching first for the shampoo, washing my hair, rising it out … then reaching for the conditioner, combing it into my hair, then rinsing it out – every time I rinse my hair, my arms go over my head my back arches and my breasts lift.

I turn the water off and you can’t sit still any longer. You walk up and pull the shower curtain away. You wrap me in a big towel and hoist me out of the tub. Weighing nothing in your arms you carry me to the chair near the open doors of the balcony. The white curtain is billowing in the sea breeze; you seat me and the towel drops away creating a white background to frame me in the chair. I recline in the chair, looking up at you. Your handsome face is filled with desire and I arch my back a little affording you a better view of my breasts and highlighting my waist to full advantage. I raise my legs up, ankles touching, then spreading them apart slowly I place my feet on the padded arm rests.

I extend a hand and do a “come here” movement with my finger. You lean in, bending slowly to kiss me, you let your hand gently glide along my collar bone, down between my breasts and circle my navel. You kneel in front of me, between my outstretched legs and your hands glide bellow my ass and you cup them as you pull me a little closer to you. I can feel your hot member pleading for release behind your pants – your clothed crotch against my very naked one. We stare at each other for a moment…. then you bend and start a trail of kisses slowly letting your lips slide soft and slow along the same path your fingers had followed moments before. This time, however, you do not stop and your lips follow through where your fingers had not.

I feel the heat of your mouth first – a nice contrast to the cool air. At first you just let the tip of your tongue slide between the folds. Teasing, barely touching… you hear me gasp a little. You then let your tongue take a wide sweep, hot and wet you let the tip of your tongue flick my clit. You start over, again and again and I relax fully into the chair. Then you stop … I look down questioning and you look up – a grin on your face and get up. I watch you walk away in dismay, one leg coming down from its perch…. then the other. You open a drawer and pull out a package. You hand it to me. I open the package slowly to find inside a beautiful dress. You get up, walk to the door and tell me you’ll meet me at the bar. A little confused, teased and horny as hell – but pleased with my gift – I get ready. This should be an interesting night!

You see me make my entrance into the bar. You’re happy the dress fits like a glove – you knew it would. You know ever curve of my body and when you had seen the dress in the window of my favorite store you had known it would flow like liquid mercury against my form. You watch me walk towards you and find yourself sighing. It’s actually better then you thought. Every man in the room is looking at me, wanting me and…. I am only looking at you. I hug you, lean in and kiss you and whisper “I love it …. I’ll have to pay you back for this somehow …” You kiss me and you can see that my cheeks are still flush from earlier. I have kept my make-up simple; my hair is still a little damp and hanging freely in long ringlets. I order my drink and I sit on the bar stool. You turn the stool so that my legs are now between yours. The hand that is facing the room is demure and sits on my thigh … the other … hidden by the bar slides bellow the silk for a moment.

We have our drink and then dinner in happy conversation laden with innuendo and teasing. We then leave the restaurant and go for a walk along the beach. The night is warm, a gentle breeze in the air keeping us from getting too hot. We hold hands … or your arm encircles my waist. We kiss … but you hold back… letting the tension mount between us in a slow and steady pace.
We walk back towards the hotel and take a little detour to a more secluded area where during the day we had lounged in the sun in relative peace. The moon is bright, an occasional light illuminates the path but a sense of privacy remains. We can see some of the cabanas and hear an occasional giggle. We aren’t alone. We see them – a young couple in the throws of passion. I go to leave and you stop me. Pulling me to stand in front of you, wrapping me in your arms we watch. It’s not the soft love making of a couple, nor the intense passion we often feel – it’s raw, it’s pure animal desire. It has its own beauty in its hurried and rough manner.

We watch the young couple, obviously more then a little drunk, and after a few moments of sucking hard on her huge breasts, we see the young man’s strong body pin her to a lounger and his hand reaches for his member. Without ceremony or foreplay he whips it out and plunges it into her, she yelps and sighs and they literally grunt in the heat of the moment. I feel your hand slide up my dress and make its way to my clit. I’m so wet that you can hardly get traction. So you allow my silk panties to remain between your finger and my clit, soaking up the wetness now flowing between my thighs. My knees are getting weak as I feel my own needs overtake any sense of decorum. I want you – I want you now.

