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Fantasia by E.H.From the broad 14th floor office, I can just make out the sparse Thursday night traffic slithering across the bridge under a deep blue, spring sky.  I turn back from my pensive breather to face the solitary island of light immediately around my workstation, amidst an otherwise darkened sea of empty cubicles.  It had once been bustling with people.  I had decided to mitigate the effects of the previous unproductive week, by staying late.  Reluctantly, taking my seat again, I try to concentrate on my work.


My attention is diverted to the sound of the floor lobby door opening.  Who could that be at this hour?  Silence…


I return to you work, but soon sense a familiar and delicious smell.  There’s only one person who would wear such a beautiful perfume to the office.  I turn around, and before me, leaning provocatively against the side of the cubicle is what must be a vision. 


You had e-mailed earlier to ask if you should bring me some food, you are caring that way … I had blurted out that I was OK, foolishly passing up the possibility of a nice moment with you.  I hardly had imagined this!  You are still dressed in your work clothes.  That lovely pale grey skirt is hugging your body and a teal crisp shirt has just enough cleavage to show off the soft mounds every time you take a breath.  Your long legs are smooth all the way down to the elegant shoes.  Every inch of you is a study in fashion and beauty.


I ask what you are doing here …  You remain silent, moving slowly towards me…. my rapidly enhancing sexual hunger is abbreviated by a second of concern: Commissionaires? Night-time workers?  There would be no time to react….

I stand up and glance around … Nobody in sight.


I clutch your waist with both hands, and our bodies thrust together as I had longed to do the moment I had seen you leaning there.  I run a train of kisses down your neck, then down your cleavage smelling the beautiful perfume that is you.  Not enough!  I want to fuck you so badly! I want to tear off your clothes and bang you furiously and violently on the table without thought.  STOP.


Conference room? Nobody at this time goes there….. It would give us more warning, since multiple doors stand between the lobby and the boardroom at the opposite end – Perfect.


A few moments later I have you on the boardroom table.  You are sitting on its edge in front of me, your legs apart, leaning back and a grin of delight dancing on your lips.  You playfully giggle, and make a come hither motion with your finger and I don’t need to be asked twice.  I move the fabric of your skirt up your thigh, to give your legs more mobility and place one leg on my shoulder.  You lean further back and close your eyes as you enjoy the feeling of my lips kissing your calve, your inner thigh and then, through the fabric of your panties, a kiss on your clit.  It’s stained from your own wetness – I can smell your excitement and it’s going straight to me head.  I pull the fabric aside and expose your vulva.  It’s perfect.  Pink, small and tidy – your clit standing firm and wet, like a crown jewel.  I lean in, breath in and firmly let my tongue flick against its hardness.  I hear you hiss and suck in your breath.  Yes, you like this.  I continue.


I feel you move and look up to see you unbutton your shirt and pull it off your smooth shoulders.  You reach behind you with both hands and I am mesmerized … your clasp makes no sound and your bra falls to the side and reveals the firmest breasts I’ve ever seen.  God and they are real!  I’m rapidly loosing control! Priorities! She’s here – so her pleasure comes first! I grab your hips and rush my hand to the wet folds between your thighs.  I secure your clit bellow my finger and press.  In firm circles I rub it and watch.  Your body is talking to me, letting me know what feels good and what doesn’t.  It’s easy to please you.  Your remarkable form is quivering in expectation almost in unison with the motion of my finger on your clit.  You are shivering as if somehow the slightest inch of movement connects with every other ounce of muscle. 


As I continue to masturbate you, I stand back a little and take in the beauty before me.  Indeed, the visual satisfaction alone seems enough to burst forth every available erotic feeling in my own body.  Your long hair is spread haphazardly across your shoulders and hanging in mid air as your upper body is propped by your arms on the table.  Your face is an expression of excitement and bliss — eyes closed, opening occasionally to stare into space as though doing so heighten the physical feeling.  Your eyebrows twitching as you concentrate on every new sensation.  Bellow your tilting head is the most beautiful, most remarkable expanse of satin skin arranged in a smooth, soft and delicate blend of gentle curves and sharp traversals.  Yet, unlike a Renaissance painting, your body is moving in unison with the sexual extravaganza you must be experiencing.  Your firm breasts quaking from the tip of your erect nipples to their tapper at your collarbone, to their perpendicular underside.  They seem to stand proudly themselves, shaking rather than wobbling.  I want so much to grab your breasts furiously, knock your body flat onto the table and ram my cock between them until I spew cum across your face.  Not now – don’t ruin this you fool!


