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Hunger, it’s always there when it comes to you. I had this fantasy once, and as with dreams, it isn’t always logical. We are out having dinner, it’s a lovely little Italian restaurant and we are sitting in a booth. The curves of the high walls of our booth provide privacy, but we can hear the din of the other patrons as we dine. You’re having veal and I’m having the lamb of course. We are sipping a good red wine and the heady flavor is going straight to my head!

You look at me, hunger for more then food suddenly written all over your face. I feel your hand reach bellow the table cloth, your fingers are wandering again. I have on a silk black skirt, and the fabric easily glides up my smooth, tanned thighs, your fingers look for the usual barrier… you look at me as a grin widens on your face… there is no barrier! I have no panties! You’re surprised but excited. You take another bite of your food as you think on the possibilities.

Impatient, I lean back into my seat to afford you a better view of what I am about to do. I lift one leg up, and drape it across your knees – the table cloth like a curtain, blocking the view to others. Your hand eagerly rests on my now exposed calves. Looking you in the eye, I let my right hand reach down and I place the napkin under my bum. You look questioningly at me…. “I’m wet” I whisper in your ear. OH …. registers on your face. “You going to do something about it?” you ask.

I nod. My right hand makes it’s way to the familiar wetness. I find my clit and start to masturbate, slow and powerful movements. The waiter comes by and I don’t stop, you order a second bottle of wine and as I let out a small gasp the waiter, realizing what I’m doing rushes away… you grin “bad girl” … I giggle but then grab your hand. I place it between my thighs; it’s so wet that the need for the napkin is suddenly very clear to you. You pick up where I left off … I tilt my head back, close my eyes and enjoy the feeling of your well practiced fingers. I can feel the tension mounting in my body – but I relax into it.

The waiter brings the second bottle and for a moment we stop. He rushes off again, red faced and muttering to himself. I drop down bellow the table to grab the napkin that seems to have slid off. My head now bellow the table I see that your pants are straining against the pressure of your hard cock. I take pity on you. I kneel comfortable under the table in my tent of linens, and spread your legs enough to unzip you unceremoniously and release the raging beast.

I look at it for a moment – gorgeous in its straight perfection and wondering at our crazy behavior. Then I see it, a tiny drop of cum on the tip. I can’t resist and I gently let my tongue flick the tip, tasting your saltiness. The heat radiating from your penis is incredible, I feel the moisture in my mouth then gather and holding your member with one hand let it slide slowly into my mouth. I let my tongue press against it as I move slowly up and down, my tongue rhythmically pressing then swirling. I can feel your thigh muscles tense as your orgasm mounts and your hand finds it’s way to the top of my head as you push your hips into my mouth and explode. I drink it in…. goes well with the red wine.

I come back up “for air” and you look at me – eyes blazing. I feel like you are trying to figure out just how or why this just happened. Not that you’re complaining! We finish our main course in happy silence. The waiter comes back – his eyes trying not to make contact with either one of us and asks if we’d like dessert. I would …. I answer – looking straight at you. You grin; you know what I’m thinking.

The chocolate mouse cake we ordered arrives with the two forks and the glasses of port you ordered. We feed each other, and as each voluptuous mouthful of melting chocolate goes down my throat you are also feeding another hunger, your fingers having found there way back to the wet folds between my inner thighs. The bill comes and we pay… I start to wonder if I’ll ever get release! I am so turned on that just a caress of your finger against the inside of my arm, or casual brush of your hand in the small of my back makes my head spin.

We walk outside and the fresh air and summer night just add to a sense of fantasy to the evening. We walk to the car we are test driving – the 2008 BMW 3 series hard top convertible. You push a button and I watch the elegant dance of the roof opening up. “Opening…. just like me” I whisper. Your bad boy grin grows on your face and I am both nervous at what you have in store for me and relieved. We aren’t done!

I sit in the passenger side and we drive off. I look at you for a clue but you just smile at me. So I close my eyes and enjoy the moment. My skin can feel the wind on it, warm and humid, matching the wetness now likely staining my silk skirt. I don’t care; a sense of freedom has come over me. Every inch of my body feels alive. I’m tingling all over. My mouth can still taste the chocolate and port, my thighs and clit still feel the sensation of your hands and fingers, my hair is calmly blowing in the wind … the stuff of dreams … the moment is perfect.

We stop and I open my eyes, we are parked by the river, a beautiful view of the hills and small sail boats still noticeable in the moonlight. The stars are out – and the breeze is strong enough that the bugs seem to be held at bay. You get out of the car and like a gentleman you open my door and help me out. We sit gingerly on the hood of the car, your arm around my waist. As romantic as this is I can’t help feel a little worried that my own needs are being forgotten.

But my fear is unwarranted – you’d never leave me hungry for more. You stand up and block my view – you press my legs apart… pull me forward and pull my top off. I look around worried that someone might see … but there is no sign of life. I feel the breeze on my hard nipples, like an extra set of hands caressing them. You’re kissing me now, leaning me down onto the warm hood of the car. You step back and enjoy the view. My skirt around my waist – my bare legs and torso against the polished metal. “Your beautiful” escapes from your lips. You lean down and place a single kiss on my clit. I give up … give in … surrender. Your tongue slides in – a most welcome guest. The hard pressure you are applying to my clit is a relief. Your finger caresses the outside of my vaginal wall; you know how sensitive I am there. I moan in delight. Your finger starts to move in – the first moment of penetration always the most powerful for me – so you know to make it slow, let me savor it. You start a slow in and out, your tongue never leaving my clit. My legs hug your head – harder and harder, that’s your cue… I’m ready … I don’t just want you – I need you! Standing above me you pull me down and “flip” me over. In the moonlight you can see my ass, round and white like the moon above, elevated, the moisture glistening in the light like a beacon. You enter me – almost savage, thrusting long and hard. I gasp and thrust back in response almost dislodging you. You grab my hips with both hands to hold me steady and watch the movement of the muscles in my back for the clue. I moan – I’m loud and all concern of being seen has fled as the intense surge of an orgasm starts to course though my body! There it is… the tense muscles, the scream … you let yourself come.

You collapse on top of me and for a time we just enjoy the evening breeze rolling over our spent bodies. Then we hear the sound of another car … and it’s time to go. The spell is broken.

© Fantasia Lillith and Pillow Talk, 2009. Unauthorized use and/or
duplication of this material without express and written permission
from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts
and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to
Fantasia Lillith and Pillow Talk with appropriate and specific
direction to the original content.


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  1. I’m speechless
    I’m reading you from bottom to top Fantasia, one piece of chocolate a day. More and I’d get a sweet tooth 😉
    So far, this is my favorite.
    Breathtaking writing.

    Comment by abufares | March 17, 2009 | Reply

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