I grab your hand and pull you to another empty cabana nearby. We walk in – it’s dark but for the stream of moonlight between the curtains. The lounger is a nice large two person day bed. Perfect.

I push you on the bed, and you fall ungracefully trying to drag me with you, but I wiggle free. You have been torturing me all evening trying to make it last, to enjoy and savor the feelings of arousal. In that spirit, I postpone my own desperate need for immediate satisfaction. I lie next to you, and unzip your pants. Your member springs out like a savage beast released at last. I can see it in the moonlight. I pull my hair away from my face, open my wet lips and place a kiss directly on the tip. I take your member in one hand and gently run my wet, hot tongue along the length of the pole. My tongue does not stop at the base, but continues downwards to wash across your balls, swirl them in moisture, and then climb back up the shaft.

You close your eyes… it feels good. You can feel my tongue lap across the tip before I slowly suck your member inside my mouth. My hair rolls from shoulder to shoulder and my breasts have escaped from the low cut cleavage of the new dress. I pull my mouth free and blow a cold shaft of air along the length. With determined movement you roll from underneath me and stand beside the lounger. I look up at you as you reach down and caress my breasts with your hand. I smile with excitement. You caress them until the nipples become hard, tight, and erect. You find the tie at the back of my neck and undo the halter top of the dress; it falls into a puddle of silk at my waist. In the moonlight you can see my upper body exposed fully to you now. You tug gently at the dress and it now falls to the ground – forgotten. Your hands travel across my flat, quivering stomach until you find the satin panties. With no hesitation you grab the briefs with both hands and rip them from the waist band to the left leg hole. My mouth opens, in wonder … and caught of guard.

You send your hand into the hot, wet folds pushing my legs apart. I open them wide, spreading them as far as they will go, lifting the dripping folds to meet your hand. I am unbelievably wet. You sink a finger into the red, juicy, lubricated lips. I twist, lift and groan. You enter a second finger, as you lean in to suck on the pulsing clit. You can feel the walls clasp at your fingers every time you let your tongue flick against my hard swollen pearl.

I am now pleading for you to fill me. And it’s finally time. You are up, hard and ready and done playing the game. You kneel between my open legs; wash the head of your member back and forth across the slickness of my cunt in one final tease. You lunge; drive deeply into the gripping, straining wetness. The walls clasped tightly at your member and respond with a constant tremble of joy.

Together we start with a slow, methodical rhythm and build gradually to a faster and faster pace. With a well timed lift and fall, and several deep, long thrusts I start to tremble and rock with abandon below you. My face is red, my nipples peaked, and my legs fall aside as a swelling climax hits me. Moments later your back arches, as you thrust one last time almost violently inside … you feel the juices rising, you feel the electrical charge, and you explode at last.

A few moments pass and you pull up your boxers and pants…. lean over and pick up my dress and drape it over my body like a blanket. You lie down next to me and let your fingers explore exposed skin as I doze in the happy effects of an after glow. We are in to hurry … we are after all on” Island time”.

© Fantasia Lillith and Pillow Talk, 2009. Unauthorized use and/or
duplication of this material without express and written permission
from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts
and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to
Fantasia Lillith and Pillow Talk with appropriate and specific
direction to the original content.

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  1. When I look at that picture I imagine the shower scene. That beautiful hip needs a rub down and some soft kisses!

    Comment by shangol | March 16, 2009 | Reply

    • I can only take credit for the writing!

      Comment by fantasiaspillowtalk | March 16, 2009 | Reply

  2. The Diva of Desire strikes again!! I think I need a vacation…

    Comment by Silia | March 16, 2009 | Reply

    • Oh – I love that Silia! Diva of Desire!! I may use that if I may …. glad you enjoyed it!

      Comment by fantasiaspillowtalk | March 16, 2009 | Reply

      • Of course you may! 😉 It fits you perfectly!

        Comment by Silia | March 16, 2009

  3. You are the Princess of Sensuality, Beauty, Feminity…your talent of words,expression and imagination comes by very rarely and gives freedom to so many! Thank you for that!
    Your secret reader from the other end of the world!;-) HH

    Comment by Hungry Hungarian | March 17, 2009 | Reply

    • I will do my best to keep wetting your appetite and ordering off the menu!

      Comment by fantasiaspillowtalk | March 17, 2009 | Reply

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