You have gone from moist to soaking wet, and each movement seems to add a faint and erotic clicking sound of wet flesh rubbing wet flesh to the din of your accelerating breathing.  As my finger ventures deeper into the realm of your cunt, you slip your legs closer and I feel your vaginal muscles clamping vigorously around my digit, not wanting me to stop. I let my finger make a come here movement inside you and my other hand comes into play to continue the stimulation of your clit. 


To watch your reaction seems worth any discomfort I’m starting to feel.  Your body is jerking sharply now, you’re starting to whisper.  The word fuck emerging from your lips seems strangely out of place and more erotic, more a sound that goes with your heavy breathing and flushed cheeks than a profanity. 


I continue.  I want you so much; your cunt looks so inviting.  The way you are moving your body, and wrapping your legs around me, putting me in position to penetrate. I can virtually feel my heaving cock inside of you pulsing.  My blood is rushing furiously.  Are you ready?  I ask, perhaps the first full sentence since you arrived.


Yes…. more a moan than a word.  I unzip, pull out and plunge.  I almost loose control right there – but I stop.  Let myself adjust to the pleasure.  I slowly start to move between your thighs, looking down I can see myself penetrate you, my finger still making circles. What a sight!  You’re bursting now, an unmistakable beginning to an orgasm unless you’re an Academy Award actress.  Your skin is flushed and suddenly pink, beads of sweat are rolling down your neck and down your breasts erotically.  Your body is jerking wildly and your palms are becoming so wet that they are sliding across the veneer of the conference table.  Your lying flat now, your arms no longer able to support your weight, breasts pointing straight up at me as I lean in for a few final thrusts.  Your cunt muscles have broken out into pulsating vibration and there’s an electrical feeling of utmost sexual power breaking through between us, forcing us together into a unit to merge as one.  I can’t hold back, as the sound of your loud moan fills the room … I pull out at the last moment and watch as I spew cum all over your stomach as it goes taught, then loosens and rolls intermittently to draw your pelvic muscles back in orgasm.


Moments pass and you look up, propping yourself on your elbows once again and between breaths, you give your patented, femme fatal laugh.  You are beautiful … no …beautiful is hardly the word….. But sensual certainly is.

© Fantasia Lillith and Pillow Talk, 2009. Unauthorized use and/or
duplication of this material without express and written permission
from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts
and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to
Fantasia Lillith and Pillow Talk with appropriate and specific
direction to the original content.


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  1. The move to the male perspective is very interesting and very erotic. How many of us have fantasized about being with someone at work? I enjoyed this!

    Comment by Silia | March 9, 2009 | Reply

    • Thank you Silia! It was fun “being the man” in this one.

      I believe that we all, at some point, have an office related fantasy. It’s not for nothing that one of the most popular subjects in erotic literature or porn, is the dirty secretary image. I know this to be true, and it’s no surprise. The conservative environment makes it taboo, the clothing too is inspired. Let’s face it, the perfect pencil skirt, high heels and fitted jacket on the right, tight, sensual body would drive most heterosexual males to adolescent distraction!

      Comment by fantasiaspillowtalk | March 9, 2009 | Reply

  2. I should really stop reading you at the office (of all places).
    Yet, it’s becoming a sensual hobby of mine apparently. I work hard and long and when I finally need a breather I read you.
    You make me hard and long… all over.

    Comment by Thorn | March 12, 2009 | Reply

    • Just don’t get caught!! or is that part of the thrill …. oooh I feel a story!

      Comment by fantasiaspillowtalk | March 12, 2009 | Reply

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